GOP convention speakers take aim at Hillary Clinton

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld, it's 5 o'clock in Cleveland and this is "The Five."

Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee last night just 13 months after entering the 2016 presidential race, and today he made an appearance with vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.


DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We're going to win Ohio, right? Come here, Mike. We're going to win Ohio. We're going to win it all. The last time I got accused of speaking a little bit long, so this time I'm going to speak a lot short. But I just want to introduce a man when's become a friend of mine, somebody who is going to make an unbelievable vice president of the United States, Governor Mike Pence.

MIKE PENCE, REPUBLICAN VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We're excited to hear you address the nation tomorrow night. It's been exciting to hear from your family, more to come tonight. And I'm convinced, what begins in Cleveland will end in the White House.


PERINO: Pence is getting set to take center stage later on night three of the RNC convention. And then there was more from last night, we're going to get a chance to take it around. Let's first look at Chris Christie, the former governor -- I'm sorry, former candidate, current governor of New Jersey, also running the transition team. Let's take a listen to what he had to say last night.


CHRIS CHRISTIE, GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY: Tonight, as a former federal prosecutor, I welcomed the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountable in Libya and Nigeria, guilty. In China and Syria --

CROWD: Guilty.

CHRISTIE: In Iran and Russia and Cuba --

CROWD: Guilty.

CHRISTIE: And here at home for risking America's secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all up --

CROWD: Guilty.

CHRISTIE: Here it is everybody. We didn't disqualify Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. The facts of her life and career disqualify her.


PERINO: So last night, Kimberly, very different speech that he gave in 2012 in Tampa at the RNC when he was given that coveted slot and he didn't go after Obama like that, so maybe a different tactic last night.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Yes. And I think he was definitely had the target on all eyes on Hillary Clinton. He was very focused. It was a speech that was definitely about Trump and about the choices between the two. So different from some of the criticism before that it wasn't supportive enough of Romney when he spoke in the past. But I think you hit it when you said, former governor, because I think, indeed, he will be. He gave a magnificent speech last night. You know, I like this type of things as you know, former prosecutor myself. That was an audition, I think. You know, essentially to be the highest justice officer in the country. And he really made the case, not only for Donald Trump, but the case against Hillary Clinton and the case for Christie, to be put in charge of the DOJ.

PERINO: But taking that, Juan, if you want to be the future attorney general, is it a step too far to be calling Hillary Clinton a felon from the RNC convention?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Yikes, I don't know, Dana. I mean, you know, to me, a lot of it -- I think Ben Carson went even farther. He called her Lucifer.

PERINO: We're going to get to that.

WILLIAMS: So I mean, you know, there's a lot of demonizing Hillary Clinton. Now the fact-checkers just had a field day with Chris Christie last night. I mean, when he says things like, you know, Hillary Clinton is responsible for the Iran deal, the fact (inaudible) well yeah, actually, so far, Iran is doing pretty well and living up to the details of the deal. When he talked about, for example, what Hillary Clinton had to say about Bashar al- Assad, the leader of Syria as a reformer, well, actually, she was talking about congressional delegations that are going on out there and what they came back and told her. So I guess it gets into all this mess. That the fun part was when the audience starts shouting, lock her up, lock her up.

PERINO: Interesting, though, that you bring up the point about Iran because, Eric, yesterday the Obama administration, this is news that sort of got lost in all this other coverage, but the Obama Treasury Department, yesterday, said that there are three al-Qaeda officials who are living in Iran. They're working with the government. I mean is that living up to the deal? Is that something she'll have to answer next week?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Oh yeah. And she'll have to answer all through November 7th, when we go to the voting booth. Can I just point something out in the opening sound bite where Trump and Pence came in on a helicopter, they landed, a big applause. And then Donald Trump takes the microphone and he talks off the cuff, just adlibs it. He just warms up the crowd and then he hand the microphone over to Pence. And he's a politician, and you can see the difference between the politicians and Donald Trump. It was a striking contrast for me and I think that's why he's -- Donald Trump is resonating so much. He's not the politician and he's even picked someone on his team who's a politician, just like I guess because he wants to see some unity with the political establishment in D.C. As for last night, wow, what a night, I mean, you had speaker after speaker just dismantling everything that Hillary is about to try to put together in advance of it. It was -- I think it's a very successful night. I think Donald Trump Jr. speech, fantastic. I mean --

PERINO: Yeah, but we're going to get talk about that.


BOLLING: Yeah, I think it's fantastic.

