Grapevine: Calling America 'great' is not a great idea?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

America the Great?

The University of North Carolina student newspaper -- says calling America great -- is not a great idea.

The Democratic Party is selling merchandise --  with the tag line "America is already great" -- in obvious reference to the Donald Trump  -- Make America Great Again -- hats.

The Daily Tar Heel -- says the idea that America is already great -- implies --  quote -- that over two centuries of systemic racism and imperialism are 'great.' Come on Dems, you're supposedly liberal."

The same article begins by saying – blank you -- to Republican Governor Pat McCrory -- over a recent bill he signed into law.

The paper did not abbreviate the curse word -- but left out the all-important vowel.

Fed Up

Alabama's Teacher of the Year -- and 2015 National Teacher of the Year finalist -- has had it with teaching -- and is resigning.

And it has nothing to do with students -- or even parents.

Ann Marie Corgill quit -- after the state told her she was unqualified to be in the classroom -- citing certification issues.

That was too much for the educator -- quote

"After 21 years of teaching in grades one through six -- I have no answers as to why this is a problem now. So instead of paying more fees -- taking more tests and proving -- once again -- that I am qualified to teach -- I am resigning."

Birmingham City Schools say the district is working on the matter.

No Tea for You

Finally -- tea time has been canceled.

Three English hospitals have banned medics and staff from drinking tea or coffee on the job.

Not kidding -- an email went to the staff -- quote -- "Members of the public are frustrated by long waiting times during clinics and for appointments and inflamed by seeing members of staff enjoying hot and cold drinks at the reception desks."

Critics call the measure ridiculous and draconian -- and one wondered if bathroom breaks will be the next thing to go.