Founder of Barstool Sports blasts 'irresponsible' media for associating Bob Kraft with sex trafficking

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to a Special "Inside the Issues Edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. We'll take on issues that are under covered by most in the media. Our first tonight, how the press is responding to Jussie Smollett's fake hate crime. We'll also get to the bottom of the question of hate hoaxes, are they exceedingly rare as "The New York Times" told us this morning or are they pretty common? That's just ahead.

But first, we've got an update for you, a very up to the moment update on the Smollett case itself. Matt Finn joins us tonight from Chicago -- Matt.

MATT FINN, CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Tucker. Well, the update in the Smollett case just - they seem to be getting worse. This evening, Jussie Smollett's character on the show "Empire" has been officially cut for the rest of the season.

The Executive Producers of the show say they consider Smollett a family member, but the past couple of weeks have been very emotional and they wrote in a statement, quote, "While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out. We are also aware of the effects of the process on the cast and crew members who work on our show and to avoid further disruption onset, we have decided to remove the role of 'Jamal' from the final two episodes of the season."

20th Century Fox confirms that before today's decision to cut Smollett's character from "Empire," he left the jail yesterday and went to work on the set here in Chicago. Aerial video appears to show his black SUV going from jail to the "Empire" lot. Now there is also a change in the tone from Fox Studios.

After adamantly backing Smollett throughout all of this, 20th Century Fox's latest statement says the studio realized the severity of this matter and is considering its options. Jussie Smollett's legal team is fighting back against police and prosecutors. The legal team released the statement quote, "We witnessed an organized law-enforcement spectacle that has no place in the American legal system. The presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the search for justice was trampled upon at the expense of Mr. Smollett."

In a packed courtroom, Jussie's attorney argued he is innocent and is still backed by the Fox Studio and is involved with charities. The judge, however, publicly chastised Smollett saying, "If the part about the noose is true in the alleged hoax, it's outrageous because it conjures up the most evil part of this country's history." Chicago's top cop also blasted Smollett.


EDDIE JOHNSON, CHICAGO PD SUPERINTENDENT: I'm left hanging my head and asking why. Why would anyone, especially an African-American man use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations.


FINN: Smollett faces up to three years in jail for the false police report and he's facing more serious Federal charges. The FBI confirms to Fox News it is investigating that death threat letter with a MAGA return address. Chicago Police now say Smollett sent that letter to himself a week before the attack. If convicted on mail fraud, Smollett could spend five to ten years in prison.

And Tucker, lots of people weighing in all week about the Smollett case, and now even more people weighing in on the news that R. Kelly faces more sexual assault allegations. So on a somewhat lighter note, NBA great, Charles Barkley on his show was just flabbergasted and could not contain his laughter about the allegation that Jussie Smollett used a check to pay his friends to carry out this hoax.


CHARLES BARKLEY, FORMER NBA PLAYER: Do not commit crimes with checks. Come on, man. You cannot -- if you are going to break the law, do not write a check.


FINN: And on that note, I will send it back to you -- Tucker.

CARLSON: It's great advice, I'm putting that on my fridge. Matt Finn from Chicago. Thank you. Well, when Jussie Smollett's hoax was still being investigated by the police, "The New York Times" and other media outlets suggested that it was a quote, "conspiracy theory" to suspect that his claims might not be true. The message was, "Shut up and believe it or else you're a bad person if not clinically insane."

Now, as is so often the case, the few people who were willing to think for themselves turned out to be absolutely right. The press is scrambling to explain how exactly did that happen? How could reporters who are literally paid to be skeptical have fallen for such an obvious lie? It's not an easy question to answer. It's far easier just to pretend the whole thing never happened and that's what some are doing.

Jeff Bezos' "Washington Post" for example, carries the almost amusingly pompous slogan, "Democracy dies in darkness." It's right on the masthead. And yet, just yesterday, "The Post" did its best to add to that darkness. The newspaper refused to run a single news story about Jussie Smollett's hoax. If you got your news from "The Washington Post," you would still believe that Smollett was attacked by white racists for the crime of opposing Donald Trump.

MSNBC did pretty much the same thing. Once Smollett was arrested, the channel did not even cover the story in prime time. Other journalists have decided that Smollett cannot be guilty, he simply can't be. Somebody must have set him up, probably from the racist Chicago Police Department. In other words, if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit.


SYMONE SANDERS, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR, CNN I think we need to see some of the evidence. I think it's very concerning that all of these leaks came from the Chicago Police Department. So frankly, all we have is leaks from the Chicago Police Department, now what they said in this press conference and what Jussie Smollett and his team have said.