PERINO: But we can do the whole show in the A-block if we want because it was -- it was like chockfull night and we also have Ben Carson. But do you want to talk about Trump, Pence, Christie, any of those?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, let's talk about Christie. I got three things to say. People -- a lot of people said that he was extremely harsh. It was a very harsh indictment of Hillary. But isn't what -- that's what the left has done to the right for so long. And the right has finally learning that the left created that idea that you're not just wrong, you're evil. And so now what you are seeing is the right going out there and saying, yeah, they're evil, too. They should go to jail. Lock her up. You see that all the time. I also really like the fact that he brought up Cuba and he brought up Chesimard, the cop-killer who killed a police officer from New Jersey, which is where Chris Christie is a governor. Why this was wise was because he's doing it in a climate where police officers are being killed .

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: . and he's tying it to Hillary Clinton. And he's saying that Hillary Clinton coddling Cuba is essentially coddling a cop-killer, which is a really a damning thing to say, but they're right. We don't have any way of getting this cop-killer back. Yet, we coddled Cuba. Third thing and only third -- the only criticism I have of Christie is when he was ridiculing Hillary over Putin and that how Hillary wanted a reset with Putin. Well, you know who else wants a reset with Putin? Donald Trump. I mean, Donald Trump is saying some interesting things about Ukraine that are bit disturbing in favor of Putin, so that was a bit of -- that was hypocrisy. But the fact is, there -- the right is learning from the left. They're becoming hypocrites.

PERINO: And then that continued with Dr. Ben Carson. We mention -- Juan, mentioned it. We're going to go to a sound bite from him. This is him talking about Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky and Lucifer.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my, gosh.


BEN CARSON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: One of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors, was Saul Alinsky. Now interestingly enough, let me tell you something about Saul Alinsky, he wrote a book called "Rules for Radicals." On the dedication page, it acknowledges Lucifer. Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?


PERINO: So for me, that was a step too far. Juan, I'll let you talk about it since we were on air last night.

WILLIAMS: You know, so you think, you think back to Mike Flynn, the former national security guy, and then come forward to Mayor Giuliani. And now you come forward to Chris Christie, as we have been talking about, and then Ben Carson, Dr. Carson. And the total demonization of Hillary Clinton -- at some point, you say now what unites the Republican Party at this point is not some positive future vision, but we hate Hillary Clinton. She is the worst. And if you don't vote for Trump, you're going to get this devilish lady, you know.


WILLIAMS: And she is going to ruin the world.


WILLIAMS: I'm just so tired of it. I mean --


WILLIAMS: The part that I was laughing about earlier with regard to lock her up, lock her up. I was thinking, yeah, you went through this litany of things that FBI Comey said, but you never come to, oh yeah, and the FBI director said, there's no indictable criminal offense here and no prosecutor, no reasonable prosecutor would ever acted against her. So --

PERINO: There was criticism, Greg that the RNC convention last night seemed like the set-up for a Salem witch trial against Hillary Clinton.

GUTFELD: But that goes back to my original point which is, it's about time. I mean, the fact is, the right has been demonized by the left because they believe, because their hearts in the right place, we are evil. Conservatives are evil. So now the script is being flipped and also we knew that last night was all was going to be all Hillary centric anyway. But I think what was more (inaudible) was when Ted Cruz was talking today. I think he was talking today and while he was talking, you could see behind him Trump's plane flying as he's trying to make a point. I know we have video of it.

PERINO: That guy could not buy a break.

GUTFELD: I'm talking this, I'm saying this slowly so they can load the video, but you will see Trump's plane coming. That's kind of like -- imagine serenading your wife like in a restaurant and Frank Sinatra walks in behind you. It just like takes all the wind out of your sails. But I guess that's actually --

PERINO: We don't have it. But it did have --


PERINO: There it is.

GUILFOYLE: They got it.

GUTFELD: They left it on the ground somewhere.

PERINO: I want to play one more sound bite and have Kimberly react because -- Kimberly and Eric, this is former Attorney General Michael Mukasey .


PERINO: . who was very precise in his criticism of Hillary Clinton.


MICHAEL MUKASEY, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: How she treated and what she did with government secrets when she was secretary of state, and what she said about what she did both before and after she got caught, exquisitely sums up the case against her presidency. Hillary Clinton is asking the people of this country, the people of the United States, to make her the first president in history to take the constitutional oath of office after already having violated it. The message from this convention: No way Hillary, no way on earth.


PERINO: Kimberly, your thoughts on the former attorney general?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. He has a tremendous amount of credibility and respect on both sides of the aisle. This is a man with considerable experience and impeccable reputation. And when I interviewed him, you know, for Greta, and he's been on her show quite often, he really quite clearly makes the case against Hillary Clinton. He said that he was very surprised that they didn't recommend a prosecution or, you know, further investigation by the Department of Justice and just even in using Hillary's words just repeatedly lying about what she did and the evidence being just really insurmountable in terms of the number of violations. I mean, I think that Comey did make the case. He simply got the conclusion wrong.

GUTFELD: Mukasey made the casey (ph).


GUILFOYLE: Thank you, Greg. A little --

PERINO: Let's point to Eric. Donald Trump Jr., actually, last night said that Hillary Clinton could be the only president who could not pass a background check.


