Former US attorney: FBI officials will likely face charges

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We have a lot of the breaking news tonight. And breaking now, we have brand new just released messages from anti-Trump FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Now, the Hannity investigative team. We have dug deep into these texts we will expose texts between Page and Strzok. That others are not talking about. And two blockbusters memos are now proving the FBI, in fact, lied to a FISA court in order to spy on the Trump campaign.

Now, the unredacted Grassley-Graham document is now showing that the phony dossier made up the bulk of the application to obtain that FISA warrant. Now, there are ton of details and they will take your breath away tonight. We will explain it all.

Also, Sara Carter tonight reporting that the uranium one informant met with congressional staffers and gave explosive testimony about a Russian criminal enterprise operating right inside the United States. This is before the Uranium One deal. Now, Sara Carter will join us along with the informant's lawyer, Victoria Toensing.

But, first, we get to tonight's breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Brand new tonight, we have even more text messages from Trump-hating FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Now, Senator Ron Johnson has put out a report that is raising questions about President Obama's potential involvement in Hillary Clinton's email investigation.

Now, during a September 2nd, 2016 exchange about creating talking points for former FBI Director James Comey to give to President Barack Obama, Page writes: "POTUS wants to know everything we're doing".

All right. So, what exactly did President Obama want to be briefed on?

Now, sources close to Strzok and Page, they are telling the Wall Street Journal tonight that this message they sent doesn't have to do with the Clinton email probe and, instead, was talking about possible Russian interference in the election.

So, in light of the new Strzok texts, well, we need to know what investigation is Obama want to be briefed on? That's why tonight we have two very simple questions for Barack Obama and frankly everyone else involved in this scandal. Take a quick look.


SEN. HOWARD BAKER, R-TENN.: What did the president know and when did he know it?


HANNITY: All right. That was Senator Howard Baker. That was during the Watergate investigation, asking very important questions that President Barack Obama and others now need answers to. They got to answer to everybody.

What did reach out -- we did reach out to Obama's spokesperson. We didn't get comment to all of them. And, by the way, shocking.

Also tonight, there is a new batch of text messages just released from Trump-hating FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. It highlights their investigative bias and, of course, their continued hatred of Donald Trump. On August 9, 2016, Lisa Page writes, well, "He is not ever going to become president, right? Right?"

Their hatred from Trump only grows from there. On November 3, 2016, only days before the election, Page wrote, well, "The New York Times probability numbers are dropping every single day. I'm scared for our organization."

Now, the Senate report notes this is likely a reference to the New York Times election forecast which showed Trump gaining ground at that point in the election.

Then, on Election Day, November 8, 2016, Strzok then says: "Oh my god, this is (blanking) terrifying." And the next day, Strzok follows up with a: "Oh my god, I am so depressed."

And a few days later on November 13, here is what Lisa Page texts, pay close attention to this. Well, "I bought 'All The President's Men,' I figured I need to brush up on Watergate." And the following day, Page writes, "God, being here make me angry. Lots of high fallutin' national security talk and meanwhile, we have our task ahead of us."

OK, what task are they talking about?

Now, Strzok and page also called Trump an idiot, loathsome human being and talked about their insurance policy in case he won. Clearly think were abusively biased towards now President Donald Trump. And here is what is very important. Peter Strzok and to an extent Lisa Page who was Andrew McCabe's legal counsel, they are at the center of everything in all of this.

Now, Strzok was a former top intelligence official at the FBI and signed the documents, remember, to start the Russia investigation. And Strzok also played a key role in the Clinton investigation, even interviewing Hillary and helping James Comey write that exoneration months before the investigation. And, of course, by overseeing the interviews of not only Clinton but also General Flynn.

And, by the way, he is the one guy who helped put the fix in, one of a couple. That allowed Hillary Clinton to remain in this presidential race. Otherwise, very-likely if it was a fair investigation, she probably would have been indicted.

And a new text message proves that on September 28, 2016, Strzok say: "Got called up to Andy's earlier" -- who we think is Andrew McCabe -- "hundreds of thousands of emails turned over by Weiner's attorney to the SDNY" -- the southern district of New York -- "includes a ton of material from spouse. " That means Huma Abedin. "Sending team up tomorrow to review. This will never end."

