Grapevine: Girl Scout with business smarts

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Jersey Snore

The good people of New Jersey really let some TV hosts down yesterday by not hammering Governor Chris Christie about the Bridgegate scandal.

The Republican governor held a town hall fielding questions from residents.

But what he knew about a plan to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge never came up.

MSNBC has covered that story extensively and many hosts seemed shocked that it was not at top of mind for New Jerseyans.

They blamed it all on what they called a warning from the governor before he started fielding questions.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, R – NJ: With the possible exception of some of the media who is here to cover this today, all of us are from New Jersey, and so you know what that means. What that means is, if you give it, you are getting it right back. That's the way we work things here alright?


That statement -- MSNBC surmised -- left the people of New Jersey feeling threatened.

Not asking about the scandal -- quote -- "...could have something to do with the warning Christie issued," speculated MSNBC's Richard Lui.

And from host Angela Rye -- quote -- He "...made it clear that anyone asking a question should stay on task and off the scandal."

And Alex Wagner suggested that everyone took his comment as a threat -- quote -- "Bring that stuff up, and you'll pay for it."

These people are from New Jersey remember.

Give Us a Break

A warning from the makers of "House of Cards" to the state of Maryland. Give us a break or we're moving out of state.

The hit show filmed its first two seasons in Maryland, creating thousands of jobs and providing a $250 million economic boost, according to the Washington Post reports.

The show has received millions in tax credits in return, thanks to lawmakers raising the limit for such credits to $25 million last season.

But right now, the ceiling for this year is set at $7.5 million with bills to raise it still in committee.

Quote -- "In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state," a production company executive wrote in letters to the governor and speaker of the House.

It's a threat not appreciated by legislators.

Quote -- "We're almost being held for ransom," Republican delegate Mark Fisher tells the Post.

Go Where the Appetites Are

And finally, a Girl Scout with some real business smarts.

She saw a market for her product, and went for it.

She set up shop selling her Girl Scout cookies outside a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Her plot paid off -- she sold 117 boxes in just two hours to hungry clients looking to munch.