Gingrich: Health care reform on Republicans' shoulders; Ingraham blasts Democratic obstructionism

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." By the way, I want to welcome all of our friends from the alt-left propaganda media I kind of suspect may be tuning in tonight. Now, I may or may not have a thing or two to say before the show is over just for you. Please stay tuned.

Also joining us tonight, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham and Rick Grenell will be here. Plus, the co-host of the brand-new show here on the Fox News Channel, "The Fox News Specialists," our friend, Eric Bolling. He'll join us with reaction to a sitdown interview with President Trump from earlier today.

But first, the commander-in-chief is fighting back hard against the propaganda media that is trying to destroy him. Hey, you guys in the media, this "Opening Monologue" is written just for you.

All right, so while members of the mainstream media gathered this weekend in the posh Washington, D.C., area for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, well, President Trump, he went to the people. He held a big rally in Pennsylvania where he actually mocked the event and slammed some of these biased journalists who attended, patting themselves on the back. Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: A large group of Hollywood actors --


TRUMP: -- and Washington media --


TRUMP: -- are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation's capital right now.

They are gathered together for the White House Correspondents' Dinner without the president... And I cannot possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington's swamp --


TRUMP: -- spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people.

If the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth, then I think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade!


HANNITY: That was amazing. Even though President Trump skipped the Correspondents' Dinner -- and by the way, for good reason. They don't like him, of course, given the destroy Trump media's abusively biased coverage and never-ending smears, and of course, conspiracy theories against him. Well, that didn't stop the liberals who attended the event from lashing out at the commander-in-chief. Wow, this isn't predictable. Take a look.


JEFF MASON, REUTERS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT, WHCA PRESIDENT: We cannot ignore the rhetoric that has been employed by the president about who we are and what we do.

We are not fake news.


We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.

HASAN MINHAJ, COMEDIAN: We got to address the elephant that's not in the room. The leader of our country is not here, and that's because he lives in Moscow. It is a very long flight.

There also was another elephant in the room, but Donald Trump, Jr. shot it and cut off his tail.

A lot of people told me, "Hasan, if you go after the administration, it would be petty, unfair and childish." In other words, presidential. So here we go. I get why Donald Trump didn't want to be roasted tonight. By the looks of him, he's been roasting non-stop for the past 70 years.


HANNITY: Wow. How nice of them. Now, the smears and the so-called jokes about President Trump, well, it didn't just happen at the event. The destroy Trump media also went after the president for holding a rally with the people and skipping this ever-prestigious White House Correspondents' Dinner. Really? He's supposed to go hang out with all of you, the elitists? Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, MSNBC: Donald Trump couldn't take the heat, so he got out of the kitchen. He avoided getting roasted at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night.

AL SHARPTON, MSNBC: I am in Washington, D.C., because last night, I attended the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. And of course, as you know, the head of that White House was not there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, CNN: This was the most divisive speech I've ever heard from a sitting American president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, CNN: He needs this affirmation from his base because he's a moral midget and he is a deeply insecure person.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: I think attitude is what people feel about this guy. He's still screwing us. He's still saying, "To hell with you guys." And he's still saying things that we know aren't -- isn't true --


HANNITY: Now, aren't these just perfect examples of what I've been pointing out to you, just how biased this destroy Trump media really is? Now, the mainstream media utterly despises President Trump. It's dripping from every word they say. They can't stand him. And in the end, they would rather throw him out of office. And they also want to destroy anybody else, like me, anybody in the media that dares agree with him and supports him.

But as we've seen time and time again, President Trump, he's not going to sit back and let these attacks go unchallenged. He's going to call out the media's extreme bias, including right to their faces. This is fun! You've got to love it. Watch this.


TRUMP: I think, actually, I've been very consistent. You know, it's very funny when the fake media goes out -- you know, which we call the mainstream media, which sometimes, I must say, is you. But when the --

JOHN DICKERSON, CBS NEWS: You mean me personally or --

TRUMP: Well, your show. I love your show. I call it "Deface the Nation." But you know, your show is sometimes not always correct.


