Grapevine: '50 shades of dismay' at Pennsylvania school

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Shot to the Heart of Texas

As we told you last week on the Grapevine, Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings is not ashamed to say he has no use for the state of Texas.

He did so during a House floor committee debate last week.


REP. ALCEE HASTINGS, D – FL: I don't know about in your state, which I think is a crazy state to begin with -- and I mean that just as I said it...
REP. MICHAEL BURGESS: Madam Chairman he made a defamatory statement about my state and I will not stand here and listen to it.

HASTINGS: Well fine, then you don't have to listen, You can leave if you choose. I told you what I think about Texas -- I wouldn't live there for all the tea in China.


Well, Congressman Michael Burgess called on the Democrat to apologize.

Hastings said he'd have to wait until hell freezes over.

With all this disdain we were surprised to learn that Hastings actually has a deep-seeded connection to the Lone Star State.

He is, in fact, an honorary Texan, as a certificate displayed proudly in his office on Capitol Hill proclaims.

The inscription says he was commissioned to that title 15 years ago.

We are working on getting the back-story behind this honor bestowed on the congressman.

So far, we yet to heard back.

Dress Code

A Montana lawmaker who wants to tighten the state's indecent exposure laws says yoga pants should be illegal in public.

Republican State Representative David Moore introduced a bill yesterday to expand current indecent exposure statutes to include any nipple exposure -- including on men, and any clothing item that -- and I'm quoting here --  "gives the appearance of -- or simulates" the genitals, buttock, or pelvic area.

Moore says that tight-fitting, beige clothing would be included.

He believes yoga pants should also be outlawed but he stopped short of including that in the bill which came about following a bike ride through Missoula last year where many participants were nude, or partially nude.

One Democratic representative says the bill unfairly targets women.

We'll follow this one.

50 Shades of Dismay

And finally, parents of middle school students in Pennsylvania are turning 50 shades of red over a word search handed out at school.

The puzzle was based on the erotic novel and movie "50 Shades of Grey" and had middle school students searching for such words as and these are just some of the less offensive words spanking, submissive, bondage, and leather cuffs.

The Monessen School superintendent says she is investigating.