France's President Says No to the Reagan Funeral

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French President Jacques Chirac (search) says no to the Reagan funeral.  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

As you know, The Factor is boycotting French goods and services because we believe Mr. Chirac is anti-American, definitely not looking out for us.  And his policies have hurt the U.S. war on terror.

France was the main country this week to try and derail the U.N. resolution supporting the new Iraqi government.  France backed off at the end, but there's no question this country is bent on humiliating America.

Well, today, we find out Chirac will not attend the funeral of Ronald Reagan, even though he's in Georgia right now at the G-8 Summit (search).  I think this is flat out insulting.  Imagine if President bush was in Normandy and a former French president died and Bush split? Imagine the outcry over that?

Well, there should be an outcry against Chirac.  He's  insulting every one of  us.

The Factor's analysis of Chirac has been correct from the get-go.  He's an anti-American guy.  We're proud of our boycott and we hope you're on board with it as well.

Chirac's insult to the Reagan family is off the charts and the final point of this debate because it's no longer debatable.  Jacques Chirac simply doesn't like us and will hurt us if he can.

"Talking Points" is totally disgusted with the situation, and is posting a bumper sticker that says "Boycott France, the Spin stops here."  We are making those bumper stickers available to you.  Just go to

For my money, the ceremonies honoring President Ronald Reagan (search) are better off without the likes of Jacques Chirac, but his action is still a defining moment.  There's no excuse for this kind of behavior from a so-called ally.

And that's "The Memo."

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