Graham: Every American deserves the right to confront their accuser, including the president

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Just honest, we tell the truth here.

All right. Welcome to “Hannity.”

Breaking tonight, it is impeachment eve. The circus is coming to town, and we are just now hours away from the corrupt, compromised, coward, and congenital liar Adam Schiff show on Capitol Hill, brought to you by him and his fellow, raging, psychotic Democrats and their top allies in the media mob.

First, though, this. This is important. Everything you're going to see in the next two weeks is rigged. This is a phony show trial. There is zero due process, none.

It is yet another fraudulent hoax, conspiracy theory. It is another witch hunt. It is wrought with rampant -- I mean rampant, putrid hypocrisy, a repulsive double standard.

By the way, it's all bad for the country, but this is what your Democratic socialist party has become. This is who they are. This is what defines them, frankly, perfectly.

Now, remember, tomorrow, there is not one single thing the Democrats have done -- not one -- the past three years. Not a single thing. They have done, except for try to hurt Donald Trump, and we, the people, that support him, that shop at Walmart proudly and believe in God.

They have not lifted one finger for a better economy, to create any jobs, or improve the lives of you, we, the American people. They have done absolutely nothing to make this country safe and secure. Instead, they have spent the last 34 months slander, smears, besmirchment of the president, with one coordinated, political hit job after another.

You know, the routine -- Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy, Stormy, Stormy, S- hole, S-hole, impeach, impeach, now, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Same people, same liars, same conspiracy theorists.

The left, frankly, they never accepted the results of the 2016 election. They thought Trump was going down in flames. We have shown you the tape. They were laughing. They were mocking. They were ridiculing.

They never saw this coming. They were blindsided because, in all reality, Democrats and their willing accomplices in the mob and the media, they live in this one bubble. They have one agenda, one set of opinions. You've got the Democrats, the mob, joined together in what is a sick, ugly, degenerate left wing socialist, unholy alliance.

And remember this, they think they are smarter than you are, and then we are, we come of the come of the American people. They think they know better than us. They have utter contempt -- and they show it, it comes out and a lot of ways, for us, that are smelly Walmart shoppers.

This is not just about president Trump. Understands this, this is a serious part. They hate everything and everyone he is representing. They hate the crowds that show up in massive numbers to support him. They referred to us not only as smelly Walmart people, irredeemable deplorables, angry, bitter Americans that cling to God, our Second Amendment, our bibles, and religion. Guilty as charged.

And, by the way, for years, they just believe the Mueller report was their Holy Grail. They thought his findings would undo the results of the election they never thought they'd lose. They believe Mueller had him, they were wrong. No collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction.

So, now, they are onto plan B, C, D, and they are out for blood. Make no mistake about it: the next 357 days, it is perfectly obvious -- now, you've got to understand, to be a Democrat, or part of the media mob, you actually have to be willing to engage in what is only a shocking level of raw hypocrisy that defies all interference of logic, intellect, reason, and common sense. In other words, to be a Democrat or in the media mob, you have to believe that Russia collusion is such a national crisis that you're going to spend two and half years investigating a hoax about Trump and Russia.

But at the same time, you have to completely ignore Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for dirty Russian dossier. That's how bitterly, sick, twisted, and partisan, and hypocritical you need to be.

Now, you have to obsess about phantom obstruction of justice charges in the Mueller report, but then totally ignore subpoenaed emails that were destroyed, deleted with Bleach Bit and smashed with hammers, with devices. You have to spend years obsessing about the horrors of foreign election interference, but then just look the other way, like it doesn't happen.

When a DNC operative, we now know actually colluded with the government of Ukraine in order to smear Trump, and Manafort, all while bolstering the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016. All of this happened. To be a Democrat, to be a member of the media mob, you have to demand fairness and elections, but then ignore how Democratic primary was actually rigged against Bernie Sanders.

You have to drag Justice Kavanaugh, his wife and young kids, through the mud, with nothing but baseless accusations pushed by a bunch of "I believers" that don't believe in due process, that don't believe in the presumption of innocence, but then, on the other hand, you have to ignore what are serious rape, sexual assault allegation against lieutenant governor of Virginia. In that case, there were no "I believers."