HANNITY: Pretty funny!

All right, joining us with reaction, author of the new book, "Understanding Trump," which is to be out soon, FOX News-- former speaker of the House, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich.

There is such a huge divide. I mean, I don't think in my lifetime-- and you were hated, by the way. I remember the Gingrich that stole Christmas, Time, Newsweek. You went through an awful lot and a lot of battles with the media. But frankly, it seems like kindergarten compared to how vicious this effort to take him down, delegitimize him, is. Is there a comparison? Did you live through this? Do you have a sense of what he's going through? And where does this end?

NEWT GINGRICH, R-FMR. HOUSE SPEAKER, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, I think I have a little sense of what he's going through. And certainly, it was true that, you know, when Time magazine had me on the cover as the Grinch that stole Christmas, and the following week, I was the Dr. Seuss figure on Newsweek-- I mean, there's the whole sense of attacking from-- that's before we were sworn in, by the way.

But I think this is different and deeper for this reason. Donald J. Trump represents the end of their world. The people he was talking to in Pennsylvania are people who really want to go back to core American values. They're fed up with the Hollywood left. They're fed up with left-wing academics brainwashing their children. They're fed up with the New York Times and The Washington Post and CBS and NBC and ABC. And they know what- - they understand what the game is.

And the result is that with Trump having won the presidency, he's in a position to pretty consistently move the country away from the left-wing values that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were trying to impose on all of us.

And I think that that leads to what is a genuine, I think, cultural civil war. It's very real. It's very deep. It shows up in riots on campuses. And I think that we should understand that they're deadly earnest. They want us to live a different life. They want to impose their values on us. And they're fully prepared to do anything they can to destroy Trump in order to do that.

HANNITY: You know, I was kind of messing around at the beginning of the show and on my radio show today in terms of, Oh, I bet a lot of media is probably tuning in to me tonight. And maybe I'll address them, maybe I won't. They'll have to wait the hour and see if I do.

But what's fascinating to me is just how blatant they are about their bias at this time. You know, from November 9th forward, there has been a full- on attempt to delegitimize this president, spinning wild conspiracies against his president. They-- we were proven do have colluded with this president vis-a-vis WikiLeaks. They never vetted Barack Obama. They never talked about his atrocious record.

And to me, I think they feel justified. They don't see anything wrong with what they're doing. I-- maybe I'm wrong, but I-- maybe they do see it but they don't care. Maybe they just think their worldview is so superior to conservatives.

GINGRICH: I think that, culturally, it's almost a religious cult. I mean, i think they believe deeply and passionately in their worldview. They believe in imposing it on others. If you watch on college campuses nowadays-- I talk to college Republicans who feel that it's almost unsafe to be openly for Trump on some of the campuses that they attend. You got professors who routinely, in effect. blackmail the students. I just talked to somebody whose daughter refuses to answer honestly how she feels in her law school class because she knows if she did that her professor would knock her grades down.

And so you really do have a coercive left trying to impose its values on the country. And they are rabid now because Trump beat them. He stood up to them head to head and he won. And I think they are terrified--


HANNITY: And he's winning still.

GINGRICH: --conservative Supreme Court justice--

HANNITY: I mean, look--


HANNITY: And look at Saturday night. I think that's a big win for him. I think the public doesn't care about the White House correspondents dinner.

There's another thing that I think is really deep and profound here because the left every election cycle will say conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. It's the same old talking points. And they want to throw granny over the cliff and destroy children and poison the air and poison the water. I got all the talking points down.

But they fundamentally don't understand conservatism. They will not objectively analyze that we have the lowest we have the lowest labor participation rate in the eight years after Obama, 95 million Americans out of the labor force, lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, 50 million Americans on food stamps. That's 13 million more than Obama took office-- 8 million more in poverty, 50 million in poverty. And I don't-- and we doubled the debt.

