Grapevine: Jack Lew working on his signature

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Handwriting on the Wall

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has made good on his promise to the president to improve his handwriting before he starts signing money.

The Treasury Secretary's signature always appears on U.S. currency but President Obama joked when nominating Lew that he would need to make some changes to the row of curly cues that Lew had been using which resembled the decoration on a Hostess cupcake.

Last week, Lew signed a report, with a far more legible John Hancock, prompting some blogs to speculate that Lew -- they wondered whether he was really doing the signing.

Tim Geithner also cleaned up his signature when he took the treasury secretary post.

Get the Lead Out

A seven year old boy from Virginia has been suspended from school for pretending his pencil was a gun.

Christopher Marshall says he was playing with a friend when he pointed his pencil at the boy and made machine gun noises.

The school has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons and school officials say a pencil qualifies when it is pointed at someone in a threatening way.

The boy's parents say the school failed to use common sense.

Christopher was suspended for two days.

Presidential Persuasion

And finally, he's known for his charm, charisma and diplomacy but, even former President Bill Clinton was not able to broker a reunion of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

A CBS webcast reports the former president tried to convince Led Zeppelin to re-unite last year for a benefit concert following Superstorm Sandy.

They said no.

The last time the surviving members of the band played together publicly was a concert in London in 2007.