Grapevine: Engaged couple gets to 'have it their way'

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

The One Percent

Mitt Romney is once again being called a one-percenter, but this time for his NCAA tournament bracket.

With Duke's win last night, Romney's bracket -- which he shared with Huffington Post rose to the top tenth of a percentage point in ESPN's bracket challenge, ranking in the 6,000's out of a total of almost 12 million.

He correctly predicted the Final Four, championship game, and had the Blue Devils cutting down the nets.

The former presidential contender tweeted -- quote -- "Should have put $10,000 on my bracket. Congrats, Coach K and Duke University".

That was a reference, of course, to his high-dollar challenge to Rick Perry during a presidential debate in 2011.

Romney's 2012 opponent and self-proclaimed basketball fan -- President Obama -- came in around seven millionth out of 12 million.

First Impression

Campaign 101 -- get off to a strong start.

Rand Paul's web team must have missed that memo.

In the issues tab on Paul's new site, there is a noticeable, and painful misspelling of education.

Twitter picked it up right away.

Quote -- "Note to Rand Paul -- misspelling education on your website -- not a good start on building credibility on education issues."

Another came to Paul's defense -- quote -- "Liberals are making fun of the 'education' error on Rand Paul's website. Too bad under their Common Core I didn't receive any real education."

Paul's camp has yet to issue a response but the mistake was fixed this afternoon.

It's Good to Be the King

And, finally, one couple gets to have it their way.

Long-time sweethearts Joel Burger and Ashley king have been collectively known as Burger King since fifth grade and took an engagement picture at the local Burger King.

The picture was picked up by the State Journal Register paper in Illinois and ended up catching the attention of the fast food giant.

Then this moment happened.

A Burger King spokesman told Mr. Burger and Miss King on a skype call that the company was going to pay for the whole wedding.

The couple were obviously stunned.

The spokesman had one condition though -- quote -- "All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after."

Congrats to the Burger-King couple.