Grapevine: 5-year old spends day at wrong school

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

On the Hook?

One of the first people to try to enroll in ObamaCare says he's now on the hook for more than $400,000 in medical bills.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Larry Basich wanted to sign up October 1st but due to some glitches, he finally got coverage in mid-November to begin January 1st.

Nevada's health exchange confirmed he was enrolled and began withdrawing his monthly premium from his bank account.

But apparently his carrier -- United Healthcare -- never got the message.

He was never added to their system so when he got triple bypass surgery January 3, he was apparently uninsured.

He racked up $407,000 in bills that no one wants to pay now.

Basich and his insurance broker say it seems the problem is that he was marked down for a different insurance company than the one he selected.

The Review-Journal reports that the contractor for the exchange says they are working to resolve the problem, but so far, no one's willing to pay.

Something Stinks

A frequent flyer says she had to give up her $83 designer perfume at a TSA checkpoint because agents thought it looked like a weapon.

Lois Lewis tells a Phoenix TV station she had put her two ounce bottle of Jimmy Choo fragrance in a separate Ziploc bag to comply with TSA rules.

But when agents at the Phoenix airport saw the bottle they said it resembled a grenade, and shut down her security lane.

TSA rules prohibit flying with anything that looks like a weapon.

Last month, we told you about agents at Heathrow Airport confiscating the tiny gun on a "Toy Story" doll.

Kindergaten Con

And finally, a kindergartner spent an entire day at the wrong school, pretending to be a first grader, and no one noticed.

School officials in upstate New York blame it on a series of mistakes.

The five-year-old got on the wrong bus in the morning driven by a substitute driver.

When she got to the wrong school, teachers were waiting for a new student. When asked, the little girl said she was that student and spent the whole day answering to the wrong name.

The mistake was only discovered when the kindergartner's mom called the school because her daughter was not on the bus home.

The school district is reviewing its procedures.