ZACH STAFFORD, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, THE ADVOCATE: This Police Department did in 2016, openly through their union, support Donald Trump. So to have a police department that hasn't been as cooperative as they have been in this round, do not openly give information, do openly lie and mishold information in cases and then to know that they are openly -- have openly supported Donald Trump of the 2016 election, a lot of activists on the ground are saying, "Wait, what's going on here? Who do we believe out of these two suspect people?"


CARLSON: So was it a racist conspiracy from the Chicago Police Department? That's a little far even for a lot of people on cable news. So those people can say that yes, perhaps Jussie Smollett's claims weren't entirely factually true, but so what? They could have been.

Actual Trump supporters may not have assaulted him on the street in Chicago, but they would have it if they could have.


MISCHELLE TURNER, CONTRIBUTOR, CNN: If it is true, didn't he in fact attempt to paint MAGA supporters as these racist and homophobic people?

TIFFANY CROSS, CO-FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, THE BEAT DC: But Mischelle, I have to respectfully disagree, I think MAGA supporters have painted themselves as that. I mean, when you look at footage, when you hear things they say, this is the honest to goodness truth and we have to be bold enough to call that out.


CARLSON: So this is the new official story, the one you are going to be hearing for a long time, the one your kids will be learning about in school and it's this. A specific hate crime may not have happened in this case, but hate crimes overall are incredibly common and the incidence of them is rising, so the lesson of Jussie Smollett isn't to be more skeptical of hate crimes, but to be more credulous.

CNN wants that to be your take away from the whole thing. It doesn't matter that its anchor slandered and defamed almost half the country over a lie. There is a much more important point here, listen.


DON LEMON, ANCHOR, CNN: This is an America where hate groups, hate crimes are on the rise.

VAN JONES, ANCHOR, CNN: The reality is, there has been a rise in hate crimes. There has been a rise in intolerance.

CHRIS CUOMO, ANCHOR, CNN: We know that hate crimes are on the rise, a lot of people don't want to accept that, they want this to be trumped up.


CARLSON: So the problem with what you just heard is, it's a crock, it's totally false. In fact, it's provably untrue. Anyone who says otherwise like the people you just heard is either intentionally misleading you or doesn't understand the numbers and that would include most journalists.

Type in the phrase "hate crimes" into Google and you will see story after story claiming that thousands of these atrocities take place every year in our country and the incidence of them is rising.

A story in Vice News yesterday for example claimed that in 2017, there were 7,175 hate crimes in America. Now, reporters almost never do their own statistical analysis for stories like this. They tend to be bad at math. In fact, that's why they are journalists in the first place and not in private equity making real money.

So instead, reporters take their numbers wholesale from partisan activists who pose as researches or from holy fraudulent organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. These groups use moral panics to gin up fund- raising. They get rich doing it, so of course, they continue. The problem is there aren't that many hate crimes occurring in the country, it's just not a very hateful place so they have to make them up. How do they do that? They do it, and this is key, by counting accusations as crimes.

An accusation is not the same thing as a crime, it's not even close. So if I accuse you of committing armed robbery that does not need that robbery occurred. You have to be convicted of it and once you are, I can count what you did as a crime. Otherwise, it's just something that you said, it doesn't mean anything.

In real life, hate crimes are rare, consider the numbers from California, it's by far our biggest state. Nearly 40 million people live in California. Its demographics have changed dramatically in recent years. So if hate crimes were an epidemic, you would expect to see an awful lot of hate crimes in California, but you don't.

In 2017, in the state of California, they convicted a total of 65 people for committing hate crimes, that's out of 39.5 million people. In other words, far more people got face tattoos or died while taking a shower than committed hate crimes, 65 hate crimes. And by the way, that number has fallen, not risen. In 1996, California recorded 87 hate crimes. So that's the growing epidemic that Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo were just telling you about. They are lying. It's a fraud.

Hate hoaxes by contrast are common. The media spends a lot of time denying that which is your first tip that it's real. Just this morning, "The New York Times" wrote a headline that began "Hate Crime Hoaxes Are Rare."

"Rolling Stone" whose most famous story ever was a hoax, assures us that quote, "False reports of hate crimes are exceedingly rare." All the rest of the newsroom lemmings nod their heads in agreement, "Um, yes, don't believe your eyes, this stuff never happens." But it does happen, in fact, it happens regularly.

Indeed, the higher the profile of the hate crime, the more likely it is to be fake. Those racist messages at the Air Force Academy, you might have read about. The General who runs the place gave an anguished response speech that seemed sincere and it went viral. But the whole thing was fiction. The fake victims did it to themselves.