I honestly think they are incapable of questioning whether or not their worldview as represented by Obama failed this country spectacularly and resulted in people in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio looking to Trump to bring back jobs and to make this place a place where their children have a shot at the American dream that has been broken in many ways.

GINGRICH: I think that's right. And I think that on the left, there's almost no understanding that their policies lead ultimately to Venezuela or to Cuba, to places that failed, to Argentina under the Perons. I mean, their idea of looting the country, redistributing the goodies, centralizing the government in a huge, giant bureaucracy has failed every time it's tried.

And what you saw happening was people were both resentful of the ideological imposition and they were angry about the absolute practical failure in terms of economics and jobs and safety. The very fact, for example, that the Trump administration is going after the MS-13 gangs is a really good example of a common sense approach to illegal immigration.

It's really hard to understand how anybody on the left is going to defend MS-13, which is a vicious gang originally in El Salvador. It's now in many American cities. It rapes. It tortures. It kills. It deals in drugs. And focusing like that, I suspect most Americans would be glad to see every MS-13 criminal kicked out of this country and permanently out of this country. That's the kind of thing the left just doesn't understand.

HANNITY: All right, Mr. Speaker, stay right there. We'll have more with Speaker Gingrich right after the break.

And coming up next on this busy news night tonight-- and a special welcome to our media friends-- this is next.


TRUMP: We are going to save Americans' health care and repeal and replace that disaster known as ObamaCare!


HANNITY: President Trump vowing to repeal and replace ObamaCare, as House Republicans appear to be moving closer towards a vote, maybe this week.

And also tonight--


BOLLING: It's been a campaign promise, something we on this side of--

TRUMP: The wall. The wall. The wall's happening, OK? You didn't tell me-- the wall, OK? I will tell you--


HANNITY: All right, the co-host of the brand-new show right here on the Fox News Channel, "The Fox News Specialists," our friend, Eric Bolling-- he interviewed the president in Washington today and asked about the border wall. Eric will join us with reaction.

Also Laura Ingraham is here tonight to weigh in on this out-of-control obstruction from the Democrats, the liberal media, and so much more. Tonight, we're are glad you are with us, as always, on "Hannity."



TRUMP: We are going to save Americans' health care and repeal and replace that disaster known as ObamaCare, which is dying, dying, dying!

We're going to give Americans the freedom to purchase the health care plans they want, not the health care forced on them by the government. And I'll be so angry at Congressman Kelly and Congressman Marino and all of our congressmen in this room if we don't get that damn thing passed quickly.


HANNITY: All right, that was President Trump resolved over the weekend, vowing to repeal and replace ObamaCare and hold Congress accountable if they do not act quickly.

President Trump is right. After a botched first attempt to end Obama's disastrous health care law, Republicans, wake up, and Congress, get your act together. And that is tonight's mini monologue.

All right, a senior White House official is telling Fox News that a vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare could finally come as early as this week. Right here on this program, over and over, we promised you we will hold Washington accountable.

So my message to Republican lawmakers is simple: You already failed the American people once. Don't do it again. Get this right. You promised, now deliver. Now, that means before congressional Republican leaders hold a vote, this week, hopefully, they need to make sure there is consensus from the Freedom Caucus, the Tuesday Group, the Study Group, the moderates, even the Senate leadership to make sure everybody finally is on the same page.

And more importantly, the bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare, it must work for the American people. It must lower the cost of premiums, offer better care and more accessibility.

Now, earlier today, President Trump told our good friend, Eric Bolling, who will join us in the next segment, he will not sign a health care bill if it's not a great plan. Watch what he said.


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Health care -- we're going to get that passed? We're going to get --

TRUMP: I'll do the best I can. The one mistake I made with the health care -- you know, we have one plan that's been going through. It's been getting better and better and better. And somebody was saying, "Oh, the people that voted for Trump aren't getting good" -- they're going to get the greatest!