BOLLING: Couldn't pass the background check, couldn't pass the vetting for vice president. I think at one point they have even side --


BOLLING: Going back to Hillary Clinton's adoration of Saul Alinsky and --

PERINO: Lucifer.

BOLLING: And Lucifer. You know, my book, you know who I dedicated my book to?



BOLLING: President Obama, so yeah.

PERINO: Are you making another connection?

BOLLING: So don't hold her accountable for Alinsky's dedicating it to President Obama.

GUTFELD: By the way, they didn't say which Lucifer.


GUTFELD: It was a common name many years ago.

BOLLING: Can I just make one quick point. The difference between the two nights, the first night were fiery speeches, like Rudy Giuliani yelling at the camera, general -- the generals .


BOLLING: . yelling at the camera.

GUILFOYLE: Marcus Luttrell.

BOLLING: This is a little bit more toned down, but I think there's more cerebral and that it has great points that were made last night.

PERINO: All right, much more to come on "The Five." Make sure to stay tuned because later, we've got something very special to show you. Greg and I went to visit some wounded warriors here in Cleveland yesterday. We made kayaking with them and heard their very inspirational stories that moved us. And we will .

GUILFOYLE: Oh my, God.

PERINO: . show that to you --

GUILFOYLE: Look how good you are at kayaking.


BOLLING: Last night Trump's son Don Jr. cast the votes for New York and it enable his dad to officially clinch the nomination. Dad was very proud.


TRUMP: Today has been a very, very special day. Watching my children put me over the top earlier, the party seal. I mean, what we did getting the party's nomination, I'll never forget it. It's something I will never, ever forget.


BOLLING: Donald Jr. then went on to deliver the most talked about speech of the night.


DONALD TRUMP JR., DONALD TRUMP SON: You want to know what kind of president he'll be. Let me tell you how he ran his businesses. He's promoted people based on their character, their street smarts and their work ethic; not simply paper credentials. I know he values those workers and those qualities in people because those are the individuals he had my siblings and me work under when we started out. We didn't learn from MBA's. We learned from people who had doctorates in common sense. He knows that the heart of the American dream is the idea that whoever we are, wherever we're from, we can get ahead, where everyone can prosper together.


BOLLING: All right KG, so there are two jobs when you do a speech like that.


BOLLING: Number one, you humanize a candidate. And number two, you show that if you're going to be part of that administration, you got what it takes to handle the responsibility. How did he do?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. I think Don Jr. smashed it. I though he did an outstanding job. I love the content. I love the tone, the tenor. His delivery was really a standout. I mean, what better than a son that you work with so closely every day to make the case for you and make the case for America, trust my father. He really wants to be president. He wants to help this country and I know that he can. It's a very strong endorsement. And so many people last night said, wow, he's got a political future and I expect the same from Eric tonight, who's also very compelling with a great interview. So I'm excited about it.

BOLLING: Yeah, and Greg, these children, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric are running a multi-billion dollar real estate company, they're -- and doing this also at the same time.


BOLLING: Successfully?

GUTFELD: Yeah. Some would say successfully. But this is proof of evolution.


GUTFELD: Donald Jr. is kind of like a more effective version of .


GUTFELD: . her father --


GUTFELD: . of his Father. It's like, you know, Trump is like the first iPhone, the first generation iPhone and Donald Jr. is like the iPhone SE. You know he's got all the effective revolutionary parts, but it's like more airbrushed and more -- more improved adaptations to contemporary society.

BOLLING: And smaller.

GUTFELD: And smaller, much smaller.

PERINO: Hold the charge very well.


BOLLING: Dana, of speeches you've seen like this, how did they do?

PERINO: Well, obviously, I -- so I thought his speech was great.


PERINO: But I always don't trust myself, because I'm, like I watch a lot of these so, I do my sister test. Contact my sister in Denver, did you watch anything, any of the RNC yet, because I only watch last night. What do you think? And she said, "I really liked the speech." What I thought was different for the Trump campaign was that, he was able -- I think effectively, to address millennials. So for millennials who are watching, and I think that was pretty effective. Also, when he talked about immigrants, maybe, just having a different person on the Trump campaign talk about in it a way .


PERINO: . could reach people in a better way because he said, "Illegal immigration most hurts the immigrants who got here legally, who are trying to make the American dream their own." And I thought that was good.


BOLLING: So Juan --

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: Tomorrow, we're going to have Ivanka, too. We got Eric Trump tonight and then Ivanka tomorrow. These kids are bringing it home for dad.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think the argument and the message, I mean, you have to achieve, you design the convention presentations to deliver a message to the audience at home. The message clearly is Trump's a family guy. Yes, he's been divorced twice, married thrice, but the kids speak well of dad and they like dad. And not only that they like dad, I think the good part about Donald Jr. speech was when he talked about his father's ability to see something in people, maybe, you know, prospectively, that they can perform. They can do things and so many executives in this company, who are people who come up from blue collar backgrounds. I like that stuff.

