God Save the Toast?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:


"Awkward" is how many are describing President Obama's toast during Tuesday night's state dinner at Buckingham Palace.

President Obama wrapped up his remarks by proposing a toast to Her Majesty and then paused. And that's when the orchestra jumped in playing "God Save the Queen" and, like the national anthem, here you're supposed to stop talking when it plays. But the president continued his toast.

After the music ended, the room finally did do the toast. Today, the deputy prime minister joked about it with the president saying he did exactly the right thing.

Conservative blogs back here at home have suggested if then-President George W. Bush would have made the same gaffe, the media would have made a lot more of it.

Fight for the Right

And the Navy is preparing for a fight over the trademark rights for the SEALs.

We told you earlier that three days after the raid by Navy SEALs on Usama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, the Walt Disney Company applied for multiple trademarks for the phrase "Seal Team Six."

Ten days after that, the Navy hit back filing applications seeking to trademark "SEAL Team" and "Navy SEAL."

The trademark office says none of the applications have been reviewed.