Grapevine: German government has a mystery bathroom burglar

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…


The German government has a mystery on its hands -- and egg on its face.

A thief -- broke into the brand new Interior Ministry Headquarters -- and raided the bathrooms.

Seats -- toilet paper holders -- everything that could be moved -- was gone.

The Telegraph reports -- even the Interior Minister's office was hit -- and he is responsible for security.

Police have no leads on the bathroom burglar -- and no permanent damage was caused -- only embarrassment.

This is not the first potty pilfering.

Two months ago the German Foreign Intelligence Agency had a similar break in -- where a leak caused millions of dollars in damages.

You Can Dance If You Want To

The New York Police Department shelled out $60,000 -- to build a zumba studio inside Police Headquarters.

The New York Post reports -- Deputy Commissioner of Personnel Michael Julian turned an unoccupied basement room -- into a Latin-inspired fitness center -- complete with flat-screen TV's and exercise equipment.

When Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was shown the room -- he scolded Julian -- and had the equipment torn out.

The dance room was not Julian's first interesting and controversial idea.

In January -- he suggested arming cops with breath mints -- to help prevent police officers from cursing— and spraying protesters who lock arms with baby oil -- to slide them apart.

Those ideas-- among others -- got him re-assigned.

Honorable Deed

Finally -- some young citizens turned out to be Memorial Day heroes.

650 American flags were stolen from a cemetery -- preparing to place them on the graves of military members.

A California Girl Scout troop heard about the crime-- and came to the rescue.

They used cookie sale money to replace the flags -- in time for the ceremony.

A cemetery official told a local TV station --  that the girls were the ‘saviors of the day.’