Grapevine: Congress lagging on hiring of vets?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Do What We Say

With bills like the "Improving Job Opportunities for Veterans Act of 2013" and "Veteran Employment Transition Act" -- Congress appears to want to help vets get hired.

But lawmakers may consider starting with their own staffs.

A survey by HillVets estimates veterans make up only about three percent of the Capitol Hill workforce.

When compared to the rest of the government, Congress is worse than any federal agency.

Of the biggest federal employers, the Health and Human Services Department employs the lowest percentage of former service men and women at just over six percent.

HillVets is hoping to double the number of veterans working on the Hill by 2016.

Coordinated Attack

Senate Democrats have spent a long time bashing the Koch brothers -- attacks that New York Senator Chuck Schumer has joined and said on another network that he believes the Democrats' attacks are paying off with the public.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has said that the Koch brothers donate so much to Republicans, recipients should have to wear Koch emblems, like stock car drivers with their sponsors.

Well it turns out Senator Schumer may need one of those emblems for himself.

This letter -- posted on Power Line blog -- is a thank you to Koch PAC -- the political action committee of Koch Industries -- for its donation to Senator Schumer's 2010 re-election campaign.

We've asked the senator's office for a response and have not heard back.

Recurring Character

Finally, when Vice President Joe Biden speaks, Grapevine listens.

While speaking to the Association of Community Colleges he called the educators the best kept secret in America.

And then, another classic Biden moment.


VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I'd think I'd have the same attitude did I not sleep with a community college professor every night.


BIDEN: The same one, the same one.


He, of course, was referring to his wife Dr. Jill Biden who is a community college professor.