How about those three University of Albany students who were attacked by white supremacist on the bus a few years ago. Hillary Clinton immediately weighed in, of course, she was deeply outraged, "This is America," she said. It turns out the three students were the dangerous ones themselves. They had attacked a woman and then invented a hoax to cover their tracks.

Threats to Jewish Community Centers were a huge story in 2017. The press suggested they were the work of some deranged anti-Semitic Trump supporters, assuming that's not redundant in the view of the press.

Once again, totally fake. An Israeli teenager did it. And so on and on and on. In the space of a single month, November 2016, there were at least 13 well-publicized hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes - thirteen. That was also the month that Trump got elected, which tells you what's really going on here. Hate hoaxes are politically useful and that's why people continue to stage them.

We can go on about this and give you many more examples starting with the Covington story just last month. There are lots and lots of examples. Hate hoaxes are so common that you could write a whole book about them and people have, it's all public. You ought to look it up. Spend an afternoon reading the stories before they get scrubbed off the internet. It's an education. You will never believe CNN again. Trust me.

Burgess Owens is a former NFL player and author of the book, "Why I Stand," he joins us tonight. Mr. Owens, thank you very much for coming on.

BURGESS OWENS, FORMER NFL PLAYER: Thanks for having me on, Tucker.

CARLSON: This is such a coordinated effort to tell us something that the numbers don't support as true. What is the point of it? Why do the press keep telling us the same story that this is an awful, hateful country?

OWENS: Can I start of by saying, I grew up down the Deep South in the '60s and my heroes, my parents had heroes like Booker T. Washington and some great, great men. My dad's generation would be totally ashamed of these so-called men who literally -- have a lot of pride about being victims, about being weak, hapless victims.

So it is an industry that has been in place because it works for the left. If you have people that are feeling sorry for themselves and angry, they of course, they begin to become more hopeless and that's how they their vote.

So what we have to understand is that, it is a fight that we are doing now just to make sure we keep our hope in our American way and of course, the leftist use this tactic to make sure that we don't.

CARLSON: So on a personal level, you are a wise man, I am wondering, what do you think it does to people, to individuals when you tell them when they are young you are a victim, you will never succeed because people hate you? If you had said that to your own kids, what would it do to them?

OWENS: Well, if you think about it, what is the real purpose, the real goal of every regeneration? That is to have every following generation be more hopeful, have more opportunity for great things to happen, you take away their dreams, and what happens, they become very, very open for propaganda from the left. We are dealing with an issue, in which, I want to make an example. Seventy five percent of the black boys in the State of California cannot read and write. That is they are being groomed to be, be propagandized by the left.

And at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. Either way, we are hopeful and understand that we can get out there and make things happen or we begin to think we can, and that's what the left wants us to think at this point.

CARLSON: But what a cost? I mean, if kids graduate high school unable to read an adult book or express their thoughts in writing, I mean, that hurts them greatly.

OWENS: It does and what it comes down to, Tucker, I think most of us understand. We are truly in a fight right now, and I say this every time I get a chance. The Judeo-Christian values that we've been brought up has allowed every single generation to become better and looking at each other from inside out and not outside in.

The leftists would love for is to be racist. And that is what is churning out my race, the race that was at one point, one of the most competitive in our country back in the mid-1900s into a group of people who literally look at other people's skin color and decide that they don't like them. They don't like themselves. So we are fighting against a real - a force against our American way for sure.

CARLSON: It's so sad. Burgess Owens, thank you very much for that. I appreciate it.

OWENS: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: The "Inside the Issues" Special continues ahead with a closer look at the Green New Deal. The GND. AOC likes it. She says your hamburgers will have to go though. No more burgers for you. We will be right back.


CARLSON: Welcome back to our "Inside the Issues" special, now to the question of immigration in America. The percentage of immigrants in this country is at its highest level in a hundred years.

According to Census Bureau numbers, at least 14% of everyone in America was born somewhere else in another country. That's about 45 million people and that figure rises by about a million every single year.

Even under the current President, more than two million additional immigrants have been given green cards, about half of this foreign-born population is Hispanic and that's a political concern for Republicans. They have heard over and over again, they need to embrace open borders in order to win over Hispanic voters.

But as usual, that is simply projection. The media class wants open borders, most actual Hispanic voters do not. A new Pew poll shows that only 14% of Hispanic Americans think America has too few immigrants. Fully 73% believe we don't need any more immigrants or we would be better off with fewer immigrants, and that's where most people are.

Americans don't hate immigrants, obviously, it's the most welcoming country in the world, but a large majority of Americans believe we have enough already. For the last two years, the White House said it understood this. This is a democracy and so major government policies must reflect the view of most citizens especially over time.

