Grapevine: Mistaken identity during newscast

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Special Victims Unit

Columbia University law students are being told they can delay taking their final exams if they are traumatized by the recent lack of grand jury indictments in Ferguson and New York City.

A dean sent an e-mail to the law school community in reaction to those two white police officers not being charged.

It reads in part -- quote -- "Students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may have an examination rescheduled."

The dean says the cases have shaken the faith of some in the integrity of the grand jury system and in the law.

The Grapevine hopes for the sake of these law students' future clients that future events do not render these young minds unable to argue their cases in court.


After much ado and TV hype last night was the big night -- the airing of the Discovery Channel's "Eaten Alive" where a man offered himself up to be consumed by an anaconda.

Many viewers found the payoff tough to swallow.

After a dramatic build-up, the snake coiled around adventurer Paul Rosolie.

But just when the anaconda started to taste his helmet Rosolie cried uncle.

He said his arm was being crushed so he asked the crew to come in and save him.

Eaten alive? No.

And it's worth noting, this special was shot weeks ago so Discovery was well aware that it would not deliver on its title.

Twitter took notice.

Quote -- "I've been Eaten Alive by exactly as many anacondas as the host of this ridiculous show?"

Quote -- "One time I got wrapped up in my comforter when napping so I pretty much know how this dude is feeling."

And -- quote -- "Hey Discovery, can I have my own show?"

A Discovery spokeswoman tells the Grapevine it was too dangerous for Rosolie to continue.

Mistaken Identity

And finally, everyone makes mistakes.

It's a lesson we learn over and over when working in live TV.

But some stand out more than others.

Viewers watching a Lexington, Kentucky newscast last week may have recognized one of the fugitives shown in a story about a prison break.

Michael Fleet, bears a startling resemblance to John Wayne in "True Grit."

WDKY says the photo is their default image in their graphic.

Someone forgot to save the actual mug shot in its place.