Gloria Allred Grilled Over Cain Sexual Harassment Allegations on 'Hannity'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Now you just heard from Frank Luntz and his focus group and what they thought of some key moments last night in the debate. Well, for me, one critical turning point was when one of the moderators attempted to bring up the sexual allegations that are facing Herman Cain. Now first, listen to the audience reaction, followed by Cain's response. Watch this.


MARIA BARTIROMO, DEBATE CO-MODERATOR: Mr. Cain, the American people want jobs, but they also want leadership, they want character in a president. In recent days, we have learned that four different women have accused you of inappropriate behavior. Here, we are focusing on character and on judgment. You have been a CEO.


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    You know that chair holders are reluctant to hire a CEO where there are character issues. Why should the American people hire a president if they feel there are character issues?

    HERMAN CAIN, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion, based on unfounded accusations.



    HANNITY: Now meanwhile, Sharon Bialek's attorney has sharpened her comments about Republican candidate Herman Cain in recent days, even calling him a, quote, "serial sexual harasser" and a serial liar.

    Joining me now in studio to explain is Sharon Bialek's attorney Gloria Allred, the one and only. Gloria, good to see you. Thank you for being with us.


    HANNITY: I actually prefer when you're on my side, which is occasional. These are serious allegations. You said and made a big point in your press conference -- and I watched the whole thing -- that your client could have sold the story, it could have been about money. But it's not. Why won't she rule out a book deal?

    ALLRED: Well, she has no plans to do a book.

    HANNITY: New York Times today -- and how often do I quote that --Miss Sharon Bialek has said, she is not seeking money, though she has not ruled out a book deal at some point. That means that there still maybe a financial motive here. And you made a big point saying that it wasn't.

    ALLRED: There really isn't. You know, I have spoken with her. There is no financial motive. There is no one has offered us a book deal. We haven't looked for a book deal. She hasn't talked to anyone about a book deal. This is just complete nonsense. Let's focus on what's really --

    HANNITY: You have been in celebrity media a long time. That's not nonsense, because you know and I know she's going to get a book deal off of it.

    ALLRED: Well, no, I don't. Because you know, what? She has already told her story. And that's what is important. And the critical point where she could have made some money, she could have sold her story instead of doing a news conference and telling everyone without any charge.

    HANNITY: But at that point, she has no credibility, if she tells her story later, it has more credibility.

    ALLRED: No. She's not -- take the book deal off the table. It's not happening. OK?

    HANNITY: Not happening?

    ALLRED: I have represented people in book deals. And a number of them -- Amber Frey, Anne Bird -- you know, from the Scott Peterson case -- even the jury, I represented.

    HANNITY: All right. I got it.

    ALLRED: You know, she has not asked me to represent her to do anything with a book deal.

    HANNITY: Here is a problem that I see with the story. First of all, whatever happened to the idea, there was a severance payment to her, which is very different from a legal settlement term. You're a lawyer, you know the distinction and difference. So, they came up with a severance agreement that was supposed to be confidential.

    ALLRED: Talking about the other -- some other women.

    HANNITY: OK, right, but in that case. And I am thinking, all right, so in this case, we don't have that. In this case, we have this. She goes to look for a job, she never worked for the Restaurant Association. And I am putting this all together in my mind. Do you not understand why people are saying, wait a minute, is this politically motivated?

    ALLRED: You mean as to Sharon?

    HANNITY: As to all of these charges. We don't know except for your client with the specific charges.

    ALLRED: OK. All right, well.

    HANNITY: You said he's a serial abuser, serial harasser.

    ALLRED: What I said was, Sean, if in fact, the allegations of all four women are to be believed and are true, then he is a serial sexual harasser.

    HANNITY: If, but you didn't say if.

    ALLRED: Yes, I did. And if they are true then he is also a serial liar and a person who disrespects the rights of women to enjoy equal employment opportunity without the interference of sexual harassment in the workplace.

    HANNITY: All right. Here's my question though, as we follow the timeline of the story that she's telling here, right? And she claims that she wanted help. She wanted to get a job, right? Legitimate. She has a history of bankruptcy. She has a questionable employment record that, you know, job after job after job after job. Legitimate questions to check the credibility of somebody. Now, when this allegedly happened, didn't she get back in the car with him after?

    ALLRED: In the car?

    HANNITY: With Herman Cain. Didn't she stay with him after? Didn't she spend time with him after this supposedly happened?

    ALLRED: No, she asked him to take her back to the hotel.

    HANNITY: So, she got back in the car with him.

    ALLRED: She was in the car. She didn't get out.

    HANNITY: All right. So, she stayed in the car.

    ALLRED: What she alleges happened happened in the car.

    HANNITY: That's what I am saying.

    ALLRED: Where he had taken her to see the National Restaurant Association building.

    HANNITY: But why would one -- if that happened and it was so traumatic, and it was so bad, why would she stay in the car with him?

    ALLRED: Well, she didn't. She said, take me back to the hotel.

    HANNITY: That's staying in the car.

    ALLRED: Well, I mean, she wasn't going to get out at night in the dark in Washington, D.C. And I don't know what would have happened to her, wherever that was. And she said, please take me back and he was taking her back and he did take her back and she got out.