But then something changed. Over the last month, several news outlets have reported that the White House now backs policies to import even more immigrants, to the highest level ever in the history of the country. The President himself said this at the State of the Union. So who is the constituency for this? Who wants this?

Well, left-wing activists do. Corporate donors do. CNN anchors do. And that's about it, actually. Nobody else wants that, but apparently we are getting it anyway. No wonder people are angry.

Well, the Green New Deal promises to tear down our power plants, ground our airplanes, and stop our cars in the driveway, all in the name of the environment. But now, young pioneer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says there will be another casualty in the implementation of the great green leap forward -- flatulent cows.


DESUS, COMEDIAN: My Twitter mentions, I am getting a lot of references about cow farts, and I think that's a reference to your Green New Deal.


DESUS: Can you explain that for us.


OCASIO-CORTEZ: In the deal, what we talk about is - and I mean, and it's true, is that we need to take a look at factory farming, you know, period. It's wild. Listen, we've got to address factory farming. Maybe we shouldn't be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like, let's keep it real.

DESUS: Slow down.


CARLSON: Let's keep it real. Maybe we shouldn't be eating hamburgers, I mean that's wild or driving cars or using appliances or having a middle class. Basically, that's the gist of it. Chris Hahn is a radio host, a former aide to Senator Chuck Schumer, a longtime Democrat, who is watching no doubt in horror as his Party goes insane. He joins us tonight to pretend it is all okay. Great to see you, Chris.

So when you look at -- and I know you want to beat Trump, all Democrats want to beat Trump, even Republicans are just distressed by --


CARLSON: Maybe so, but when you look at the new leader of your Party, the only Democrat powerful enough to keep Amazon out of New York -- AOC -- run in favor of grounding airplanes, stopping car travel and telling people how many burgers they can eat, do you think that's a winning message for you guys?

HAHN: Look, she's trying to move the center back to the center and the only way the left could do that is if they start on the left. I think for far too many years, the left have allowed the right to define the center as actually the right, and I think that's been a problem for progressives and Democrats in their policymaking and it has disillusioned millions of voters who have turned away from them and gone to the Green Party and other parties.

CARLSON: So, I just want to be clear in getting this because --

HAHN: So while I don't think everything -- I don't think --

CARLSON: This is the best explanation I've ever heard of, so you're saying that Alexander Ocasio-Cortez is a centrist.

HAHN: What I'm saying is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others who are actually proposing things that are actually seeming very far too the left they have a chance of actually getting a compromise that's in the center, something Democrats have abandoned since Reagan.

CARLSON: So by the recent, we would be having an argument about crime and I would say anyone accused of a crime should be summarily executed in the street, like they did in Saigon during the war. And you would say, "That's crazy," and be like, "You know what, I'm really a centrist, I'm just trying to bring us back to a sensible crime policy." I mean, shouldn't elected officials describe what they really want instead of saving crazy things to move the Overton window or whatever you're arguing?

HAHN: Well, no. I think she actually does want a lot of the things in that deal. I don't think most Democrats agree with everything in that deal, but they would like to get somewhere where we actually move the ball forward on climate change and not just go back to the same old tired, conservative principles.

The example -- the best example on this for example, Tucker, is Obamacare. Obamacare was a centrist right-wing policy before Obama took it on and then he introduced the policy and Republicans called it socialism.

CARLSON: I know, I've heard the talking point. It came from the Heritage Foundation and they supported it. I know the whole thing, by the way, if Obamacare worked, I think we got Obamacare in the end, then why do some people not have health insurance? Why do the majority of bankruptcies result from medical bills if Obamacare was -- I mean, I think it actually didn't work, can we just say that? Since you brought it up?

HAHN: You know, I think he should've started on the left, he should have had a robust public option but he was afraid of being called a socialist. Republicans called it a socialist anyway, so you might as well ask for what you want, look Democrats might as well ask for what they want because Republicans are going them a socialist no matter how market friendly their policy is.

CARLSON: Wait a second. I was told that Obamacare was a panacea and if I disagreed, I was a racist. Okay, great, but just bottom line, do you think that the government ought to control how many hamburgers you eat? Let's just start there. Really simple.

HAHN: Look, in my case it would be very hard for them to do that. So no, I don't believe they should.

CARLSON: So you're a hamburger resister now.

HAHN: I don't believe they will.

CARLSON: You're saying you're going to take it from my cold dead hands.

HAHN: But I am not congressman. I am not a member of Congress.

CARLSON: Is that what you're saying? Okay, so you're --

HAHN: I am a steak forbidder, Tucker.

CARLSON: Chris Hahn is on the record, you come for my hamburger, you want a piece? Take it. That's what you're saying.

HAHN: You're going to steal it from my cold, dead arteries.