GUTFELD: That's good.

WILLIAMS: Now, let me just say, though, that this is as compared to what? This has been not a good convention .


WILLIAMS: . for the republicans. Well I mean --

PERINO: Agreed.

WILLIAMS: Well, on so many levels. And so I would say, Don has been the best but better than the rest is that -- I don't know how high that bar is.

GUILFOYLE: Can I say something, Juan? I was curious last night when I was listening to what you thought because I was really touched and moved .


GUILFOYLE: . as someone who's worked in education, worked with children with special needs and (inaudible) neighborhoods. That he brought up the education piece account (inaudible).

WILLIAMS: I just liked that.

GUILFOYLE: And to kind of the rhetoric was softer, inclusive, saying let's have great education opportunities for children.


GUILFOYLE: Let's really make this a place where everyone can get ahead and have the benefit of an education which then cycles into the job market. Nice tone. I agree with Dana on immigration. People want to hear that, especially I think if you are trying to get in moderates or maybe democrats, et cetera, independents --

WILLIAMS: No. That's why I say.

GUILFOYLE: That was making up their minds.

WILLIAMS: You know for me, you know, we're talking about messaging in a convention .


WILLIAMS: . so the messaging has got to be in a way that would be persuasive to people who might be right now not sure about Trump and all the kinds of things that he has to say and do. And I thought that worked for me, especially when he's talking about the ladder of upward mobility .


WILLIAMS: . is stalled because of poor education opportunities for kids today.

GUTFELD: Then he quote -- he also quoted Bernie Sanders, but I think the speech was also designed to target republicans who still feel anxious about Donald Trump's temperament. And you looked at his son .


GUTFELD: . you go, OK, his son is even keeled, intelligent, patient and focused.


GUTFELD: And these are all the things that you're looking for in Donald that you don't see.

BOLLING: Ready of, last thought?

PERINO: I think it's helpful but, if you're not voting for him.




BOLLING: But you know what was nice?

PERINO: I mean you tell --


GUILFOYLE: Not now, maybe later.

PERINO: I know we have to go. I do think that on this point about, the Trump campaign made a huge mistake when tried to message away the whole accusation of plagiarism against -- of Melania's speech, because we find out today that actually Donald Trump was so kind to the young staffer who admits today .


PERINO: . oh no, it was me, and he says, it's OK.


PERINO: People make mistakes. She offers her resignation, he doesn't accept it. You're still on the team. Why in the world the Trump campaign doesn't think. That -- the truth is always the best answer.


GUILFOYLE: That's the rapid response, right Dana?

WILLIAMS: But is that the truth or is that the spin?


BOLLING: Well, she is not fired.

WILLIAMS: That's why I --

BOLLING: Or you're saying that --


WILLIAMS: Well no. I think this is -- if I was, you know, if I was him, I'd hire Dana Perino and I say Dana, how can I get out of this mess?

GUILFOYLE: She's not available.

WILLIAMS: And they deliver this message .

PERINO: I have too many jobs.

GUILFOYLE: She's not available.

WILLIAMS: . of he is being so calm.

BOLLING: All right. I got to go. My favorite line of the night bar none, Donald Trump Jr. saying, "My dad sees impossible as a starting point." Love that line. All right. Ted Cruz gets his convention moment tonight. The question is will he climb on board the Trump train? That's ahead.


GUILFOYLE: Night three of the RNC is shaping up to be the biggest night of the convention so far and headliners will include Eric Trump along with Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich, and of course, Trump's running mate Mike Pence, but all eyes are sure to be on Ted Cruz with not yet endorsed his former rival. Ahead of the primetime speech, Cruz thanked delegates for their support and also sounded like someone who still wants to be president.


TED CRUZ, TEXAS SENATOR: Our party now has a nominee. I don't know what's going to happen but what I do know, what remains unshakable is my faith in the men and women here. There's a lot of talk about unity. I want to see unity and the way to see unity is for us to unite behind shared principles, us to unite in the defense of liberty.


GUILFOYLE: So this is sort of the suspenseful moment of the evening. What will Cruz say and do? Is he going to support him? And then Greg, you were talking about little airplane moment earlier.

GUTFELD: I think that Cruz is going to endorse Trump. His reason is it's not like Donald said both of the parents tried to kill JFK, just his dad. And then I have --


GUTFELD: When Marco Rubio speaks, tonight, I actually brought him .


GUTFELD: . two large hands.


GUTFELD: So that he can present these to Donald when he is up there. And say, hey, but let's bygones be bygones. You have big hands. I think --


GUTFELD: But tonight is like, one of those "Bachelorette" reunions .


GUTFELD: . when all the people that weren't picked show up.


GUTFELD: You notice that?


