Giving the Terrorists a Break

The Bush administration now says it will provide captured suspected terrorists with Geneva Convention protections, including a part of Section Three of that treaty, which says "no cruel treatment." Putting it in Elvis terms, "don't be cruel."

Now I think that's a huge mistake and I'll tell you why in a moment. But what's really interesting is how jazzed up the left-wing press is. They love the fact the Bush administration is apparently doing away with coerced interrogation or anything cruel to suspected terrorists.

The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Oregonian, The Sacramento Bee, all the usual left-wing editorial pages are celebrating the fact that Geneva Convention protections will be given to people suspected of attacking civilians, people who don't wear uniforms, who fight for no country, people who are blowing up women and children. By all means, let's not be cruel to them.

Now let me ask you a simple question: If a terrorist is captured and he or she has information that a bomb may explode and kill innocent people, like what happened yesterday in India, are you telling me that we can only demand their name, rank, and serial number? Well, that's what the Geneva Convention says, ladies and gentlemen.

That's it. No cruel treatment. No keeping them up for 48 hours making them disoriented. No playing loud rap music to them. No female interrogators snapping their undergarments. No. None of that. Name and rank, Geneva protections.

Meantime, about 200 people are dead in Bombay, India. Thousands of others are dead all across the world, because terrorists continue to slaughter human beings for absolutely no reason at all.

So I'm a little aghast that the far left is so happy about the terrorists getting protections. I'm a little disappointed the Bush administration has caved into public opinion that is flat out dangerous.

"Talking Points" believes torture can never be used by American authorities, never. But coerced interrogation, so-called cruel treatment, on occasion, this is necessary and vital to save lives.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day


JAY LENO, HOST, NBC'S "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO": A former South Philly gangster a man named Tommy "Horsehead" Scafidi has quit the witness protection program and given his first television interview in which he claims the mob had a plan to whack Geraldo. They were going to kill Geraldo.

See, you never hear about the good work the mafia does. It's always the bad. You see what I'm saying?


What does Geraldo think about that? Well, he'll be here Thursday. Can't wait. It might be ridiculous.