These are the greatest people. We're either going to have a great plan, or I'm not signing it. And I said from day one the best thing I can do is let ObamaCare die and then come in with a plan.


HANNITY: Republicans, you control the House! You control the Senate! You now have President Trump for a reason! And that's because for nearly eight years, you have campaigned again and again and again on a promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. What did you have, 60 show votes that meant nothing? It's time you now keep your promise and help the president move forward with his agenda so that the American people get a better deal on health care.

Joining us now again-- we continue with former speaker of the House, FOX News contributor Newt Gingrich. You know how frustrated I am here. And I know you're going to tell me as a friend that I've never been a speaker or a congressman and that the wheels of the bureaucracy move ever so slowly.

My patience is gone, as is the patience of the American people. They had eight years to prepare for this moment. They weren't ready to lead.

GINGRICH: Right. I mean, that's obvious.

HANNITY: Yeah, that's obvious.


GINGRICH: But you also have to deal with reality.


HANNITY: You know how to make me laugh during a serious point.

GINGRICH: All I'm saying is, look, the ox is in the ditch. Now we got to get the ox out of the ditch. You're right, it would have been better if the ox hadn't gotten in the ditch, but it did.

I think it would have been better, frankly-- you won't like this answer-- I think they'd have been off not to even try until they absolutely had all their ducks lined up and they were totally-- I'm switching animal metaphors there-- and they were totally prepared.

And my view is, if you need 216, you better get 224 because you have a couple guys at the last minute that come running in, wringing their hands, saying, Oh, I don't know if I can vote for this. I've been through that.


GINGRICH: So I think they will get there. The other thing which, frankly, I do not understand, and I think the House Republicans have got to do a better job of, and the Senate Republicans also-- is everybody has to know going in what's in the bill. It doesn't do any good to have this group have a deal and then this group has a deal, and everybody in the middle is going, What's going on? Because what happens then is somebody brand-new who was not a problem now becomes a problem.

So you got to-- it takes a lot of massaging. I do think they're learning. I think they're trying very hard. But some of these are very big issues. And if you listen to the president-- he's setting a very high standard here. And I think that's an important thing to remember.

HANNITY: Why does that not-- when they want the House in 2010 and they get the House on this issue, when they want the Senate in 2014, they get the Senate-- and by the way, I'm still mad at some of these leaders. I'll mention names-- Paul Ryan. He did all-- he didn't really support the president, called him horrible names, wasn't out campaigning with him.

And you know what? At this point that they-- this late in the game, they don't have their act together, nobody reads the bill, no consensus built, and we don't even know if it'll pass this week-- I think I speak for the average person who's sick of this. And they're saying, Get your act together. and I don't see urgency in Paul Ryan. I know your-- you ran-- you served the House with urgency. He doesn't!

GINGRICH: Well, see, I just don't agree with you. I talk to Paul regularly. I know how frustrated he is. I know how frustrated both the moderates and Freedom Caucus are. And part of my view, having done this for a living at one time, is get over it. This is really hard. You know why this is really hard? It's every fifth dollar in the American economy. It is life and death. Obama designed a system that is hopelessly destructive.

Figuring out how to get out of that, how to fix it, is really hard. And yes, you're right. They had lots of votes in the past. But you know what? Those were show votes. Nobody thought they were going to become law. Nobody cared-- paid careful attention.

This is the real deal. I mean, when they pass this, it goes through the House and the Senate and Trump signs it, it's the new law. And therefore, it's perfectly reasonable to have a very high standard here. And I'll you- -

HANNITY: Are you worried-- are you worried they'll make the same mistake on other big legislation agenda items of the president?


HANNITY: Because I am.

GINGRICH: It's not the same problem. This is the only thing that is absolutely, narrowly partisan because it's "Obama care." I mean, you can't go to a Democrat and say, Will you help me repeal "Obama care" because their left will go crazy and destroy them in the primary. So this one is all on the Republicans' shoulders.

