Grapevine: Pitch imperfect for Florida high school choir

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Pitch Imperfect

A Florida high school choir has been told it must find some new places to perform because the venue it has been using for years is a church.

The Barron Collier High School chorus uses Moorings Presbyterian for its concerts because of its size, price, and acoustics.

But a parent complained to the ACLU -- saying students should not be forced to perform at a place of worship.

Now, school officials say the choir will sing at varied venues, even if the church remains the best option logistically.

It's a decision that neither side can get behind.

The ACLU calls it confusing, that the school has changed the venues for some -- but not all -- concerts.

And some parents and students who think the church is the best plan to skip Thursday's performance at a school on principle.

Bad Timing

Police in Victoria, Canada are doing some serious backtracking after an officer pulled over and ticketed a veteran in the middle of a funeral procession for a fallen soldier on Canada's version of Veterans Day.

Debbi Ferguson tells the CBC she was escorting the body of a soldier killed in a training exercise, when she saw flashing police lights behind her. She thought the officer was joining the procession.


She says the officer told her the vehicle's license plate was partially obstructed and that he did not care about the procession.

Then, he wrote her a $230 ticket.

A police spokesperson calls the incident regrettable.

Insult to Injury

A Texas woman whose pit bulls attacked and killed her neighbor's dog is suing the neighbors for a million bucks.

She claims she was hurt trying to separate her four dogs from the 10-year-old beagle named Bailey.

The lawsuit states that the pit bulls got through a hole in the fence separating the two properties.

She claims she went into her neighbors' yard to retrieve her pit bulls and Bailey -- quote -- "unexpectedly and viciously attacked" her.

Bailey was ultimately killed by the pit bulls in its own back yard.

The lawsuit claims Bailey's owners failed to properly restrain their dog.

The plaintiff's lawyer tells the Galveston Daily News they had an agreement they could enter each other's back yards as needed.

She wants between $200,000 and a $1 million for injury and mental anguish.