GUTFELD: It really is.

GUILFOYLE: You really do love that show and I appreciate .

GUTFELD: I can't get enough of it.

GUILFOYLE: . the market of it for "The Five."

GUTFELD: Give me a hand, everybody.



GUTFELD: By the way, these are white hands.

PERINO: Of course they are.

BOLLING: I'm concerned about this Ted Cruz speech, and I was. And I thought it was great. He's going to make the speech and I thought it was going to be fully vetted what was going to be in it, what you should do. It's not bad to do that, you should do that. But I'm concerned now because there's a report, just before we came to air, that some high-level RNC officials said that Ted Cruz will run against whoever the president is in 2020, meaning he'll primary challenge Donald Trump. And if he's going to do that, he's already known to be willing to do that now. Who knows what he could do? I mean you don't have to go on prompter, you go on prompter and say whatever like you want tonight. So I will hopefully watch and hopefully see a guy who's uniting the party from the base, from the right, from the evangelicals that Ted Cruz has and bring it. One last thought, where's John Kasich?

WILLIAMS: Well, that's what I want to talk about.

BOLLING: Where --

GUILFOYLE: I mean this is his state.

BOLLING: Honestly, you represent this state. You represent this party.


BOLLING: Please get here.

GUILFOYLE: And the delegates --

BOLLING: Please get here.

GUILFOYLE: . want him to come.


GUILFOYLE: So, I don't know. I think that's --

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, there's another level to this whole discussion about Ted Cruz, which is the chaos we saw Monday evening. You know? Late Monday afternoon, early Monday evening. A lot of that were Ted Cruz people who were trying to have that delegate revolt and have the roll out [SIC], right?


WILLIAMS: And previously, don't forget: you had people behind the scenes, putting pressure on Reince Priebus, the head of the RNC, to change the structure so they could open the door. Priebus then had to become so politically involved, and now you see Cruz saying, "Well, oh gosh, after all the negotiations, OK. I'll give a speech."

It's to Ted Cruz's advantage, because as Eric's saying, I think Ted Cruz still has strong political ambitions. He's looking, even if -- and that's what -- you were so confident. You can tell the audience, you're assuming that Donald Trump wins. He's saying that, even if Donald Trump is president...

BOLLING: No, I said that to you in the break, by the way. Actually, Ted Cruz had said he'll run for the president in 2020, no matter who the...

WILLIAMS: That's what you said.


WILLIAMS: That means even if Trump and the Republicans are in, he's going to launch a primary challenge against the incumbent, Donald Trump. Now, what kind of love is that? I don't know. But I'm telling you, Ted Cruz has been the hidden hand in a lot of the chaos that's attached itself to this convention.

GUILFOYLE: Juan Williams. You heard it here first.

All right. So Dana, given the complexity of this and some of these news reports that are coming in, you know, on -- right now just before this is about to happen and speakers coming tonight, what would you think if you're handling a campaign? Do you go ahead and trust somebody? Because this is a guy, also, with a photographic memory. He can memorize everything. He doesn't even have to use that prompter.

PERINO: Well, I do think, in some ways, the media forgets that there is a large portion of Republicans who are unsatisfied with the current nominee. But they are trying to get to terms with it.

You know, one of the columnists of the Wall Street Journal yesterday, a good friend of mine, wrote, "You know what? You have to admit it. Trump is better than Hillary." And I think that was what the comments were last night. So...


PERINO: ... maybe Ted Cruz doesn't go as far as endorsing Trump as, like, a Scott Walker has flipped and done and Pence has flipped and done. But maybe Ted Cruz says, "He's better than Hillary." And that might be all that they can get.

And I would recommend to the Trump campaign, stop rubbing people's noses in it. If you can get him to say Trump is better than Hillary, take it as a win and don't try to further alienate people that you're trying -- because screaming -- it's time to unite! It does not actually encourage people to unite. Actually, it makes them dig in their heels.

GUILFOYLE: Let's go get in the air-conditioned tent.

PERINO: If they can get Trump -- if they can get Cruz to say, "Trump is better than Hillary," take it as a win.

BOLLING: Why can't we get Jeb to say that? Why can't we get...?

GUTFELD: Because he told -- he said his brother was responsible for 9/11! What if -- what if Jeb Bush said to Donald Trump that your dad was in the KKK?

BOLLING: Because -- because he's still better than Hillary.

GUTFELD: Yes, but you know what?

BOLLING: He's still better than Hillary.

GUTFELD: If you have a love for your father, and somebody says your dad's responsible for 9/11, you don't endorse.

BOLLING: The alternative is worse.

WILLIAMS: What about the picture of his wife? Oh my gosh.

BOLLING: I'm just saying.

Yes. If you don't get Trump, you're getting Hillary.

GUILFOYLE: Never a dell moment on "The Five." Right?