Now, to be one of these members of the mob and the Democratic Party, you have to call everyone who runs for office racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, blah, blah, blah, but you're going to let Ralph "KKK" Northam off the hook. And, by the way, I guess now, if you're a Democrat, you also have to accept, first, deliver the baby, we'll make the baby comfortable, then let the mother decide if the baby lives or dies.

And you have to believe in open borders. And you have to believe it is a manufactured crisis, 90 percent of the heroin coming across our southern border. You have to be willing to organize a women's march, a so-called equal rights, and then appoint an anti-Semitic bigot who supports Sharia law to lead that movement, and then say with a straight face you care about women's rights.

To believe in this repulsive -- what is really an elitist, holier-than-thou mob, you have to proclaim that the identity of the brave, fake, phony, non- whistle-blower whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower, that person must be hidden. That's a hearsay complain about the Ukraine call, that person needs to be respected, but then you have to be totally OK when CBS fires a news producer for helping blow the whistle on a story that ABC News spiked in 2015 about a convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Right, Humpty Dumpty? Right, Jeff Zucker?

And tonight, we're witnessing perhaps the most shameless hypocrisy of all, and the examples of it, because you got this corrupt, compromised coward, for three years, nothing but a congenital liar -- and he's, by the way, lied in this case already. Adam Schiff is going to kick off this public which trial into whether or not President Trump engaged in a quid pro quo - - oh, wait a minute, willing to change that. X that out. Oh, now, we'll call it extortion, with the country of Ukraine.

And, of course, he is alleging the president traded U.S. aid in exchange for Ukraine's cooperation in election interference and investigation. The interesting thing is, not one time -- do you know, not call, not once, in that phone call him, not a single time, did they ever bring up the issue of aid. Not once.

And then they ignore completely -- again, only a Democrat can do this, only the mob can do this -- a corrupt investigation into Vice President Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter. Democrats want you to forget three things. One, the United States has a cooperation agreement with Ukraine to investigate crimes. Election interference is a crime. Using taxpayer dollars, quid pro quo Joe, you get the billion, you fire the prosecutor investigating my son. That's probably illegal, too.

And the president, you're also for forgetting this -- number two, he has a sworn duty to uphold the laws of the land. Number three, there is clear evidence of potential crimes. Now, when it comes to interference, we know "Politico" detailed how the country of Ukraine was actively working to elect Hillary Clinton, coordinating with the DNC operative who met with them at the Ukrainian embassy in Washington.

And when -- by the way, also a Ukraine court confirmed all of this. But when it comes to creepy, crazy Joe 30330, we actually have video evidence of a real quid pro quo, and him bragging about it. It just so happens to be with the country of Ukraine.

Joe, yes, threatened to withhold $1 billion if the Ukrainian prosecutor wasn't fired within six hours. Now, ask yourself this question tonight: why would a sitting vice president of the United States care about some dopey prosecutor in Ukraine? Well, I think we know the answer, it probably had something to do with the fact that Vice President Biden, remember, he was told by "The New York Times" and others that this prosecutor was investigating his son Hunter. He's not a kid. He's like 49 years old.

Now, zero experience, Hunter Biden. He was getting paid millions and millions of dollars from Ukrainian and gas energy giant, Burisma Holdings. At the same time his father was in charge of U.S.-Ukrainian relations for the Obama administration.

Now, Hunter must have offered great experience in Ukraine. No. Energy? No. Oil? None. Gas? None.

A quid pro quo Joe wants you to believe there is zero evidence of any potential wrongdoing. What you're about to see is a lie. Take a look.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Look, I think that's -- every single, solitary, serious investigator, including your network and others, have looked at this, have said there is absolutely zero basis to the accusation that I acted anyway inappropriately, or that my son did. This is all about Trump trying to create a diversion.


HANNITY: What Joe Biden said right there is a lie. He is the only corrupt player that we know with Ukraine. So he would prefer you don't believe his own bragging video evidence, and don't believe that zero experience Hunter Biden's multimillion dollar payday with Ukraine actually happened.

Now, we've detailed, thanks to Gregg Jarrett, that the Bidens, especially Joe, probably is in real legal trouble, if we had equal application of our laws in this country, and equal justice under the law, because we have a law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, where it is illegal, Joe, for a U.S. person to coerce or influence foreign nation into taking action -- fire the prosecutor -- that might financially benefit that person, his family -- Hunter -- or business.