You want to do tax reform? You better-- you ought to be able to get some Democrat votes. I mean, if you can't cut taxes in a way that a bunch of Democrats want to help, it's a pretty bad bill. You want to do infrastructure? You want to build bridges and highways and all sorts of things?

HANNITY: Well, but they're so-- but they hate Trump. I don't think Trump could offer $100,000 to every American and they'd say, Why isn't it $105,000?

GINGRICH: I think when folks back home go, You want to give me how much? That all of a sudden, those town hall meetings--

HANNITY: All right.

GINGRICH: --if the Democrats start that-- you're going to vote against my getting that money? Then I'm going to vote against you getting a salary next year because I'm going to fire you.

HANNITY: All right, Mr. Speaker. Always good to see you.

GINGRICH: That's a conversation I like.

HANNITY: Thank you for being with us. Appreciate you being with us.

And up next tonight on this busy news night-- and a special warm welcome to our media friends-- right here on "Hannity"--


BOLLING: It's been a campaign promise, something we on this side of--

TRUMP: The wall. The wall. The wall's happening, OK? You didn't tell me-- the wall, OK? I will tell you--


HANNITY: Eric Bolling, the co-host of the brand-new show right here on the Fox News Channel, "The FOX News Specialists-- he sat down with President Trump earlier today, asked him about the border wall and much more. He'll give us a full report.

And also tonight--


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: Winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not with President Bush. Oh, excuse me. I'm so sorry, President Bush!


HANNITY: Hello? Nancy Pelosi calls President Trump President Bush again. This as President Trump calls out the Democrats for being the obstructionists they are. Laura Ingraham weighs on that. Oh, and by the way-- the May Day protests. Wait until you see this video straight ahead.




BOLLING: It's been a campaign promise, something we on the side of the --

TRUMP: The wall. The wall is happening. OK? You didn't tell me you were going to -- the wall. I said at the speech.

And by the way, we get $1.5 billion for security in the budget. We are keeping it going and fine. The wall is happening.


HANNITY: That was Eric Bolling, the cohost of the brand new show right here on the Fox News Channel, "The FOX News Specialists." He was interviewing President Trump earlier today at the White House. The clip you just saw will air on tomorrow's program. We had a preview. What a great guy. At 5:00 eastern. Eric joins us with more. I gave Eboni and them advice on how to deal with you, by the way.

BOLLING: What did you say, Hannity? What did you say?

HANNITY: I'm not telling you. Why would I tell you? I told them how to deal with you because we have been friends for so long.

Number one, great interview with the president. Number two, I was glad you asked this question because the whole issue of the funding CR for the border wall -- to me, if he doesn't build that wall, that's the equivalent of "read my lips, no new taxes," and would result in a catastrophe in 2020 for reelection.

BOLLING: Sean, so you and I have both been out here. We have known Donald Trump for a very long time. We were behind a lot of his candidacy, looking for a conservative response to the country. And when he tells people I'm going to build a wall, that's one thing. But for him to tell me -- who I've said from day one, when he tells you there is going to be a wall, there's going to be a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it, I wanted him to say to me because I have been on there on the front lines as you have saying there's going to be a wall. I am absolutely thoroughly convinced there is going to be a wall on our southern border.

He went so far as to say, look, there's a 73 percent decline in border crossing, but that's not enough because it's not just about the border crossing. He went on to say it's about the drug running, it's about the human trafficking. He went in depth about how much human trafficking and the drug money running meant to him, and that wall was going to be the real barrier for those things, not just people running across the border illegally.

HANNITY: By the way, he didn't call your new show, "Deface the Nation," he didn't take a shot at the new show, did he? That was hilarious.

BOLLING: In fact he came on specifically because we launched at that show today.

HANNITY: Congratulations. Well-deserved. We have been friends a long time.

Let's go through some of the other things he talked about with you. And one of the things I think the media will never give him credit for, and this is the amazing thing is we are all under attack. I don't think people realize we are being monitored, every word we say every day by people paid in the hopes of taking all of us out, you, me, Tucker, everybody.