CARLSON: That's the spirit. Chris Hahn, good to see you. Thank you.

HAHN: Nice to see you.

CARLSON: Well, America appears to be some days anyway fracturing along political, economic and social lines. It's bad. What's driving it and how do you pull the country back together? We are going to get more deeply into that after the break.


CARLSON: Welcome back to our "Inside the Issues" Special. Maybe no city in the country illustrates the devastating changes to American economic life more clearly than the City of Chicago. Now, the University of Illinois at Chicago has put out a series of maps charting just how stark those changes have been.

It's hard to believe now, but as recently as 1970, fully half of Chicago's population was middle income and they occupied the largest swaths of the city. You can see them in this map, they are in beige.

Today, the middle class is gone. In red, you see the growing number of poor people and in blue, you see the affluent. Basically, only 16% of Chicago is now middle income and that would join cities like Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco and every other progressive urban area you can think of as a city of the very rich and very poor.

Almost a quarter of the city is high income, that's the highest figure ever. Their carefully curated little colony identification by the lake is serviced by the rest of the city's population, the 62% who are poor. Feudal lords surrounded by serfs.

In Chicago, taxes are crushing. The public schools are a bad joke, they are horrible and while the city turned out to be a safe place for Jussie Smollett who had to invent an assault, other parts of Chicago are genuinely dangerous. The city records more murders than any other place in America.

Normal people cannot live there anymore, why would they? In the more affluent areas, families don't have many kids so Chicago has to keep importing immigrants from abroad just to keep its population stable, does that sound familiar? Almost every city in the country is facing these same trend and they are horrifying.

In 2016, Pew looked at 229 American metro areas and it found that since 2000, the middle class had shrunk in 203 of them. In almost every big city, the rich are getting richer, but the poor are also getting poorer and there are far more of them. Do you want to live in a society like that? Radically unequal societies are dangerously unstable. People do not trust each other. Institutions corrode. Tribalism thrives. Democracy does not work.

When everything becomes like Chicago, things fall apart. You would never notice though from listening to our leaders, they don't want to talk about it. They are completely out of ideas and in any case, they don't really care. But we should care because this cannot continue forever.

Tim Carney just wrote a new book about these trends. He traveled the country to do it. The book is called "Alienated America." It is excellent and he joins us tonight. Tim Carney, thanks very much for coming on tonight.

So you spend a lot of time on the ground researching what has gone wrong in America, you discovered it wasn't simply economic, it was a breakdown in social relationships between individuals. What do you think the answers might be to this?

TIM CARNEY, AUTHOR: Well, you're right. I want to expound on the problem, it's not simply economics. Economics is often the first domino. It might be the way it shows up, but the big difference between those blue places and the red places you showed is that some parts of America have the things that we all used to count on for living a good life, which are the small institutions, the community organizations, the tight-knit neighborhoods that bring us together, that give us a sense of purpose, that provide a safety net -- that's what is missing in the suffering parts of America.

The struggle of the working class is that they don't have access to those institutions. So when Trump says the American dream is dead, the reason the elites don't buy it is because they have the dream of those institutions. But you go out to the places I went out to for "Alienated America," and you see it's not just that incomes are lower, it's that the community institutions that tie us together that we rely on aren't there. So any turning this around isn't going to be cutting a welfare check, it isn't going to be a good government program, it's going to be finding a way to restore civic life out there in parts that are suffering.

CARLSON: Civic life was sustained in so many places by religious institutions. The country has become radically more secular, our leaders to celebrate that because they are radically secular. But is that part of what happened?

CARNEY: That's absolutely the core of it. The secularization of America is tolerable for the elites. Those north shore towns, you were showing in that Chicago map, when they turn away from Church, they turn to some elite traveling sports team or they have in the suburbs outside of the city a really strong public school with involved parents. They are doing sort of -- in a lot of ways, they are doing things right, but they are not including everybody else. They are cloistering off.

But when the Church gets chased out of public life, when the Obama administration says, "No, you can't run on adoption agency if you don't have elite morality," that is killing the hopes of the working and the middle class because throughout America's history, the core institution of civil society for the middle class and the working class has always been the Church.

Chasing that out of the public square either through their war on religion or through government crowding out is deadly. You don't care for the working class and the middle class if you're trying to get the Church to back out of serving other people.

CARLSON: That is - I mean, everything you've said is so clearly true. It's obvious when you think about it. I am just struck by how nobody ever says that out loud and I am so grateful that you have. Tim Carney, excellent book. I hope it sells as many as it deserves to, which is a lot. Good to see you.

CARNEY: Thank you very much, Tucker.