And then we have bribery laws where it is illegal to offer or promise anything of value -- a billion dollars -- for a public official to influence an official act -- fire the prosecutor. And by the way, giving, offering, promising anything of value to a public official in exchange for an official act is a violation of the gratuity statute. That's also a felony.

And we have the Hobbs Act. A threat to a foreign official in order to obtain an official benefit, affecting interstate, foreign commerce would constitute something called extortion.

Democrats tonight are hoping you, we, the American people, smelly Walmart Trump supporters ignore what our inescapable truths about Biden corruption. Instead, what they want you to believe is that Donald Trump is guilty of the quid pro quo simply because of the opinions of people that shared their hatred of Donald Trump, the deep state bureaucrats, about a phone call and their biased interpretation of a call for which a transcript has now totally public for all to see.

Their interpretation is dead wrong. There is never any mention of any financial anything in that phone call.

And get this: we have a "New York Post" article written by Jonathan Tobin. He brings up a really good point. Quote: How can the House examine this manner without probing Trump's motivation for requesting Ukraine investigate the Bidens.

But don't expect to see Hunter or Joe Biden testified. The cowardly, corrupt, compromised, congenital liar Schiff, he won't allow it.

This is not a real investigation. This is a political circus. There is no due process. This is a show trial. They have preselected, pre- interviewed, if you will, the people that they want to trot out first, that they think will most make their case, because they have a predetermined outcome.

And we know that Schiff has already pre-interviewed his favorite witnesses behind closed doors and will now only allow his favorites to testify, and cherry-pick the witnesses. In fact, this compromised congenital liar won't even allow the non-whistle-blower whistle-blower to take the stand when he first said that he would take the stand.

Now, maybe that's because he is a deep state, Trump-hating operative who's been coordinating with Schiff's office from the very beginning. Oh, the congenital liar lied about that, too. He doesn't even have first-hand information. It's a hearsay whistle-blower.

Both Jarrett, U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy, they have detailed with pinpoint precision why this person is not an actual whistle-blower under the official whistle-blower statute. And according to a brand-new report, look at this, an inspector general complaint has been filed against a fake whistle-blower for soliciting illegal donations. See, a real whistle-blower submitted that complaint after the fake whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower, accumulated over $227,000 in a GoFundMe account.

By the way, here with more on the real whistle-blower, the lawyer representing the real whistle-blower, Anthony Gallo.

Anthony, how are you?

ANTHONY J. GALLO, TULLY RINCKEY PLLC MANAGING PARTNER: Hey, good, Mr. Hannity. How are you doing this evening?

HANNITY: I'm good, sir.

All right. So, I do believe that you're whistle-blower is actually real. It's not a hearsay whistle-blower, correct?

GALLO: That is correct, sir.

HANNITY: OK, and this guy, is it legal for somebody that works in the area of intelligence where this supposedly whistle-blower works, are they allowed to take money and donations like this?

GALLO: No, sir, they are not. And that's the essence of our complaint. As submitted to Inspector General Atkinson last Friday, on November 8th.

HANNITY: Did you conspire or talk to anybody in Adam Schiff's office?

GALLO: No, sir. Not at all.

HANNITY: Any other congressman's office?

GALLO: Nope, not at all.

HANNITY: Amazing. You know, we're making progress as a country.

GALLO: Hopefully so. That's the goal here.

HANNITY: What you want to do with this? What are you taking this?

GALLO: Well, really, we're looking to see that -- to level the playing field, in essence, to make sure that government ethical regulations are followed across the board, a nonpartisan fashion. That's really what the goal is here.

HANNITY: OK. And do you know if the inspector general is going to take this up yet?

GALLO: We are very hopeful. A bit disheartened, you know, as I said, we filed the complaint last Friday, November 8th, more than five days have gone by, and we have not heard anything. So, that's a bit disheartening.

You know, I feel that the time is right to act on this issue, especially with the upcoming hearings. You know, so the fact that we have not heard is a bit disheartening, as I said.

HANNITY: Anthony Gallo, thank you for being with us. Keep us in the loop on this, please.

So here we are, just 357 days away from November 3rd, 2020. By the way, you, the American people, ultimately, will decide all of this. And, by the way, everything from this point forward, you've got to view through this prism: it's about the election.

Democrats know the Senate will not convict President Trump. Senator Graham, who will join us tonight, called impeachment dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate. Democrats clearly are out for blood. They are desperate to ruin this president's 2020 campaign.