And what is amazing is that they won't tell a story that he has a checklist, he made promises. He's not deviating from those promises. All the talk about the intrigue in the White House, he's still keeping all his promises. Every interview he reiterates what he said during the campaign. That is not discussed. That to me is the key issue with him. What else did he tell you today?

BOLLING: We went through the whole news media, the fake news, who is the worst offenders. And he went through who the worst offenders were.

HANNITY: Who are they?

BOLLING: He said CNN. Specifically he said MSNBC.

HANNITY: They're the worst.

BOLLING: Yes, just because they don't highlight you in a way that's good for you, that you enjoy, is that why it's fake? He said no, because they don't have an opposing view. We had a good example on "The Specialists" earlier today. We had Mark Cuban on, and I asked him, I said what's going on? He said Trump should have known this is how D.C. works. I said, Cuban, when you bought them Dallas Mavericks, were you a great owner the first 100 days, or did it take you a while to become a national champion? You know, Mark Cuban kind of understood at that point. So we all have high expectations. I think you are going to see continued wins. You might get a health care win very soon with Donald Trump. You might get a tax reform win very soon with Donald Trump.

And also, this is important. I said what about reaching across the aisle. He said, you know, this infrastructure thing, I'm really pushing for that, and he said this is where we're going to be able to do it. But he really pushed hard back on Chuck Schumer saying, Chuck Schumer is not working with me and he's leading the Democrats right over the cliff. He's leading them, I think he said, to destruction. So he is having a hard time with Chuck Schumer.

HANNITY: All right, by the way, congratulations to our good friend, Eric. By the way, you can catch him along with our friend Eboni and Kat every weekday 5:00 eastern right here on the Fox News Channel.

And up next, tonight -- on a busy news night on "Hannity" --


PELOSI: Winning means winning to the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not what President Bush -- excuse me. I'm so sorry, President Bush --


HANNITY: You can't make this up. Nancy Pelosi did it again, calling President Trump President Bush. Maybe she should update her talking points. Laura Ingraham will weigh in on that with reaction. That's next straight ahead.



TRUMP: The Democrats have been totally obstructionist. Chuck Schumer has turned out to be a bad leader. He's a bad leader for the country. And the Democrats are extremely obstructionist. All they do is obstruct. All they do is delay.


HANNITY: That was President Trump explaining how Democrats have done their best to slow down his agenda by refusing to work with him during his first 100 days in office. And yesterday the president took it a step further by tweeting, quote "The Democrats without a leader have become the party of obstruction. They are only interested in themselves and not what is best for the U.S." And don't expect Democrats, by the way, to change their ways anytime soon. Yes, the unhinged left continues. Take a look.


PELOSI: I see everything as an opportunity. And I have never seen so much willingness to help win. And winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not what President Bush -- excuse me, I am so sorry, President Bush -- I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again.

SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER, D-N.Y., MINORITY LEADER: He is not governing from the middle. He is governing from the hard right. That is why his regime has had hardly any major successes with the exception of Gorsuch. If he changes, we could work together. But he can't just dictate what he wants and not talk to us and say you must support it, my way or the highway.


HANNITY: Joining me now with reaction, Fox News contributor, editor in chief of, and a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Laura Ingraham is with us. Your reaction, Laura?

LAURA INGRAHAM, EDITOR IN CHIEF, LIFEZETTE.COM: Schumer said pretty much the same thing about Bush as did Pelosi. This is the same old hit list that they keep playing over and over again.

But we are not surprised. Sean, you're not surprised. You and I talked about this in December. Ted Cruz was warning everyone late last year that the Democrats would do everything in their power through mass protests and probably a little help from the former president and Valerie Jarrett, all those folks, to resist.