Here is why this is important. According to reports, what is in the upcoming DOJ inspector general report we expect next month is what caused Andrew McCabe to abruptly resign at the end of last month. And the Wall Street Journal's reporting that the FBI officials, top officials, including McCabe, they knew about Huma Abedin's emails that were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop in September of 2016, but they waited for at least a month before alerting Congress.

Now, that text message provides very key proof that show that Comey, McCabe and others, they literally sat at a crucial moment on Huma Abedin's emails that were discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Now, the question is why and what took them so long to notify Congress, which they should have done. Now, the I.G. report is due out in spring, probably in March, and hopefully, those questions will be answered.

Now, there are also other text messages from Strzok and Page that are raising a lot of red flags tonight.

On May 19, two days after Robert Mueller was named the special counsel, Strzok was talking about joining the investigation with Mueller and Strzok asked Page this question: "An investigation leading to impeachment?"

Why are they talking about impeachment? Keep in mind, during that same text exchange on May 19, two days after Robert Mueller was named special counsel. Strzok says, well, "You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I'd be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there's no big there there."

So, Strzok knew from the start that Mueller would be carrying out a witch- hunt pretty much.

There is also new revelations about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her involvement in the Clinton email cover-up. In June 2016, Bill Clinton infamously, remember, meets with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix for 40 minutes which caused Lynch to say on July 1 she is stepping away from the investigation and she would just accept the FBI's conclusion.

Now, keep in mind, all of this is before Hillary Clinton was ever interviewed by the FBI. So, after Lynch's statement that she was taking a backseat, she would go along with the FBI and James Comey, the same guy that she said don't call it an investigation, call it a matter, Strzok then writes to Page, oh, "Timing looks like hell." And Page replies, "Yes, that's awful timing." And then Page later adds, "It's a real profile in courage since she," Loretta Lynch, "knows no charges will be brought."

By the way, they hadn't interviewed Hillary yet. And four days later, Comey holds his press conference right after they interviewed Clinton and that was Strzok's interview and they let Clinton off the hook. So, Page, Strzok, Lynch, Comey all knew that Clinton wouldn't be charged and the Obama administration, in fact, was rigging it and the fix was in.

All right. Also tonight, even more evidence that the FBI lied to a FISA court using that Clinton bought and paid for dossier to spy on the Trump campaign. Now, last night, we explained in depth about the unredacted details in the Grassley-Graham memo.

Here are the highlights if you weren't with us. Now, the phony dossier in fact did make up the bulk of that FISA application. And in March of 2017, James Comey, he briefed Congress that the FBI used the dossier in a FISA application because they thought Christopher Steele was credible.

So, Comey, oh, he just trusted Steele. Why bother verifying it? He didn't.

Now, the FBI only vaguely referenced the dossier's political origins to the FISA court. So, what they were doing was hiding the fact -- they didn't tell the FISA court judge in their application that that dossier, that they didn't verify, was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton.

Now, the senators also accused Steele of materially misleading the FBI. Now, Steele was working on a second dossier. Remember, we told you last night and he in part -- this takes the cake -- was being fed information from the Obama State Department and Clinton cronies. Clinton associates. Wow, so they're giving -- literally, Clinton's friends are giving Steele some of the information is he using in that phony dossier but the rest of the information came from the Russian government, remember? He was saying the government was the source of the phony dossier material.

Now, Steele was briefing several mainstream media outlets these lies and propaganda in the summer and fall of 2016 about his first fake news dossier. And according to British court records, Steele talked to reporters, let's see, from the New York Times, fake news, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, New Yorker and, of course, the shh- hole network, fake news CNN at the end of 2016 about the dossier.

Now, we previously uncovered that Fusion GPS co-founder, remember Glenn Simpson, he actually testified to a congressional committee that the Clinton campaign and the DNC were very aware that his company was contacting media outlets. They were coordinating, in other words, about the dossier, coordinating their efforts to leak these Russian lies.