CARLSON: So what is the Space Force we keep hearing about? We've listened to a lot of rallies. We hear about Space Force. It turns out Space Force is real. And we are going to talk to someone who knows a lot about it, he joins us after the break.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: But we have the Air Force, now we are going to have the Space Force because it's a whole --

(Cheering and Applause)

CROWD (chanting): Space Force, Space Force.

TRUMP: Space Force.



CARLSON: Welcome back to our special hour "Inside the Issues." Donald Trump ran for President on the promise to bring Americans home from pointless foreign wars, voters loved that. Last year he kept his word by announcing we would be pulling American forces out of Syria. It was never really clear why they were still there, anyway, ISIS has been extinguished, the Assad regime poses no threat to the United States no matter what they tell you on the other channels. Some of our supposed allies in Syria seem to be are lunatics with ties to radical jihadists. So most Americans said they wanted our troops home.

But here in Washington, virtually everybody disagreed -- the lobbyists, the contractors, the think tank buffoons, Bill Kristol -- all of them make their living on this stuff. They don't care what it costs other people, they benefit, and that's why we are still involved in virtually every country we've ever sent troops into since World War II with only a very few exceptions.

So when Congress found out that a war might actually end, they completely flipped out and they pushed back hard. And as they have been on so many other issues from immigration to Russia, they were successful.

Today the White House announced that even after the pullout, 400 American troops will remain in Syria, not really a pull out. What are they doing there? Their stated mission is to protect the Kurdish people, who for some reason we now have a moral obligation to protect from -- listen to this -- Turkey, one of our own NATO allies. Bizarro world.

So U.S. troops will still be present, possibly fighting and dying in a far- off country on a mission no one can understand, but that will ensure their presence never ends. So the war mongers here in Washington will say it, have been proven wrong again and again, but they keep winning anyway. What does that tell you?

Pretty much all of our political debates take place to some extent or another online and that means they take place under the control of a handful of big tech companies. It is therefore a huge worry that inside these tech companies, political bias is rampant.

In the new book, "The History of the Future," chronicles the role of politics at Facebook. According to its author, Blake Harris, employees there felt the company had quote, "Failed its mission by letting Trump win in 2016," and not only that, they investigated and they eventually fired company executive, Palmer Lucky from the company for the sin of voting for someone they didn't support.

Blake Harris joins us tonight. Blake, first of all, congrats on the book.


CARLSON: "The History of the Future." It's pretty inside from what I have read, it sounds like these are companies that see politics as integral to their mission.

BLAKE: Absolutely, they had this group focusing our mission and after the election, they felt they had failed in that mission and that was sort of alarming to me. A little bit -- you know, I did not set out to write a book about politics at all, it was supposed to be a book about virtual reality, about oculus, about this company that was founded by in 2012, a 19-year-old kid named Palmer Lucky, who was this dreamer living in a trailer in Long Beach and he starts this company. Less than two years later, they sell to Facebook for $3 billion and all is going well. They were supposed to bringing virtual reality to the world and in the middle of my writing this book, Palmer ends up getting fired from Facebook for reasons that don't have to do with virtual reality.

CARLSON: So what were the reasons?

HARRIS: So it started in September of 2016, that's when he was outed as a Trump supporter and as is often the case, the news that outed him was not fully accurate. He was portrayed -- you know, basically what had happened was he had donated $10,000.00 to a political organization called Nimble America, their mission was to put up billboards across the country.

They had only ever put up one billboard that featured a character of Hillary, and it said, "Too big to jail." So a real scandalous stuff there. And that led to a headline that began with one publication, "The Daily Beast" saying that Facebook's secret -- Facebook's billionaire was secretly funding Trump's mean machine and that Palmer was responsible for basically every terrible thing you had seen on the internet over the past election season.

That wasn't true and so Palmer set out -- you know, he wanted to put a statement out saying, "This is not true, but it is true that I am a Trump supporter," but that was unacceptable. It was unacceptable for him to say that he was a Trump supporter and then actually -- you know, it's always good to act early in these sorts of situations, but it took 24 hours for him to put out a statement and the reason was because it went up the chain at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg personally wrote a statement that Palmer ended up having to post if he wanted to keep his job and it didn't say he was supporting Trump, it said, he was planning to vote for Gary Johnson.

CARLSON: So what you are painting is a picture of a company that's essentially a totalitarian in its outlook, it's our way or you're out. And yet, they are the portal through which like a huge percentage of all information flows, they control to some large extent our national debate. We should be concerned.

HARRIS; Absolutely. I am concerned. I mean, as a bit of a disclaimer here, I am a lifelong liberal. I voted Democrat in every election and I actually grew up in the town where the Clintons now live. So I was pretty bummed when my neighbor lost the election, but I was even more bummed and terrified by what I was finding at Facebook.

