Grapevine: Iran on verge of a baby boom?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Working from Home

Apparently many employees of one federal agency are not fully embracing the work part of working from home.

And when challenged about it, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office reportedly edited out the worst examples of waste before turning over its findings to an outside watchdog.

The Washington Post reports the telecommuting program touted by the Obama administration as a model for other parts of government was rife with abuse.

The initial internal investigation found a culture of fraud with lax rule enforcement that frustrated supervisors.

Many of those who work from home reportedly lied about hours worked and even received bonuses for work they did not do.

Meanwhile, the official report to the Commerce Department's inspector general excludes many specific cases of abuse and concludes it is impossible to know if the whistleblower allegations are even true.

The Patent Office's chief communications officer told the Post the original report was a -- quote -- "rough draft for discussion purposes."

Late today, a staff member of the House Oversight Committee said the panel is. well "looking into" the situation.


Now, to a cost-cutting measure in Detroit that turned out to be counterproductive.

The Detroit News reports the bankrupt city is missing out on about $6 million of revenue because half of its parking meters are out of service.

In order to reduce spending, Detroit is using generic batteries rather than name-brand ones and they do not hold a charge as long.

But maintenance workers still turn up just twice a year to replace the batteries, so many meters give out and do not operate.

Hmm...maybe get the Energizer Bunny next time?

Baby Boom

Finally, oddly enough, Iran may be on the verge of a baby boom.

Media reports say parliament has banned vasectomies for men and similar procedures for women after Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree to increase the population.

It is a reversal from the old policy of fewer kids, better life.