Grapevine: Drive-thru dilemma in Venezuela

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Stop the Presses

A county lawmaker was threatening to sue a local newspaper if it ever prints his name without asking.

To say the paper called his bluff would be an understatement.

Frederick, Maryland Councilman Kirby Delauter objected to a Frederick News-Post story about concern over a reserved parking shortage for councilmembers.

In a Facebook post directed at the reporter, the Republican wrote -- quote -- "use my name again unauthorized and you'll be paying for an attorney."

As you might expect, the paper took exception to the threat and Delauter's blatant disregard for the First Amendment.

Its managing editor says -- quote -- "I just don't know how to respond to a request that stupid."

In addition to a news story about Delauter's threat -- which did not shy away from using the councilmember's name -- the editorial page dug in with a story that included Kirby Delauter 31 times by our count.

By last night, #KirbyDelauter was trending on Twitter -- here are two of the best tweets we saw.

Quote -- "First rule of #kirbydelauter -- Don't talk about #kirbydelauter"

And -- quote -- "I'd like to solve the puzzle. #kirbydelauter"

Late today, Delauter released a statement calling his comments wrong and inappropriate.

Spud Saga

A drive-thru dilemma in Venezuela -- McDonald's has run out of french fries in the country.

McDonald's is blaming a labor dispute with dock workers in California and offering diners fried bread, and a side salad, or the South American vegetable yuca instead.

The same shortage has prompted McDonald's in Japan to sell only small orders of fries. No word yet of any pending U.S. shortage.

Duty Calls

A new addition to the wardrobes of traffic cops in the Philippines for next week's visit by Pope Francis -- adult diapers.

A city official in Manila says 2,000 traffic enforcers will be required to wear them so they will not have to leave their posts when nature calls.

Spectators, priests, and nuns who come to see the pope and participate in mass are also encouraged to wear adult diapers.

The official points to a shortage of Porta-Potties for the millions expected to attend.