Grapevine: Broken rules at second debate

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Give and Take

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most contentious moments of last night's debate was the exchange over Libya.

Conservative blogs are criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama for breaking debate rules when she applauded after moderator Candy Crowley waded into the discussion.

But, that apparently was just one of many rule-breaking moments.

Slate claims there were at least 16 violations.

The First Lady wasn't alone in her applause. The Washington Times writes, reporters in a separate room -- the press room -- broke into applause after the president's jab at the size of Governor Romney's pension.

No applause, however, when the president chose his verb tense poorly, here.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The way we are going to create jobs here is not just to change our tax code but also to double our exports and we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments I made when I was president.


In the Room

As Carl Cameron mentioned yesterday, Vice President Biden claimed during his debate he was one of eight people negotiating with President Ronald Reagan over Social Security reform.

ABC News says that was not the case. Former Senator Bob Dole says -- quote -- "Biden's a good friend of mine, and I've been really racking my brain here, but I don't remember that."

The vice president's office clarified, saying -– quote -- "He was part of a group of members who met with Tip O'Neill while the speaker was negotiating with President Reagan on reform specifics."

But Biden's memoir does not mention that he played any role in Social Security reform...not once.

Politics of Football

And finally, football can be as divisive as politics.

So when Wisconsin native Paul Ryan was asked today who would win next month's Wisconsin/Ohio State game, he was sure not to offend either swing state.


REP. PAUL RYAN, R – WI: If we're doing better, they'll beat us. And if they have a better record then we'll beat them. That's always how it goes between the Badgers and the Buckeyes. How's that for an answer?

MATT LAUER, HOST, "TODAY SHOW": That's a terrible answer.



We'll see if that moves the needle.