CARLSON: That says a lot, and thank you for saying your political orientation. I think it gives her position credibility and gives your book credibility.

HARRIS: Thank you.

CARLSON: I hope it's read by a ton of people. Thank you.

HARRIS: Thank you.

CARLSON: Good to see you. Most shows don't want to talk about UFO sightings. They don't want to be seen crazy or be laughed at, we don't care and so we do. News and outer space are inherently interesting topics so we are going to keep reporting them. Remember the Space Force? President Trump announced it to great fanfare in 2017, a fifth branch of the military, some laughed, is it a real? What exactly is Space Force? Will it happen? We figured we'd find out.

Rebecca Grant would know. She's a National Security analyst and she joins us to explain. Rebecca, thanks very much for coming on.


CARLSON: What -- just give us the condensed explanation of what Space Force is?

GRANT: Space Force is real already. There are over 30,000 Americans in Air Force Space Command and President Trump signed a directive telling the Pentagon to get ready to make a Space Force within the Department of the Air Force. And the reason we need it? There are 1,800 satellites in space; 250 belong to China and America needs to keep its dominant position in space.

CARLSON: So basically, the point of Space Force is to counter Chinese hegemony in the sky.

GRANT: China, Russia, even Iran and North Korea have space capabilities, but China is the one we are really worried about. Just last week, the Defense Intelligence Agency told us that China could deploy a laser weapon from the ground to hit satellites as early as next year. So that's just one of the many things that has made space a war fighting domain and so we want the Air Force to prepare its space professionals and space operators to keep American dominance and work with our joint forces and our allies.

CARLSON: So funny, we spent so many years worrying about John Podesta's e- mail account that there hasn't been a lot of room in our public conversation for this threat that you just explained, but it sounds like the Pentagon is worried about it.

GRANT: The Pentagon is very worried about it and for very good reason. We've also seen money added into the Defense budget to buy space capabilities and watch for a lot of debate on this on the Hill because the Pentagon will put together its proposal, and then it goes up to the House and the Senate to authorize and to appropriate the money for the Space Force.

Now, Dr. Heather Wilson is in charge of the Air Force, and she is the one who will have to sell this proposal through Congress and I think it has got a good chance of making it through.

CARLSON: Well, I will just say, I for one would be proud of one of my children joins Space Force.

GRANT: And you should be.

CARLSON: Thank you very much, Rebecca. Thanks for the explanation.

GRANT: Thank you.

CARLSON: I've never heard that so crisply explained. Well, the owner of the New England Patriots apparently caught up in a prostitution sting. Some doubt it is real and we will talk to one of them a moment from now. That would be "El Presidente," Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports who will join us.


CARLSON: Welcome back to our "Inside the Issues" Special. The ongoing Cultural Revolution in America has claimed an awful lot of victims in the past couple of years. Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, that sailor who kissed a nurse on VJ Day, we could go on. If someone's political views, a historical person's political views are unfashionable in Brooklyn, their memory is at risk. You don't have to have done anything wrong.

In North Carolina, vandals just tried to set fire to a marble statue of General Lee. But it was not Robert E. Lee, it was William Bill Lee, one of the planners of the Normandy invasion. He is a General of World War II, not the Civil War. Somehow the people who want to police history know nothing about it. I guess, that shouldn't be suprising.

Well, the owner of the New England Patriots, Bob Kraft has been criminally charged in a prostitution sting in Florida today. Trace Gallagher has details on what happened -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Tucker, 77-year-old Robert Kraft is accused of paying for sexual acts at a day spa in Jupiter, Florida, 90 miles north of Miami. That spa and nine others around the state have now been shut down following a month's long human trafficking investigation that showing numerous women were involved in quote, "sexual servitude."

Though it is critical to point out, Bob Kraft is not accused of being involved in human trafficking, but police say they do have video of Kraft and others receiving the sexual acts and that's he's been to the spa at least twice.

A spokesperson for the New England Patriots says, quote, "We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further." The NFL also said it is monitoring the investigation and earlier, President Trump said this. Watch.


TRUMP: Well, it's very sad. I was very surprised to see it. He has proclaimed his innocence totally, but I'm very surprised to see it.


GALLAGHER: Bob Kraft's wife of 45 years died of ovarian cancer in 2011. He reportedly is now dating a 39-year-old woman. Kraft is facing misdemeanor charges that normally do not carry jail time -- Tucker.

CARLSON: Trace Gallagher, thank you. Well, not everybody buys the official story of what happened to Bob Kraft. In the newsroom of Barstool Sports today, its founder, Dave Portnoy stood on a water cooler to deliver rousing speech in Mr. Kraft's defense. He joins us now on our show to tell us what he meant by that. Dave, thanks a lot of joining us. So you don't buy the official account of this at all?

