Glass Half Full?

The housing bubble hasn't burst. The economy hasn't tanked. The consumer hasn't stopped. Car sales haven't stagnated. And the stock market hasn't crashed.

Five things experts predicted would happen, haven't happened. Yet we live in a media world that all but assumes, they will happen.


I suspect it is because negative news sells, good news does not.

So we focus on the tens of thousands of jobs lost at Ford and General Motors, but say not a word about the hundreds of thousands of jobs added to the economy at the exact same time.

No, I'm not saying, "don't report the Ford and GM layoffs." I am saying quit laying them off on a bad economy. It's more like bad management at those companies.

If we want to focus on the 4.7 percent of Americans out of work, would it kill us to report on the 95.3 percent who are not?

And so what if housing starts are off their highs? What's the harm in adding they're at their second highest levels?

You'd think, listening to many in the media, that the economy has stopped. It hasn't. Growth like this would be termed rocket-like a decade ago.

Or that stocks are tanking. They're not. The averages are in and out of nearly five-year highs. Small stocks are at all-time highs.

Some say I'm a Pollyanna. Guilty as charged. But I see this country in a lot better shape than many of my colleagues. Not because I don't look at the numbers, but precisely because I do.

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