Congressman Al Green actually hit the truth. If we don't impeach him, we're not going to defeat him.

They want to drag the president down into the mud because, frankly, their candidates they even know are terrible. They are running on a $94 trillion Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, no private insurance, open borders, you get to choose after you make the baby's comfortable, if the mother wants the baby or not. Over $140 trillion in new taxes, and everything is free, no oil or gas, no combustion engine and eventually no planes or cows, they want to radically transform the world's greatest economy into what is nothing short of a socialist hellhole.

And these candidates are so bad, so extreme, so radical, Hillary Clinton is now claiming many people -- many of them -- are just begging her to run again. Maybe that's Bill Clinton hitting, click "resend" over and over again. I don't know.

Anyway, I would like to know who the people are, but that's how bad the Democratic Party has become. It's vaguely scary.

Now, before we get to our guest, we have good news tonight. According to a report just released, the Department of Justice inspector general has now reached a critical final step in his FISA abuse report. Today, Senator Grassley expressed concern that the report, which we were promised next week, would be delayed yet again.

Carter Page, at the center of the FISA abuse scandal, tweeted, quote: Good news, Chuck Grassley, I finally got constructive feedback from a senior official at the OIG today regarding the FISA abuse report. I remain cautiously optimistic that they will do the right thing, and do it as soon as possible.

Here with reaction, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, and Michael Best Law president, former White House chief of staff for President Trump, Reince Priebus.

Let's start with the show, the circus, the compromised, corrupt, congenital liar, Matt Gaetz. And what they -- tell everybody how corrupt tomorrow is, especially compared to how Republicans treated Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton's lawyers, and the minority party in 1998.

REP. MATT GAETZ, R-FLA.: It's obvious to the American people that Democrats can't win a fair fight because the president did not engage in any impeachable offense. And so, you see Democrats doing everything they can to limit our ability to call witnesses, limit our ability to yield time to members who've been in the depositions.

But all of the dirty tricks from Adam Schiff's bag of tricks will not change a few fundamental facts.

First, that we can see the transcript, and there is no conditionality on any aid. Second, that President Trump and President Zelensky, the actual people on the call, said there was no pressure. Third, at the time of the call, the Ukrainians were not aware of any delay on their aid, whatsoever. And, fourth and finally, the aid that Barack Obama withheld was delivered by the Trump administration without any beginning of any investigations into Burisma or Hunter Biden.

Now, I think the Democrats will try to do all they can to have conjecture around those facts. But nothing changes them, and that means there shouldn't be an impeachment.

HANNITY: You know, Reince, it's kind of amazing -- I'll ask Lindsey Graham this in a little bit -- but they've actually made this guy who's compromised, this guy who is a fact witness in this case, this guy who already -- by the way, he lied about the transcript so that when he actually was reading, he actually made up a fake transcript.

And then he -- oh, I wish we did have contact with the whistle-blower -- he was lying about that. He's lied for three years about Russia.

How is it that Democrats are dumb enough --


HANNITY: -- to pick that compromised guy, fact witness, to be their leader in this?

PRIEBUS: Well, it's created another environment here, Sean. It's created the environment of total partisanship. And as long as there's total partisanship to 300,000 people out there in the battleground states that needed to decide this thing, are going to look at it as some political game that's led by a political person like Adam Schiff.

Now, Matt Gaetz nailed it. And, by the way, he did a great job by blowing up the Star Chamber a couple of weeks ago and exposing all of this. But I think it's really important to do what Congressman Gaetz did just did, and narrow this down to exactly what it is.

On its worst day for the president, you have a non-consummated wrongdoing. I mean, at worst. So, what do you have? You have -- the money was released, which it was.

So, number -- so, finally, what do we have that's on trial? What we have on trial is the state of mind of the president, because there was no consummated action because the money was released.

So, the American people are now watching --

HANNITY: Well, they never mentioned money. They never mentioned it. They never mentioned --


PRIEBUS: And the money -- but -- and the money was released.

So, because now you have a trial on the state of mind of the president, you have to allow that state of mind to be in focus, which means you have to bring the Biden issue into play. You have to bring the corruption into play. And let all of that play out.

But as Congressman Gaetz said, if you don't have the authority to call witnesses like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to the stand and say, what was really going on in Ukraine, because it's relevant to the president's state of mind -- then you don't have a fair trial.

