Grapevine: Intern brings unloaded gun into House office

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

From Bad to Worse

More problems for Capitol Police.

A congressional intern brought an unloaded gun into a house office building this morning.

A person who was waiting in the security line behind the intern revealed a worrying tid-bit.

He – ‘quickly grabbed his bag from the belt of the X-ray machine and walked to the elevator’ -- before being stopped by the officer.

Capitol Police say the delay was intentional -- so the bag could be connected with its owner.

25-year-old Joshua Wheeler -- who works for Kansas congresswoman Lynn Jenkins -- cooperated with police and is charged with carrying a pistol without a license.

Less than a month ago -- reports surfaced that multiple guns had been left in bathrooms by Capitol police officers so far this year.

Including one that was found by an 8 or 9-year-old child.

Catch More Bees With Honey?

A West Virginia teacher was threatened with a fine for -- trying to encourage her students to do well.

The teacher rewarded achievement with pieces of candy.

Federal school nutrition rules prohibit such motivational tactics.

A violation could result in loss of federal money for the school and county.

The Williamson Daily News reports -- defiant parents passed the hat to help pay any subsequent fine.

In the end-- it was decided the teacher was not attempting to deliberately violate state policy -- so no fine was issued.

The school is required to create -- what is called a corrective action plan.

One of Us

Finally -- God is now legal -- has a decent credit rating -- and can get a loan.

A New York man -- named God Gazarov -- has settled a lawsuit with Equifax.

The rating company had refused to recognize his name as legitimate.

The terms were not disclosed -- though God's 820 credit score was.

The Russian native says his name is relatively common in his homeland -- and he is named after his grandfather.