Grapevine: Federal Protective Service put a price on safety

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

The Price of Safety

You can't put a price on safety.

Well -- you can when it includes the price of bike racks and rechargeable flashlights.

A new Inspector General's report finds -- the agency in charge of protecting federal buildings -- is wasting more than $2.5 million a-year on vehicles for its officers.

The report says the Federal Protective Service has leased 100 more vehicles than it has officers -- and is paying for SUV's instead of standard Sedans.

The upgrades are said to cost $20,000 per vehicle.

Panhandler or Police?

A Maryland police officer posed as a homeless man -- as part of a sting operation to catch motorists who were texting while driving.

The officer stood on the side of the road in a jeans and hoodie with a sign that read "I am not homeless.

I am a Montgomery County Police Officer looking for cell phone texting violations."

When he spotted an offender -- he radioed to a uniformed officer -- to pull that person over.

Police issued 56 traffic citations and 22 warnings -- during the two-hour sting.

A Witch and a Warlock

A witch and a warlock went to court -- and no -- that's not the beginning of a bad Halloween joke.

A woman -- who runs a Salem, Massachusetts witchcraft shop and leads a pagan church -- won a protective court order today -- for harassment allegations against a man calling himself world's best-known warlock.

The witch accused the warlock of harassing her online and over the phone for the past three years.

The two are former business associates.

Despite being a self-proclaimed psychic and clairvoyant -- the witch had been unable to stop the aggressive actions -- saying she has been abused, intimidated and harassed.

The warlock denied making the calls -- before storming out of the courthouse.