HANNITY: Bingo. That was one of the best analysis I've ever seen.

What is your -- how -- look, you know Wisconsin better than anybody. How will the -- the 300,000 in those six states that you mentioned react to this witch hunt, no due process show put on by this corrupt, compromised liar, in this case?

PRIEBUS: If the president wins either Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania, one of the three, he gets reelected.

In Wisconsin, this impeachment trial is not playing out well at all. In fact, you can go and look at the Marquette poll of 10 days ago and it showed only 41 percent of the people in Wisconsin support the impeachment trial, only 41 percent. There's not 41 percent support for Trump, but yet 41 percent of the people say this is -- 49 percent to say this is a bunch of garbage. So, it's not playing out.

HANNITY: Last word, Matt Gaetz. Tell us how this is going to play out, Matt.

GAETZ: Well, if we are not able to get Hunter Biden before the House committees, I hope that your upcoming guest, Senator Graham, will bring him before the Senate, right alongside the whistle-blower. That will really blow the top of this entire scam.

HANNITY: All right, the circus is coming to town. We've got elephants. We got crazy people everywhere.

All right. Thank you both.

When we come back, Senator Lindsey Graham is here. He says impeachment is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate. He will explain how and why.

That and more on this busy, breaking news, impeachment eve. "The circus is coming to the swamp" edition of “Hannity.”


HANNITY: All right. So the circus comes to Capitol Hill tomorrow, and this pointless, divisive public spectacle is just getting started.

Now, Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr, I don't know what the hell he is thinking, but he said he believes that the Senate impeachment trial alone would last between six to eight weeks.

Are you out of your mind? Is this really the Hill Democrats want to die on? And the Senate is going to put a seal of approval on a process with no due process, run by a corrupt, compromised liar, Adam Schiff? That would be hard to believe.

Joining us now with reaction, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Senator, with all due respect --


HANNITY: -- you rightly said, if there's no due process, it's dead on arrival in the Senate. I would think the Senate, led by Republicans, is not going to put this seal of approval on something as corrupt as this.

GRAHAM: I'd think it would be a danger to the presidency in the future for us to legitimize what's going on in the House.

There's no civil proceeding in America, no criminal proceeding in America that denies the person to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses, except in the House. And every American deserves the right to confront their accuser. That's not being done in this case.

So, I don't want to legitimize this because it's a threat to the presidency.

Then there's the allegation. The allegation is that Donald J. Trump withheld aid to the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government investigated Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for corruption. The problem with that allegation is it's not true. The aid was delivered to the Ukrainian government, and there was no investigation of Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

How long does it take to dispose of that?

HANNITY: Let me ask you, because again, the due process -- you were part of impeachment in 1998. Every consider --

GRAHAM: I've done this before.

HANNITY: This is not your first rodeo, Senator. You're aging yourself. I was on the air too. OK. Guilty. But every consideration that was given, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton's lawyers, the minority party are all denied here because at the end of the paragraph it all says the same thing. It goes, yes, at the discretion of the Chairman, he said he wanted the whistleblower Republicans gave a list. They said no to every Republican witness and now they're cherry picking the two witnesses that they think will be most favorable to them and ignoring all the ones that destroyed their narrative. Who in the Senate, what committee in the Senate could call witnesses and investigate Hunter and Joe because I identify the laws that I believe Joe Biden broke?

GRAHAM: Well, the allegation against Hunter Biden is that he had a conflict of interest by serving on the board and that Joe Biden weighed in to have the prosecutor fired because he's getting close to his son. Their State Department activity talking about the conflict of interest. And there is a reasonable investigation to be done here.

The Foreign Relations Committee has jurisdiction over the State Department. But let me get back to the point you just made. What's happening in the House is basically un-American. No American including Donald Trump should be accused of misdeeds without confronting their accuser which is the whistleblower and no American should be denied the ability to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses to explain their defense. That's being denied to the President of the United States.

To every American who is going to watch tomorrow. This could not happen in your case. This couldn't happen in a parking ticket case. This couldn't happen in any civil matter in America because due process requires the ability of every American to call witnesses on their behalf except for President Trump. So, why am I not going to watch this hearing tomorrow, because I think it is a threat to the presidency. I don't want to legitimize it. It's un-American, it denies the basics of due process.

