Grapevine: Fight for your right to potty

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Family Tree

Questions about Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's purported Native American heritage are not going away and are actually taking a more prominent placement in some left-leaning publications asking whether she used a self-proclaimed minority status to get ahead.

The Boston Globe reports that new documents show Harvard University reported for six straight years in federal diversity statistics its employment of a Native American woman in the law school Elizabeth Warren

And while Warren has claimed she was unaware of how Harvard was promoting her heritage until she read it in the paper, only days ago, Harvard officials and federal guidelines say those statistics are usually based on the employee's self-descriptions.

The administrator for Harvard's diversity statistics from that time, and a citizen of the Cherokee nation himself, also said the school always accepted faculty members' identification.

Meanwhile, the candidate is desperately trying to move on from reporters' questions.


REPORTER: Elizabeth, can you put this issue to bed and tell us whether or not you are in fact a member of a minority group?

ELIZABETH WARREN, D - MA, SENATE CANDIDATE: So, I uh -- middle class families are getting hammered.

REPORTER: Members of the Cherokee Nation want to know, they say you should come clean

WARREN: I have made the facts clear, and what I'm trying to do is talk about in this Senate race what matters to America's families.

REPORTER: Why did you claim you were a minority and then stop?

WARREN: I have told you, I have answered these questions; I am going to talk about what's happening to America's families.


One Washington Post reporter blogged -- Warren has -- quote-- "met the repeated questions with a good, old-fashioned, political stonewall."

Fight for your Right to Potty reports a transgendered student at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith sued the school in order to use women's only bathrooms.

The school suggested the student, who is biologically male, use the gender-neutral bathrooms that are available.

When that didn't mollify that student, the Justice Department got involved and the school eventually reversed its policy.

DOJ said that the letter did not imply whether the school had broken a federal law and -- quote --"This was an initial inquiry, and the department never directed the University to take a specific action or change any of its policies."

A Daily Caller reporter who covers the Fast and Furious investigation says -- quote--"It's pretty clear the DOJ's priorities are out of whack...Eric Holder's troupe focuses on trivial matters while demonstrably failing to comply with all 22 parts of the congressional subpoena into Operation Fast and Furious."

Keep away from children

And finally, those little packets of detergent called Tide pods may be easy to carry to the next load of laundry but, they're not so great if your child is eyeing the packages too closely.

Apparently, children have mistaken the small boxes of detergent for candy and then eaten them

No children have died fortunately, but, Poison Control has been called several times already.

The brand's parent company Proctor and Gamble plans to create double latch lids to help keep the candy cravers away.