    HANNITY: Is there anything you know that you haven't told the public?

    ALLRED: Yes.

    HANNITY: What?

    ALLRED: About what?

    HANNITY: About Herman Cain. Why not get it out on the table. Why you're going to leave this lingering? You sort of hinted to me when I was speaking to you earlier that there is more to come. Do you have more that's coming out?

    ALLRED: There may be. Don't you love surprises, Sean?

    HANNITY: Gloria, this is somebody's life. If have got information about Herman, this has gone on for two weeks. It is hurting his candidacy. And if you have facts or information, don't you think it's fair to just bring it out now. Let him respond to it. Let the public decide, instead of drip, drip, drip. Reputation being ruined, maybe unfairly.

    ALLRED: What about these women? What about these four women?

    HANNITY: Tell the story.

    ALLRED: And, you know, you say, well, I don't know what you said, this hasn't been decided in a court of law or something, that's an insinuation of what you said. There are two of these women who allegedly made these complaints of sexual harassment about Herman Cain.

    HANNITY: Those were settlements.

    ALLRED: But in the context of an employment dispute. And in fact, apparently, he denied them. There was this settlement with the National Restaurant Association. They were paid financial settlements.

    HANNITY: Not settlements, they were severance.

    ALLRED: Let's understand something. An employer never admits sexual harassment. I have done literally thousands of confidential settlements and the employer never admits to anything in the settlement agreement.

    HANNITY: Well, the Restaurant Association -- Herman Cain never signed on anything.

    ALLRED: Pardon me?

    HANNITY: Herman Cain never signed a thing.

    ALLRED: Well, that's not unusual.

    HANNITY: OK. So, then if this is so important, don't you think it's fair for everybody and voters that are going to the Iowa straw poll and the New Hampshire primary, don't they have a right to know now? So, they can make a determination about Herman Cain. And isn't it fair to him to address his accusers? As Lin Wood said, a great attorney, in a court of law, with evidence. And at least, if you are going to make the charges, put it out there, put them out there now, or else his reputation is on the line as well, doesn't he have the right to a fair hearing?

    ALLRED: What about this? He is the one who knows what the specifics were that the women who were working there at the National Restaurant Association --

    HANNITY: He said, he told everything.

    ALLRED: No, you could be sure that they didn't just say, you're the same height as my wife. That is preposterous. That shows disdain for the common sense of the American public.

    HANNITY: But you don't know -- you don't know. You don't know, though Gloria.

    ALLRED: I can tell you that in fact, one of their attorneys has said publicly, Mr. Bennett said, that wasn't all there was. So come on! Don't insult our intelligence.

    HANNITY: You don't know what happened.

    ALLRED: Why doesn't Mr. Cain tell us what's the specifics of the women's' allegations --

    HANNITY: He gave you his answer. Why don't the women come out and give theirs?

    ALLRED: I don't want his answer. I want the facts.


    ALLRED: What does he say that they alleged that he did.

    HANNITY: So we agree.

    ALLRED: Why doesn't he just say what it is?

    HANNITY: Let me ask you, you worked in sexual harassment --

    ALLRED: Put it all out there. He can do that. He's not bound by an agreement.

    HANNITY: Isn't this becoming a big phenomenon in this country where people make false allegations because they get payouts, because corporations make a financial decision that it's better off in the long run to make this go away and it's going to be a lot cheaper. You know and I know this is happening. And it happened in greater numbers for years. Isn't that true?

    ALLRED: Well, I don't know. I can tell you, we have recovered about more than $250 million for victims of sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

    HANNITY: I got it. All right.

    ALLRED: And I can tell you, corporations don't pay that kind of money unless we can show them the facts, unless we can show them the law that supports our positions.

    HANNITY: I got two more questions and I got to go. I'm late. Do you agree with me, lie detector test, not admissible in law, I think that's a waste of everybody's time?

    ALLRED: You know, I think that Herman Cain could put it all out there.

    HANNITY: It's not admissible in court.

    ALLRED: What about the fairness to women? What about the facts?

    HANNITY: I'm against sexual harassment. But I'm also against false charges, which happens more and more.

    ALLRED: But you have you no idea that it's not false.

    HANNITY: I'm admitting I don't know.


    HANNITY: I know Herman Cain for a decade. I have never seen this side of him. And he has worked with my female staff on radio and they have nothing but the greatest things to say about him.

    ALLRED: Well, you know, people say that about child molesters too. I knew that person, he seemed so nice, I'm shocked, he would never abuse a child. I knew that person. I didn't know he would ever sexual harass anything -- anyone.

    HANNITY: Last question. You were asked to represent Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey. I know you went in the Weiner case. Why didn't you go after -- why didn't you get on board the Juanita Broaddrick case when Doug and Oplin (ph) and Free Republic asked you?

    ALLRED: I cannot take every case that people ask me to take. OK? We have to reject a lot of cases. But as you said, I criticized Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner for sexually inappropriate texts. My client asked that he resign and he did the next day. So, I'm nonpartisan.

    HANNITY: All right. But the difference, they had a picture in that case.

    All right. But we've got to run. Gloria, I appreciate you being with us.

    ALLRED: Thank you.

    HANNITY: Always a pleasure.

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