HANNITY: Why won't the Senate now, they have the ability to investigate. Listen, Joe Biden is bragging on tape about giving you either fire this prosecutor in six hours, if you fire, I'll give you a billion taxpayer dollars. You don't fire the prosecutor that's investigating my zero- experience son who is being paid millions. I'm taking the money back with me.

Now that to me looks like a crime. So, why isn't the Senate now that we know that all happened, investigating. For example, who would you like to be called in as witnesses and what committee in the Senate could call them in.

GRAHAM: Well, the Foreign Relations Committee has jurisdiction over foreign aid. The State Department, we're talking about Joe Biden said you're not going to get a penny unless you fire the prosecutor. Here's the question. After John Solomon's Florida request, is there reasonable belief that Joe Biden intervened not because the prosecutor was corrupt, because he's getting close to the son.

The paper trail suggests there is a reasonable belief or at least something to look at here. So, I'm hoping that Chairman Risch will look into whether or not there was a conflict of interests identified by the State Department regarding Hunter Biden being on this gas board and whether or not Joe Biden intervened after the raid.

HANNITY: Can the Senate call in the hearsay whistleblower and put that person under oath. Should the Senate also call in Adam Schiff, Adam Schiff's staff for whatever contact they had. And should they call in Joe and Hunter Biden. And why isn't this happening simultaneously so the American people can see both sides of this and see where the real corruption lies.

GRAHAM: The whistleblower is under the jurisdiction of the Intel Committee. All things about Hunter Biden are in the jurisdiction, Foreign Relations Committee. And if I were Chairman Risch, I would call the State Department officials in who expressed concerns about a conflict of interest with Hunter Biden and see where that takes you.

HANNITY: Can you maybe talk to your colleagues in the Senate and make that happen?

GRAHAM: Well, the first thing I want my colleagues to do is step up and say what's going on in the House is unfair, un-American, we're not going to bless it and I'd like my colleagues in the Senate to say there is no quid pro quo here because the money was given to the Ukraine and Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were not investigated. I'd like Republicans to speak up and say, this is a bunch of garbage.

HANNITY: And by the way the President has a duty to faithfully execute the laws on both issues, there were laws that were broken, and they never mentioned any aid money, did they?

GRAHAM: Not one penny.

HANNITY: Not one penny.

GRAHAM: And they got the money.

HANNITY: The circus is coming to town. Buckle up. Thank you, Senator. When we come back, members of the mob and the media openly pushing for Donald Trump to be impeached, and they're not even hiding it. And later wow, Lawrence Jones in Philly getting ready to make a - they're going to make a supervised injection site available for drug users. Bad idea. We'll see what the people of Philly have to say. Another liberal city destroyed by decades of liberal rule.


HANNITY: So, the media mob, there are of course playing defense hip and arm together for the compromise congenital liar Adam Schiff and the entire impeachment sham. Joy Reid over at Area 51 Roswell Rachel Maddow's conspiracy channel. MSDNC offering a guide on how to talk to Trump supporting relatives at Thanksgiving. I have advice how to talk to your liberal relatives without throwing turkey legs at them. Take a look.


JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: We are just over two weeks away from one of the most beloved American food holidays Thanksgiving, where problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine and many of you will soon be heading home to spend time with family and friends. Eat a little too much and perhaps engage in a dreaded contentious political debate with your cranky uncle Roscoe when he starts yelling read that transcript. But fear not, we here at AM Joy are going to help you get through it all by telling you everything you need to understand about impeachment.


HANNITY: Oh! We're going to get the talking points. It's going to be a great Thanksgiving. No impeachment. Yes impeachment. Turkey legs flying all over the place. Pies beginning to fly. It could be a great weekend. Anyway, it gets better because our friends over at News Busters on a serious note, they found the major three networks covering the story with almost all negative spin against the President.

Look at NBC fake news, they continue to cover for Biden, pushing Ukraine hysteria. Facts again, getting in the way of another Left-wing smear campaign. Here to react to all of this, media reporter is with The Hill, Joe Concha along with Fox News Contributor former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee.

Governor, you know we've talked about media bias for years. This is beyond media bias. This to me is just - they're just an agenda driven mob. That is all things liberal socialist Democrat.

