Grapevine: Media organizations fall for Burger King joke

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Heavy Lifting

You -- the taxpayer -- have been paying for a gym for EPA contractors.

That is one of the findings by an inspector general's report into an EPA leased warehouse in a Washington suburb.

The warehouse costs approximately $750,000 a year and has been operated by a contractor since 2007.

The 1,300 square foot gym featured surplus equipment; agency notepads used for recording workouts; and the warehouse also had several personal spaces containing TVs, couches, and microwaves.

They were arranged out of sight of security cameras.

Other discoveries?

Six-year old refrigerators still in the original packaging; musical instruments -- including a few pianos; and unsecured boxes of personal material -- including passports.

The EPA has issued a stop-work order for the contractor company and promised to improve oversight of that warehouse.

Come on Down

Getting to spin the big wheel on "The Price is Right" has ended up costing a North Carolina woman -- plenty.

Local media reports say former postal carrier Cathy Wrench Cashwell claimed on her worker's compensation form that she could not stand, reach, or grasp because of an on-the-job injury suffered in 2004.

But there was a problem.

In 2009, on national TV she stood, reached, grasped and spun the big wheel on "The Price is Right" twice.

She pleaded guilty to fraud Monday in federal court.

Sentencing is set for September.

Viral News

And finally, another example that you can't always believe everything you see or read.

The latest? the Burger King Hands-free Whopper -- a sandwich holder that goes around your neck.

Numerous news organizations -- including our own online -- picked up the story -- and were all fooled.

Burger King says the product was a joke -- part of a humorous ad campaign out of Puerto Rico and was not produced or distributed.