Grapevine: Educating children or indoctrinating them?

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Political Education

Educating our children or indoctrinating them?

That is the question being asked about a fifth grade worksheet that has come to light.

The worksheet entitled Hold the Flag High is part of the Common Core -- a national education standard backed by the Obama administration.

The controversial grammar lesson instructs the students to correct sentences about the duties of the president -- quote -– "He, meaning the president, makes sure the laws of the country are fair."

And -– quote -- "The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all."

Finally -– quote -- "The wants of an individual are less important than the well-being of the nation."

Critics are not pleased, one anti-Common Core think tank said the material is quote -- "Full of inappropriate left-wing notions, disinformation, and fails to teach the truth of American exceptionalism and opportunity. In doing so, we allow our children to be indoctrinated instead of educated."

The worksheet creator says they will review and modify that worksheet because of all the criticism.

Unintended Consequences

You could add afternoon traffic jams in North Carolina to the list of problems apparently caused by ObamaCare.

The state's Department of Transportation sent out an alert message warning about a severe accident.

The line below that lists possible causes -- Women drivers, rain, and ObamaCare.

The next line offers the advice to stay home.

The department apologized for the alert and fired the contractor who sent it.

Royal IRA?

Finally, retirement is supposed to be a little more relaxed but on a fixed income today, things can get a little tight.

That's not really the same problem for royalty though.

When Belgium's King Albert stepped down last summer, his funding from the government dropped by about $15 million dollars.

Newspaper reports now indicate the king considered asking for more funds.

The Prime Minister told the parliament the government does not intend to change a comma.

His statement was met with applause from the legislature.