Grapevine: Man in trouble for beautifying DC

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Most Wanted

Ads featuring wanted posters of suspected terrorists are being removed from Seattle-area buses.

The "Faces of Global Terrorism" ads show 16 photos with the message -- quote -- "Stop a terrorist. Save lives. Up to a $25 million reward."

Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott of Seattle sent a letter to FBI director Robert Mueller -- saying the ad is -- quote -- "...not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling."

The Seattle Times notes the 16 wanted terrorists on the ad are of varying ethnicities.

Seven are from African countries; four are from the Philippines; one each from Malaysia and Chechnya and three are American-born. And again, they are all wanted terrorists tied to various attacks.

Spelling Bee

Virginia's Radford University is in the process of re-printing 1,500 diplomas -- because of not one -- but two spelling errors.

Virginia is missing the last "i" and thereto is missing its second "e".

School officials say the mistake boils down to human error with the text of the diploma manually being entered into the software program.

The same error apparently occurred on diplomas handed out to members of the Class of 2012, who graduated in the fall, but it appears no one reported the mistake.

The Case of the Phantom Flowers

And finally, one man's efforts to beautify the nation's capital has left him in hot water with D.C.'s metro transit system.

Henry Docter anonymously plants flowers in areas he feels are in need of a little help.

He recently put seeds in 176 empty flower boxes outside a D.C. metro station.

Now he tells the the Washington Post -- metro officials are threatening him with arrest, fines, or imprisonment if he waters or weeds the plants.

Metro says it's because they are planted on a steep incline where Docter could fall and hurt himself.

Docter says he had no trouble getting to the boxes to plant the flowers. He says he will honor Metro's wishes but is concerned the flowers will die.