DAVE PORTNOY, FOUNDER, BARSTOOL SPORTS: Well, I mean, I may buy it. He has categorically denied it as we just saw. I just think it's unfortunate the way that he's making headlines and the police named his name.

The story really is about the sex trafficking if that's what's going on. But Kraft walking into a day spa for a massage is not a story and something that I am guessing, I'd roughly guess 70% to 80% of males do. I have been in a massage parlor. I don't think it's a crime the way they're talking about it. They are dragging his guy's name through like he committed some heinous act.

You are the only place I've ever heard where he's clearly not affiliated with any sexual trafficking. He definitely didn't know that. He saw a spa sign, for all we know, he's an elderly gentleman, he had a back issue, he went in, he got a massage, and suddenly he's the headline news. It is irresponsible.

CARLSON: Well, but your point earlier today, I agree with you completely, why are they hassling Bob Kraft? We don't have enough problems in this country? I couldn't agree more, but I mean, Bob Kraft has also been at odds with some pretty powerful figures in American life, like the Commissioner of the NFL.

PORTNOY: Oh, Tucker. You may be on to something. They can't beat them on the field. They have had six championships in a row, and this misdemeanor suddenly comes up, an eight-month investigation? I wouldn't put it past Roger Goodell to say, "I can't beat him fair and square, so I believe they have a word for it called "entrapment." So we are going to lure him into the spa," and next thing you know, again, he's getting dragged --

And by the way, the police, they say they have names they haven't released that are bigger than this? Well what kind of Mickey Mouse organization is this? You are picking and choosing how and when you release it? This is a misdemeanor that is legal in Las Vegas, and anybody who's casting a stone here really has got to look in the mirror.

Any vice, whether it is drugs, gambling or anything -- there are people on the other end of it. So the whole thing makes me sick that they are tarnishing his name on again, a day spa. The other side of it, the sex trafficking, that's the story. That's a heinous act. They should investigate that, but what does Bob Kraft have to do with that?

CARLSON: No, nothing, but by conflating his name with the term sex trafficking, human trafficking, it gets --

PORTNOY: Even soliciting prostitution. When I heard that, I figured -- he was walking down the street, knocking on windows. He went into a day spa, that's a day spa, how do we know that he didn't just think he was getting a massage or it says what it says it is.

CARLSON: So you are, I would say a professional dot connector. You don't take things at face value, take three steps back and you say how does this connect to other things? Do you think: A. This is an attempt to stop the forward momentum of the New England Patriots which seems unstoppable, and B. Is likely to succeed in doing that?

PORTNOY; Well, here is where he screwed up and Roger Goodell has screwed up multiple times. Every time he tries to take the Patriots down, we use it as bulletin board material. We are going to be ready for this. This will be headline news on what he tried to do. And I see the Dolphins up there. You think it's a coincidence that happened in an AFC East Divisional rival? Again, a lot of people go, "Oh, you're crazy. You Martian conspiracy theorist." Well, I've been right more than I've been wrong about this. I've been right whether it be the Mitchell Report and everything -- well, not the Mitchell Report -- but with the deflategate and every spygate, everything that goes on, we get exonerated and then we host the Lombardi Trophy, it could happen again. This could be the motivation we need, Tucker.

CARLSON: Would it be smart to hire Colin Kaepernick to kind of change the narrative here?

PORTNOY: I saw somebody say that. You know what, it would change the narrative, but I don't know that it would help or hurt. I don't know. That's a whole different discussion for a different day. We still have the best quarterback that's still going for the most wins of all time. I can't say what our slogan is on these networks, but well, I'll say, we're coming for seven, C-O-M-I-N-G FOR 7. That's what we're going to be next year, but it may be a play on words the way we do it. How is that?

CARLSON: It might be. It might be given that it's Barstool Sports. I will say this, as we often note on this show, it's the people who think for themselves and there aren't many who see things clearly and you are in that tiny percentage of Americans who thinks for himself. Dave Portnoy, great to see you.

PORTNOY: I appreciate it.

CARLSON: I mean it. Thanks.

PORTNOY: Always a pleasure.

CARLSON: Always a pleasure. Well, that is it, unbelievably so. We have concluded tonight's "Inside the Issues" special. Hopefully, we brought to a little bit deeper than a typical cable news show would do. We tried anyway.

We'll be back, Monday, 8:00 p.m. on the show that is the sworn enemy and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. More than anything, have a great weekend. There's a lot going on and we hope you can get away from it with the people you love. Good night from Washington. Sean Hannity is next. See you Monday.

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