MIKE HUCKABEE, CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, it reminds me of that scene in The Godfather Part 2 where Michael Corleone says to his wife Kay, you're hysterical. You're hysterical. And what I think about the modern media is, they're hysterical. They've lost any sense of perspective balance. They don't even pretend that they're journalists anymore. But that's a tragedy for the country. But when 96 percent of the coverage about the impeachment is negative toward Donald Trump and the talking points from the Democrats are identical to the very words that are being used by the media, it's very clear, there is a collusion going on, but it's not Donald Trump and the Russians, it's the Democrats and the media. They're one and the same.


JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER, THE HILL: Well, I think at this point Sean, the American people are conditioned at this point because they've seen these sorts of hearings before, right. The Comey hearings in 2017. Brett Kavanaugh last year, Michael Cohen, Bob Mueller, they all know what this is going to be, a partisan circus. It's going to be the Seinfeld of impeachments. A show about nothing. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

At the end of the day, I think we all know the way this movie is going to end. The President will probably be impeached in the house. It will go to the Senate. He won't be removed. The difference from this today and 20 years ago with Bill Clinton where he had a 73 percent approval rating day one after impeachment is that study you just cited.

96 percent negative coverage. It was a much different story 20 years ago with Bill Clinton where the shoe was on the other foot. You had a President being impeached, but the media was largely on that President's side.

So, look, I think what we're going to see here is just a lot of yelling back and forth and no one's opinion being changed one way or another in terms of the American people's perspective, Sean.

HANNITY: Governor, the end result of Clinton's impeachment was his highest approval rating ever and there were 11 felonies that were identified by Ken Starr. What is the net result of this politically?

HUCKABEE: Overwhelming landslide re-election of Donald Trump. Because I think a lot of American people, they know that this is a skunk, an absolute skunk and it's stinking up the country and they're going to vote accordingly.

HANNITY: 357 days Donald Trump, you know what the great part of this is, we know how this is going to go play out, they probably impeach him. He's not going to be convicted and he's going to be re-elected because the American people rightly see that he's actually done some work, kept his promises and we're doing pretty well aren't we. Thank you, both.

When we come back, there is a drug crisis in this country. What do they do in the great city of Philadelphia while their mayor is now supporting a plan to open a so-called safe inject your drug site for heroin addicts? Lawrence Jones, we sent him to the City of Rothbury to see what residents think. That's next.


HANNITY: The latest instance of Far Left lunacy, a group in Philly with the support of the city's Far Left-wing mayor planning believe it or not to open a safe heroin injection site, people would be allowed to inject their drugs and other illegal opioids in the presence of medical supervision. We sent Lawrence Jones to Philly to ask the residents what they think about their drug injection sites. Take a look.


LAWRENCE JONES, CORRESPONDENT: There's this new injection site area where people could just inject drugs into themselves and the city is going to allow them to do that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's terrible. That's horrible. I don't agree with it. I know that's safe, but it's still not good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't favor that at all. I mean I understand the intent of it, but it's not going to be good for the city.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm not agreeable with that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're never helping anyone by letting them do drugs. But it's a judgment call of safety in other ways versus safety in preventing illegal drug use.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it's important. I mean if they're going to do it, it's best that they do it where they're not going to kill themselves or really harm somebody else.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They're kind of a necessary evil. You're making it possible for people who have drug problems to inject in a safe controlled manner.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't think it's helpful. I think the problem lies within the drug not really within how the drug is like put into somebody's body.


HANNITY: And here with reaction author of the bestseller Exonerated, Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino, Fox News Correspondent at Large, Geraldo Rivera.

By the way Dan, I always like to start with Geraldo, because I know he usually pisses you off.


HANNITY: So, Geraldo--

BONGINO: Good strategy.

HANNITY: I don't know why I think you might say something dumb here about this and you're scaring me. Tell me you don't support this.

GERALDO RIVERA, CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: Well, before I say the dumb thing, let me just establish my credentials. I've been covering the war on drugs that I've been covering the war on drugs since it started. You know my first award winning piece was drug crisis in East Harlem 1971. I have never seen the opioid epidemic worse than it is right now. We are losing more people than we lost in Vietnam over 10 years in every single year, 70,000 overdose deaths last year alone.

How do I feel about the sanctuaries where people can shoot up with clean needles? I'm not sure. I wouldn't want in my neighborhood. I'm sure that many of the people in many of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia don't want it in their neighborhoods either.

