Gary Johnson is open to the debate over gun control

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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: What you're looking at is the floor of the United States Senate. Senate Democrats are filibustering, trying to draw attention to a particular bill, which is the no-fly, no-buy bill. That is, if you're on the no-fly list, you can't buy a gun.

Donald Trump is going to meet with the NRA to discuss that, the no-fly, no- buy idea. Trump will discuss that with the NRA.

And look who is here, Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Where would a Libertarian stand on no-fly, no-buy?

GARY JOHNSON, LIBERTARIAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, Gary Johnson would say, no, you shouldn't -- you shouldn't...

VARNEY: What do you mean Gary Johnson would say? You're a Libertarian, aren't you?

JOHNSON: Well, that's right.

So, Libertarians would say, look, these lists are flawed. It's my understanding that there are members of Congress, active members of Congress on this list.

VARNEY: OK, so you object to the practicality of it.

JOHNSON: To the practicality of it, yes.

VARNEY: What about to the principle of it?

JOHNSON: Well, I think we should be open to the principle.

We should be open to the discussion of how we keep guns out of the hands, for example, of the mentally ill. But I have not heard a proposal that would actually do that. Proposals I hear theoretically are going to keep me from buying a gun if I want to buy one.

VARNEY: See, I always thought Libertarians were a go if you like, boys.  The Second Amendment is the Second Amendment, go at it.

JOHNSON: Well, there are varying degrees of Libertarians, just like there are varying degrees of Republicans.

But I think, as president of the United States -- and I'm hoping to be elected as president of the United States -- that you can just count on me to have a process to really -- to look at these issues.

VARNEY: Right.

Would you be in favor of a no-fly, no-buy proposal if you could be sure that the people on that no-fly list are genuinely a terror threat and should be on that list? If you could do that, would you say yes to that bill?

JOHNSON: Well, you're asking a theoretical that actually doesn't exist.

These lists -- that's the problem with these lists. It's the problem with the death penalty is that there's a 3 percent to 4 percent error rate in the death penalty. All these lists, every single governmental list is flawed in that sense.

VARNEY: OK. You're in the presidential race. Latest polls show me that you have got 9 percent of the vote, thereabouts. You really need 12 percent so you can get into the debates, am I right?

JOHNSON: Actually, it's 15. And, right now, the key is just to stay in these -- in these polls that do determine who gets in the debates.

I'm confident that myself and Bill Weld, that our records as Republican governors in heavily blue states, having both gotten elected, reelected, that our resumes, that our history in office really stands up under the scrutiny that would go along with this.

VARNEY: You're going to get 15 percent, yes or no?

JOHNSON: Got to get...

VARNEY: Of course you're going to say yes.


JOHNSON: Well, hopefully, All I can do is plug away. And I get to plug away on your show, Stuart. Thank you.

VARNEY: Yes, you do.

JOHNSON: Thank you.

VARNEY: Gary Johnson, presidential candidate, Libertarian, thanks for joining us.

JOHNSON: Thank you. Thank you very much.

VARNEY: We appreciate it.

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