PERINO: ... said from the beginning.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. All right, next, Greg and Dana spent some wonderful time yesterday with American heroes, wounded warriors, who are showing us all how we should be living your lives. Get ready to be truly inspired. That's ahead.


GUILFOYLE: Looks like very active paddling.

GUTFELD: Yesterday, Dana and I headed down to Rivergate Park for a tournament of races in the Cuyahoga River hosted by Team River Runner. The participants were wounded veterans operating adaptive paddling kayaks, designed for heroes who have lost limbs or experienced other injuries in combat.

I think I could speak for Dana that, while we've interviewed all sorts of amazing people in the past, this one was super unnerving, because we're face to face with some profoundly inspiring people. It made our questions seem meek.

Asking a legless veteran about his hobbies or a blind hero how he likes the water, you feel pretty small. But the fact is, they prefer you to talk to them like anyone else, because they refuse to let their disabilities change their lives; and they'd like you to do the same thing.

And none of them had any use for politics. They had bigger oars to row.

Sadly for Dana and myself, our disabilities got in the way. You've heard of that tissue in your throat called the glottis? That's the part of the larynx that houses your vocal cords? When you swallow, you close the glottis, but you when you feel like crying, those muscles expand. It's that tension that creates what's called a lump in the throat. Dana and I suffered from attacks of this constantly while interviewing these heroes. The medical term is called "getting choked up."

So I must warn you, it's highly contagious, especially if you watch this with us right now.


PERINO: All right, Senator Portman, tell us a little bit about Paddling for Patriots. You've been involved a long time.

SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R), OHIO: It's a fantastic group. They help some of our returning veterans, wounded warriors, and it's a classic support group where they help, you know, guys to work with each other to help each other. But it goes beyond that. It's about self-esteem and self-confidence. A lot of these guys were great athletes, and they sustained some serious injuries, so they can't, you know, play football or basketball, whatever. But boy, they can get in the kayak.

PERINO: This is our event.

GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, listen. Any of this for veterans needs all the love it can get.

PERINO: That's true, that's true.

JENKINS: That's why we're here.

PERINO: Good to see you, Griff.

JENKINS: Likewise. Let's get out there. It's good.

PERINO: Good to be here.

JENKINS: You're getting out there, too? Right?

PERINO: Of course I'm getting out. I'm not a bad kayaker, to be honest.

JENKINS: Good. Have you met some of the vets?

PERINO: No, but we're heading there.

GUTFELD: Let's do that.

JENKINS: Go get 'em.

GUTFELD: So Steve, I know this is a very dumb question, because it says "blind kayaker." Could you tell me what your injury is?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. Yes, no. I lost my sight during combat operations in Iraq eight years ago. On May 13, 2008.

GUTFELD: Wow. Thank you for your service. I have to ask you, what's it like on the -- on the water and not being able to see anything? Obvious question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a wild ride.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, I really -- the best way I can put it, as someone with a so-called disability, being out here on the water gives me the ability to, you know, to have freedom.

Moving is living, and the world still, I stare into a still world and I could complain and dwell on the darkness. It's really important to just keep moving forward.


What's up, Ryan?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nothing much. How's it going?

GUTFELD: Good to see you here. I just strolled in with this young lady. We just happen to be, you know, on the river and thought we'd say hi.

PERINO: You were in the Army?


PERINO: And in 2006 you sustained injuries? Can you describe them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm a bilateral amputee, so I lost both my legs and several digits on my left hand. And had some internal injuries.

PERINO: If there were wounded warriors who were watching this, who might not be as active as you are right now, what might you tell them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would say try something new. Get on the water. Kayak. You'll -- it will change your life. It's definitely changed mine.

GUTFELD: Ugh. Nothing like being out on the open water. I bet you didn't know I was a seaman. I have a lot of experience doing this sort of thing. Hard work, though, I've got to tell you.

Think I'm really in the water? I'm not really in the water. I don't like water.

So Dana, do you know why the elephant is red?

PERINO: No, I don't know why the elephant is red. Greg, why is the elephant red?

GUTFELD: Because it's embarrassed. Actually, an elephant is known, because it never forgets, and it is important that we never forget...

PERINO: Never forget.

GUTFELD: ... about our veterans.

PERINO: Never forget.

GUTFELD: And about the contributions that they make to preserve our freedoms.


GUTFELD: Dana, there was one thing that didn't make it into the package as I was watching it. It was when Steve, the blind veteran, was talking about why he keeps moving. And it was something so powerful.

PERINO: No. I think you -- you might not have been able to hear it. He talks about how, because he is blind and his world is still. And in order to feel alive, he needs to be moving.


PERINO: He said movement is life, and life is movement. And he doesn't just kayak. He is in the rugby team.


PERINO: And he plays basketball. He does all sorts of things that were amazing.

The other thing that was very funny about the blind kayaker, Steve...

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.