However, the city fathers such as they are, and mothers have decided that they want to give this a try. The federal judge has just ruled that the federal government has no say in the matter that it's a local state issue, it's not a federal issue, it doesn't violate the existing federal law. So, listen, if it's better than 70,000 overdose a year.

HANNITY: If the drugs are illegal, Dan, how can the sites be legal.

BONGINO: Yes. I mean this is kind of - I think we're leaving the incentive question out of it. I mean by providing facilities that are going to make it easier to use drugs, they're obviously creating more of an incentive to use drugs. I mean this is - and listen Sean, I'm actually quite the libertarian. I don't think Geraldo is wrong. The war on drugs has not been particularly successful. That doesn't mean we should be incentivizing more people to use drugs or that they're not dangerous. That's just idiocy.

But can I just make this point, listen, I'm just getting tired of liberalism. These liberals you want to find a cancer and a plague in our society, find liberals where they monopolistic rule. They specialize in destruction. You want to find concentrated pockets of chaos and failure in inner cities. Go look for where liberals have monopolistic ruled and you will find it every single time.

RIVERA: What's your idea, smart guy.

BONGINO: What's my idea for what?

RIVERA: What's your idea?

BONGINO: For what. Dealing with for opioid, the drug problem.

RIVERA: That's wiping out a generation of young people. What do we do about it?

BONGINO: Geraldo, listen, let me give you a news flash, in case you can figure this out. Well, human beings have had a drug problem since homosapiens sapiens became coherent sentient beings. You are not going to stop human beings from using drugs.

Now, you can educate people who may take your advice--

RIVERA: So, you want to legalize real drugs then.

BONGINO: Flip you the double barrel middle finger and tell you, no, but nothing you're going to do is stop people from using drugs.

RIVERA: You know I think the world of you, but you cannot seriously argue that having a place where junkies can shoot up with clean needles is going to incentivize people to use heroin. You cannot have that as your argument, Dan, that's too preposterous.

BONGINO: Geraldo, you are giving people and these centers needles to use narcotics that can kill them. Did you not think this through?

RIVERA: They don't get AIDS. So, they don't get Hepatitis.

BONGINO: Geraldo, nobody wants anybody to catch an infectious disease. OK. But you're not thinking this thing through. You are giving the drug dealers - how about maybe trying to get them in a treatment program instead rather than say, hey buddy, you're a junkie--


BONGINO: Here's a needle. I mean come on. Think this through.

RIVERA: Haven't we tried that?

BONGINO: Come on, knock on your head.

RIVERA: For decades. We've now watched fentanyl wipe out a generation.

BONGINO: It's a tragedy.

RIVERA: It's killing us.

BONGINO: No doubt, Geraldo. It is a tragedy.


BONGINO: Public education overdosing with their babies in the backseat of their car.

RIVERA: It's a tragedy.

BONGINO: You're right, it's a tragedy.

RIVERA: You've got to be forward-thinking.

HANNITY: By the way--

BONGINO: I get your point.

RIVERA: You've got to try something.

HANNITY: 90 percent of that crap comes across the southern border. So, it's awful. All right guys, thank you. Appreciate it. When we come back, you think journalism is bad now, wait until you hear what the next generation of so-called journalists did at Northwestern University. Trace Gallagher has that report coming up next.


HANNITY: All right. So, we got these liberal college newspapers taking after the fake news mainstream media mob. Our Chief Breaking News Correspondent Trace Gallagher live in our West Coast Newsroom tonight with more on this madness. What have you got, Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Sean, the student newspaper at Northwestern University issued a nine-paragraph apology for allowing journalism students to practice journalism. When former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at Northwestern students protested. So, the student paper covered the protest, pictures, interviews, you name it. But that was apparently traumatizing and invasive to the students. So, the paper apologized.

DePaul University professor Jeffrey McCall called the apology unnecessary "disrupting the flow of news and having journalists apologizing for displaying reality surely will lead our culture further into information chaos."

Meantime at Harvard University when student protesters called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE to be abolished, the Harvard Crimson newspaper naturally tried to get a comment from ICE and then the paper was roundly condemned for "inflicting harm" on the undocumented community. More than 900 people signed an online petition demanding the Harvard Crimson apologized. The president of the paper said, we're simply doing our jobs. Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Trace Gallagher, thank you for that report. We'll never be the hate, rage media, psychotic mob. The circus comes to town. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham in New York City tonight.

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