Grapevine: Near death by hot chocolate in Italy

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Say Anything

As we told you Monday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has found a new-found honesty and candor with the media since announcing his retirement.

Most recent case in point, he says Hillary Clinton should be the next president, for one primary reason.

Because she's a woman.

Quote -- "This is the time for a woman to run..." Reid tells the New York Times.

And many Americans have -- quote -- "Come to the realization that women have qualities that we've been lacking in America for a long time...Women are much more patient. They can be, if they are pushed the wrong way, combative, but they are not combative. A lot of we men are combative just by nature."

Hot Air editor Mary Katharine Ham responds -- quote -- "This sounds suspiciously like Harry Reid man-splaining a woman candidate to us...Nothing's more empowering than voting for the first woman president because a man told you 'it's time' and 'ladies make good leaders because they're gentle and make compromises.'"

Indecent Proposal

As for Reid's retirement -- he has at least one option for his going-away party.

A brothel in his home state of Nevada is offering to throw him a send-off bash.

In an open letter, the folks at Sheri's Ranch say they are big fans in part for his work on passing ObamaCare -- quote -- "Thank you for making it illegal for insurance companies to deny Nevada's legal hookers the right to health care."

The letter goes on -- quote -- "Many of your colleagues are intimately aware of our offerings, but we may have added new options since they last visited."

We will spare you the details on what those options might be.

No word from Senator Reid's office on whether he will take that offer.

Near Death By Chocolate

And finally, an Italian grandmother who accidentally poisoned herself and several children by serving old food could be in trouble with the law tonight.

Italian media report she made hot chocolate for her grandchildren, their friend, and a few other people using packets of hot chocolate that expired in 1990.

Everyone got sick...really sick.

In fact, one child was hospitalized for three weeks.

Now prosecutors are considering pressing charges against her.

Do you think serving 25-year-old food is criminal behavior? Let us know at @SRgrapevine on Twitter.