PERINO: ... is he said something -- you said something like, "I'm very good looking. And tall."

And he said, "Oh, like Tom Cruise?"

And we said, "Yes, like Tom Cruise."

GUTFELD: Yes. It's amazing what you can tell him. And I didn't tell him shorter than Tom Cruise.

Eric, he actually referred to his blindness as a so-called disability.

BOLLING: I heard that. It's amazing and what a great group. And there are so many of those great groups, as well.

PERINO: There are 55 chapters across America.

BOLLING: I've seen wounded warriors skiing, you know, with no limbs. It's amazing when's out there. And I think the second gentleman, the -- the guy who was in the army, he said, just if you're a wounded warrior and you're not doing something, get out there and do it. It really is -- it provides a greater will.

PERINO: And for Senator Portman, who's the Ohio senator, incumbent senator, running for election here, he's been involved in this for a long time. There are 55 chapters across America. And Juan, one of the things that they need, in case you're interested, they need volunteers.

Because when Steve goes kayaking, he has to have a guide on his side all the time, and actually, Senator Portman has done that several times, taking wounded warriors down the Potomac.

WILLIAMS: Right. You know, you -- when Greg was talking about being choked up, I did get choked up, because it struck me how much people have to give in order to protect us and to protect America.

And to see these guys not give up, I just -- you know, I'm so grateful for being able to walk, my sight, my hands. You know?

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: And then you just think, well gosh, you know, these guys don't have that. and what I really appreciate, not only from Senator Portman, but from, you know, from you and Greg is that you guys went out there and did it. Because I think so many people say, "Oh, it's so sad. I feel upset about it." But to get off the couch and go out and help those guys...

PERINO: Hey, it was better than coming to the convention.

WILLIAMS: Come on!

PERINO: It was.

GUILFOYLE: Incredible, the sacrifice that they make, and just every morning when they get up and the things that they suffer from, because they put it all on the line for our freedom, for our country, for the liberty that we enjoy, it really makes you feel like what else can I do to help out and be part of the solution and helping this country.

So God bless them, and that was very nice, what you guys did.

GUTFELD: Just reminds me of how inactive I am. And I'm a healthy, and I don't do 10 percent of what they do.

It's Team Runner -- if you want to find out more about volunteering or becoming part of this.

Coming up, our final thoughts before tonight's primetime program at the RNC, when it kicks off. We'll be right back.


WILLIAMS: Welcome back to Cleveland and night three of the RNC convention here.

Now, ahead of tonight's events, and the theme for tonight is make America first again, Dana had some thoughts on how to introduce a vice president.

PERINO: Well, I do think that the rollouts are not necessarily always smooth, and I think there's been some criticism about Pence. But I think that's true -- I'm sorry. Of how the Trump campaign handled the Pence roll-out. I don't think it matters after tonight.

And one of the things you can look at is history. So in 2008, Sara Palin stormed onto the scene. It was a big surprise announcement. Nobody knew who she was But she made sure they knew who she was, and this speech scared the Democrats. Take a look.


SARAH PALIN (R), FORMER VICE-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I love those hockey moms. You know, they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.


PALIN: She just set the place on fire, and although that campaign didn't go on to win. But if -- I think that because I know the speechwriter for this speech, if nothing changed, I think that you'll see something very similar to what she gave in 2008.

WILLIAMS: So Greg, when you're looking -- what are you looking for from Mike Pence tonight? Mike Pence, by the way, according to all the polls, not known by most Americans. They have no idea who this guy is. So he is being with introduced to the American people.

GUTFELD: Well, he knows how to give a good speech, and he looks like a vice president. He looks like a president. They always have white hair.

I have a problem -- not really a problem with the theme, the fact that, like, "Make America First." We are first. The problem is we don't feel first. And so the issue really -- somebody has to bring that home that we've spent the last eight years being told that we are an honorary mention. So we are first. We've always been first. We need to tell America, remember that.

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, Eric, it's funny. Today we heard reporting from John Roberts, saying that when they were talking to Kasich about maybe being the vice president, they said, well, what would Kasich's responsibilities be. Why don't you tell the viewers what we reported.

BOLLING: What did they say? It was going to be the highest level, what was it?

PERINO: Most powerful vice president in history.

BOLLING: In history.

PERINO: In charge of domestic and foreign policy.

WILLIAMS: Yes. And so then they said, "What would Trump be in charge of?" And the answer was...?

BOLLING: I don't remember.

WILLIAMS: "Making America great again."

BOLLING: All right. So can we get back to this?


BOLLING: I don't think Pence is going to be the headline speaker tonight. I think everybody wants to hear him speak, but again, the vice president just doesn't have that many responsibilities.

PERINO: Oh, boy.

BOLLING: I think Eric Trump, and I think Newt Gingrich are going to bring it home for Donald Trump tonight. Because...

PERINO: They better hope -- they better hope Pence steals the show.

