Grapevine: Breastfeeding banned at breastfeeding summit

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Give and Take

Political jabs on Twitter are part of the modern campaign but gaffes are just as cringe-worthy online as from the stump.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the latest victim of a Twitter slip-up.

In a shot at two potential 2016 opponents, Paul tweeted a picture of a Common Core friendship band and a note from Mitt Romney to Jeb Bush.

But someone forgot to run the spell checker.

The missing "D" in friendship did not go unnoticed.

A Bush senior staffer shot back -- quote -- "You misspelled friendship. Maybe there is something to be said for higher standards?"

The original tweet was deleted and a correct picture sent out with a second volley.

Quote -- "Lay off. It was a Common Core post. We don't have to spell it right!"

Putin Off the Pounds

A recession, lower oil exports and less food all pains the Russian people will endure to stand by President Vladimir Putin.

At least according to the country's deputy prime minister who says the people will resist any Western pressure to oust their president.

Quote -- "When a Russian feels any foreign pressure, he will never give up his leader...We will survive any hardship in the country -- eat less food, use less electricity."

Some Russians on social media were not so convinced -- pointing out that Igor Shuvalov is believed to be one of the richest men in the government and owns homes in multiple countries.

Can't see the forest...

Finally, yet another example of poor planning and optics.

The Scottish Government organized a summit next month to promote breastfeeding.

Media reports point out one issue -- no breastfeeding allowed.

One attendee was shocked -- quote -- "I was absolutely dumbfounded -- I couldn't believe it at all...Irony is unbelievable."

The Scottish government has changed course now, providing new facilities.

A local lawmaker praised the reversal, calling the original decision astonishing.