Grapevine: Congress not included

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Congress Not Included

President Obama took a lunchtime stroll today to Taylor Gourmet, just down the street from the White House -- one of many DC restaurants offering discounts for furloughed federal workers as they endure day four with no pay.

But many chefs are telling lawmakers they are not eligible for that discount.

In fact, some are even charging members of congress extra.

Top Chef alum Bryan Voltaggio is giving away free pizzas to government employees.

He tweeted -- quote -- "members of Congress not eligible until you get it together."

At Kramerbooks Cafe in DC, it's happy hour all day -- unless you're a member of Congress -- then you have to pay double.

And a coffee shop in Silver Spring, Maryland is offering federal workers a free cup while charging lawmakers twice.

Game On

Tomorrow's Navy-Air Force football game that was threatened by the shutdown is back on because it does not use government funds.

But some of the teams' biggest fans won't be watching.

Troops overseas have learned the hard way that the shutdown means that the links to life stateside are pretty tough and they are shut off.

A message on their screens delivered the bad news -- the only channel being broadcast on overseas military bases will be Armed Forces News.

That means no football, no baseball playoffs, no "Homeland" until further notice.

Car Pool Dress Code

A police officer in Arizona has been asked by his daughter's school not to wear his uniform when he drops his daughter off.

He said the school principal made the request because some parents did not like the idea of anyone having a gun at school -- even a cop -- apparently.

A school spokeswoman apologized if he was offended, suggesting he took the request the wrong way.

Hands Off

And finally, another young boy has been suspended from school for dangerous behavior involving a fake gun.

In this case, it was his own finger.

8-year-old Jordan Bennett was playing cops and robbers with a friend at school in Harmony, Florida.

His mom says he pointed his finger at another child and made a gun sound.

The school decided the gesture was an act of violence and kicked him out for a day.
School officials say it's against the rules to play with invisible guns.