BOLLING: Look, I don't see him stealing the show the way Sarah Palin did.

GUILFOYLE: I think he's going to obviously get connected with people out there so people know him. And I think the more they get to know him, the more they're going to like him. I think Eric Trump is going to do an outstanding job. We've also got Pam Bondi, who's a friend of mine, who's going to speak, who's fantastic. Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, I think for sure is going to deliver tonight, and Marco Rubio. I wonder what he has to say?



WILLIAMS: Let me ask another question. I think that's real interesting to see Rubio. Before we go, let me quickly say, do you think that this convention has been a success?

GUILFOYLE: I'm enjoying it. If you're in my seat, yes.


GUILFOYLE: Going well.

WILLIAMS: All right. "One More Thing" coming right at you. Stay with us.

GUILFOYLE: I mean, you don't like...


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing." I'm going to go first.

Earlier today, I went to the Facebook Live Lounge, and I got to interview a couple of college Republicans, Caitlin Holden (ph) and Kate Marsh. Here's a look.


PERINO: Of all the things that you could be doing on your -- in your free time, or if you were studying, why join the College Republicans?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's something more about leaving a legacy than it is about anything else. I'm young, but I still want to be able to raise a family in an environment where they're able to have something better than what I was given.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Really make an impact that's going to last for these kids, somebody encourages them to get involved to, you know, support a candidate that's important to them and that shares their values. We can really make a big difference for the future.


PERINO: So you can check that out on our Facebook page. And a lot of people ask me what's on the back of my phone. And Facebook was giving away these things. I got them. I got these little...

BOLLING: That's awesome.

PERINO: Eric, you're best.

BOLLING: OK. So remember, I talked about law enforcement and the bad rap that they've been getting. And again, I walk around the city, it's amazing. It's locked down, because these people are protecting us.

A couple of pictures today. Here's three cops, Cleveland cops. Richard has four kids. DeMarco, Keisha has three boys. Give me the next. Those are Cleveland cops. Next picture. Lee has a wife, three step-kids, and eight grandchildren on the left. And Dominic on the right has three beautiful boys. He's with the marshals office, as well.

PERINO: I love the marshals.

BOLLING: So again, you've got to take care of these guys. They're protecting us. They're putting the vests on every day, the Kevlar vests. We're not. We don't have to, because they do.

GUILFOYLE: And take a moment to thank them.


PERINO: Kimberly, you're next.

GUILFOYLE: Thank you so much. So last night we got word that Garry Marshall, who is a famed director, and you remember he is the man that directed "Pretty Woman" and "Happy Days," "Laverne & Shirley," a lot of great things. And he passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke at a hospital. He will be beloved and missed for a long time. "Mork and Mindy," remember that, Greg? Kind of reminds me of you. "Happy Days," the whole deal.

So anyway, rest in peace and blessings to his family.

PERINO: OK. Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: Well, you know that I'm here at the Republican convention and obsessed with all politics. But today, I grabbed my son, Raffi, who's here as a writer for a new conservative website called Circa, and we took a trip about an hour up the road to Canton, Ohio, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let me tell you, it was a father-son blast. And I'll show you more of it on tomorrow's show.

But here's a preview of us throwing the ball around on the emerald field...


WILLIAMS: ... in front of the Hall of Fame.

GUILFOYLE: Good hands.

WILLIAMS: Yes, boy, do you see how good hands. And this guy is the archivist of the Hall of Fame. Watch the pass he throws here. Oh! What a beautiful -- what a beautiful throw.

PERINO: How many times did it take you to get that shot?

WILLIAMS: No, that was the first time he threw. And the thing about it is Raffi and I were throwing, you know, straight ahead, Dana, and he just lofted it. That guy's good.

PERINO: I love it. That's a good little field trip.

GUILFOYLE: That was a nice family...

PERINO: Ohio looks good this week, I have to say.

Gutfeld, you're next.

GUTFELD: All right. Time for...


GUTFELD: I hate these people!


GUTFELD: You know, when I see these protesters that are out these days, you see they're quite different from protesters of old in two distinct ways.

One, lack of muscle tone. These guys are not in shape. They sit around all day and play video games. Then they go out, and they walk around with signs. You could knock them down with the lightest plastic bowling ball. They are like hollow pins.

And No. 2, there's a plethora of white boys with dreadlocks. Enough already. You've got to wash those things. You stink.

GUILFOYLE: Like the man buns.

BOLLING: Man buns.

GUTFELD: No, man buns are heroic compared to dreadlocks on white guys.

PERINO: What if you put your dreadlocks in a man bun?

GUTFELD: You know what? That would be interesting. I don't know. But boy, man, you get close to it, it doesn't smell too good.

PERINO: All right. I think that's it for us. Set your DVRs so you never miss an episode of this show, called "The Five." We'll be back here tomorrow. "Special Report" is up next.

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