I mean, resist is their slogan. The resistance, that's what they call themselves. And the Democrats in Congress have become more radical and more I think devoted to the policies of radicalism since they lost the election. They are still not understanding why people turned out to vote for President Trump. They voted for him because the Democrats have become the party of the wealthy. The Democrats have become the party of the status quo and stagnant growth and no real discernible increases in wages.

So a lot of those crossover voters, Sean, turned out to vote for Trump because he actually connected better with middle America. And middle America is not celebrating the Mayday protests today that the Democrats are celebrating.

HANNITY: You've always been particularly insightful, especially when it comes to -- you wrote a book years ago, "Shut Up and Sing" or something, I think that was it. And you have been particularly insightful about the psychology of the left. Let me play a montage of Democratic lawmakers attacking Trump and some of the insanity of this Mayday madness protesting around the country. And maybe you can enlighten us about what is going on in the minds of some of these people.


SCHUMER: This executive order -- was mean-spirited and un-American.

TOM PEREZ, CHAIRMAN, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Republican leaders and President Trump don't give a -- about the people they were trying to hurt.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: I will fight every day until he is impeached! Impeach 45! Impeach 45!

This is a bunch of scumbags. That's what they are.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those are very strong words, congresswoman.

WATERS: Who are all organized around making money.

PELOSI: We have seen nothing that we can work, that I can work with President Bush on.

I'm trying really hard to find something positive. This morning he had three tweets. I was thinking it was more of a creature that stopped the night, that this things just came out at night like a vampire, tweeting these things. But now it has spread to the morning.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We want to make sure that there's not corporations out there supporting the Trump agenda.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are here marching and being loud and visible, because we're not going to go back in the shadows. We are actually going to fight because this is the country we love and we want to make it better.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It just seems a constitutional right to me that children deserve to have their parents raise them.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are in front of a gate that will block buses that deport people from this here sanctuary city of San Francisco.


HANNITY: All right, Laura, I am counting on you. Your intuitive insight and analysis on all of that, help us out.

INGRAHAM: Sean, first of all, that montage is funnier than anything that was said by the comedian at the White House Correspondents dinner. No, I didn't go.

HANNITY: That is such a good point.

INGRAHAM: If we had late-night television hosts who were just in the slightest bit fair, they would be able to cobble together at least a good hour just from that montage.

But let's start with Maxine Waters, and I hate to do that to the Fox viewers, but Maxine Waters is among the most unhinged, illogical, nonsensical, venal politicians in the United States today. She is venal. I don't think she has a good grip on reality. Yet I guess California is proud of her, I guess that kind of phrasing. Imagine if she had said that about a woman? Or a Republican had said that about a woman who is president of the United States?

It is so far beyond the pale. And again, when you watch that montage, you listen to the illegal immigrants who are demanding that the country change for them, not that they change for the country. but they are demanding that they get all of these benefits and all of these rights and that the rule of law is bent to their will. That's rich. So most of the people who voted for Trump, and the Democrats who crossed over for Trump, do we really think that they see those kinds of sound bites and that montage think, huh, I want to be with those people, because they have a better American in mind? I think that turns off people. It completely turns them off. It is insanity.

HANNITY: I was just saying this to Newt earlier, these are really serious times when 50 million of our fellow citizens are in poverty and on food stamps, and 95 million Americans out of the labor force, the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. It's not funny. Their policies created this. And they just want to stop -- they offered no solutions to make anybody's life better. Bernie Sanders offered solutions at least. He seems to relate to those people.

INGRAHAM: I think that they are hoping that by 2018 they will have dinged up Trump enough, scarred him, bruised him enough that they will be able to rouse their voters out to the polls again because look at what we did to the big bad Trump. Look at what we did, politically speaking we burned him an effigy. That's what they want to be able to go to the voters. I just don't think that is enough. I still think ideas matter. Maybe I'm idealistic. I still think a track record matters, which is why you are right when you talk to Newt Gingrich about this. Donald Trump does need to get really big legislative victories that help us get this economy going. This is all about the economy, Sean.

