Grapevine: Dennis Rodman a diplomat?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

His Excellency?

Last week, we told you about eccentric former NBA star, Dennis Rodman's colorful trip to North Korea, during which he became friends for life with Kim Jong Un.

But does his unprecedented access to the North Korean dictator make "The Worm" a diplomat? You might think so based on the media coverage.

Friday, on CNN's "Situation Room" Wolf Blitzer used the word "amazing" four times to describe the interaction between the two men.

Yesterday, Rodman broke into the Sunday morning talk circuit -- a forum traditionally reserved for serious political guests.

On ABC's "This Week" George Stephanopoulos questioned whether Rodman was aware of the dictator's human rights record.

Rodman's answer on that was unclear.

He did, however, bring back a message for President Obama. Kim Jong Un would like the president to call him.

Today, a State Department spokesman confirmed there are no plans to use Rodman for diplomacy in the future and he would not respond to a question about naming Rodman as an ambassador.

Romney Exclusive

Speaking of the Sunday shows, As you saw earlier, "Fox News Sunday" ran an exclusive interview with Mitt and Ann Romney -- their first since the election.

The former presidential candidate talked about his campaign mistakes, his regrets, and how he would have handled the sequester if elected.

The New York Times, which purports itself to be the -- quote -- "newspaper of record," had no mention of the interview in its print edition. Not one word.

Food Threat

Finally tonight, a second grader from Baltimore has been suspended because officials say he -– quote -- "used food to make inappropriate gestures."

Translation -- he bit his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. Josh Welch says he was trying to make it look like a mountain.


JOSH WELCH, STUDENT: It was already a rectangle. I just kept on biting it and biting it and tore off the top and it kind of looked like a gun.


The school is not commenting.