HANNITY: I agree. And by the way, if he wants to be reelected, just keep his promises. All the noise will go away and things will turn for the better. All right, Laura, always good to see you. Thank you.

And up next tonight on this busy news night, here on "Hannity" --


TRUMP: It's a very horrible thing that's going on. And the statements are very inflammatory, they're horrible. So we'll have to see. I don't like drawing red lines, but I have to act.


HANNITY: Eric Bolling asking President Trump about North Korean aggression. Up next we get reaction from Ric Grenell and much more tonight straight ahead.



BOLLING: Is there a red line for President Trump for North Korea?


TRUMP: Well, I'm not like President Obama where he drew a red line, as you said, a red line in the sand, and then lots of bad things happen and then he never goes over the redline. In fact I actually covered his red line for him with Syria.

But I will say that you see what's going on. It's very, very bad. It's very threatening to us and to many other allies, if you look at South Korea. If you look at Japan and others, it's a very horrible thing that's going on. And the statements are very inflammatory, they're horrible. So we'll have to see. I don't like drawing red lines, but I have to act.


HANNITY: That was President Trump earlier today speaking with our own Eric Bolling about the North Korean threat. Joining us now with reaction is former spokesman to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Ric Grenell. We've got all these rising tensions. We've got a lot of saber rattling, Kim Jong-un. You've got a president that is upping his military, but I think even more importantly working on our allies and even China in the region which I would hope more than anything is true. Your thoughts?

RIC GRENELL, FORMER SPOKESMAN FOR U.S. AMBASSADOR TO U.N.: Exactly right. I think Trump, first of all, is correct that he has enforced Barack Obama's red line, and he has done it in a way, Sean, that has not only used the military but really picked up diplomacy. This is a president, President Trump, who is focused on diplomacy when it comes to the North Korea issue. But yet he has a very credible threat of military action.

This is growing probably that's been happening for eight years. While the Washington politicians have been playing their politics, we have seen the North Koreans successfully put a rocket into orbit, and multiple times test every phase of a nuclear weapons program. That's very troublesome. Sanctions haven't worked. The U.N. hasn't worked.

HANNITY: What bothers me is Bill Clinton gave them billions of dollars, told the American people he stopped them from getting nuclear capability. Appeasement didn't work. They have it. Now we have got to worry that threatening Israel today, North Korea I know tried another ballistic test last week. You've got now U.S. warships sailing within striking distance of North Korea, escalating tensions.

My hope is the Chinese, after they met with the president they sent troops to the border. They sent coal back to North Korea. They are importing American coal. And through their own communist newspaper, they actually said if you test another missile, there is going to dire consequences. But we haven't seen them yet.

GRENELL: Look, we have had a problem with our negotiations with China for a very long time because we haven't been able to articulate the fact that China is not threatened in the same way that we are by North Korea. They are not threatened by a missile launch. They know that that is not coming at them. What they are threatened by is a regime collapse and millions of refugees coming over the border.

So we have to do a better job of shaking China to say, we know it is not your priority to stop this missile launch. But since it's our priority, you need to pay attention. And I think Donald Trump has done that.

One thing the administration has to be able to do, though, Sean is continue pushing on the sanctions. I know a lot of people think they haven't worked. But we are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Congo, American taxpayers. And that's got to stop because the Congo government is dealing with the North Korean government. We have to be able to make sure that our tax dollars are not to trade with North Korea. That should stop immediately.

HANNITY: Ric Grenell, always appreciate your expertise. Thanks for being with us.

When we come back, we have a very important "Question of the Day," maybe a message for the media, or no message for the media, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Time for the "Question of the Day." So do you think House Republicans will finally get their act together, repeal, replace Obamacare this week? Just go to, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

By the way, a special thank you to all of our friends in the media that were tuning in tonight maybe for the first time. And all the life you've heard about me are not true. Anyway, thanks for being with us. That's all the time we have this evening and we will see you back here tomorrow night.

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