And also remember, the Senate report says the dossier, as we told you last night, full of information from the Russian government. Wow. There really is a Russia collusion story. Hillary, Russia, collusion.

And, of course, there's the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo, remember the highlights from that document, the former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe revealed to Congress without that dossier, the FISA warrant to surveil would never have been approved. Now, the FISA judge was, in fact, in this particular case never notified that the dossier was bought and paid for, again, by the Hillary Clinton and the DNC funneled through the same law firm, which of course is, a huge problem. And we also know that James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein, all approved surveilling in this particular case.

Now, the FBI also used the Yahoo News article written by Michael Isikoff about the Carter trip to Russia. They were using it as separate and independent source to corroborate the phony dossier before the FISA judge. Except the source for the Yahoo story was, of course, Christopher Steele. So, the FBI never actually corroborated the information because Steele was the source of the dossier and fake news sorry by Michael Isikoff.

And we also know no one ever verified what was in the dossier. The memo shows Steele was suspended and terminated as an FBI source for leaking to the press, demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr had a close relationship with Steele. Remember, Ohr is the guy who had an office four doors down from the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who would later appoint Robert Mueller.

And Ohr's wife Nellie, want to talk about just coincidences in life? Oh, Ohr's wife was employed by Fusion GPS, specifically working on the anti-Trump opposition research. And Bruce Ohr said that Steele said, quote, he was desperate. The author of the dossier, "...desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president."

And finally tonight, the memo finds during the first FISA application for that warrant, corroboration of the Steele dossier was, in quote, its infancy stage. They never verified the Russian paid for lies by Hillary and the DNC.

So, the FBI lied to a FISA court judge. They used the dossier full of Russian lies to spy on the Trump campaign just before an important American election. And America's powerful tools of intelligence were weaponized to spy on opposition campaign during an election year. Now, the key people involved need to explain themselves.

Here with reaction tonight we welcome back to the program, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

All right, Joe. It's a lot to absorb, a lot of information. But, it's so telling and sad that this could happen in the United States of America.

Give us your general takeaways from the new information today.

JOE DIGENOVA, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: This is now piling on in a very big way. We are headed toward a very sad ending for the FBI and senior DOJ officials. McCabe is gone because Wray knows what's in the other emails and the other texts. McCabe was sent packing as a result of Christopher Wray being briefed by a number of people who have access to the investigation that's underway, which is going to lead to criminal charges against a number of people.

What you are seeing coming out now in the text messages is just the minimum of what is available now to DOJ officials as they watch sadly --

HANNITY: Who do you think is going to get charged, Joe? I don't mean to interrupt. Who are we talking about?

DIGENOVA: I believe that several, several high FBI officials will be charged criminally. And it is conceivable that some DOJ people will also be charged criminally.

HANNITY: What about James Comey?

DIGENOVA: I can't answer that question because too much of the information about Comey is filtered through other people. It is clear though that at the time prior to the election and subsequent to the election, there were a group of people inside the FBI at the senior levels on the seventh floor who decided that they were going to protect Hillary Clinton, they were going to change 302s and they were going to make --

HANNITY: 302s are witness testimonies. Explain --

DIGENOVA: They were going to change 302 interview notes. They were going to exonerate Hillary, and they were going to frame Donald Trump. It is inescapable, no matter what all these people are saying at the "New York Times" and "The Washington Post" with their silly editorials. They are missing one the great corruption stories of American law enforcement and sad to say it involves the senior levels of the FBI and it is a national disgrace.

HANNITY: One of or the biggest?

DIGENOVA: I would consider this the largest law enforcement scandal in history for this reason. The activities of McCabe and others and Bruce Ohr and others were designed to subvert the Constitution and a national election, the most serious offense under our Constitution.

HANNITY: Gregg Jarrett, let's start with the new Strzok page text we have out today. And we're still missing the five crucial months although they have been recovered. We have a lot more coming. There is 50,000 in total.

So, with each new revelation, it gets worse and worse for them.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: It surely does. One can bicker about the meaning of some of the vagueness in these text messages, but it's abundantly clear in today's messages just reinforced it that there was such extreme political bias on the part of Strzok and Page. And personal animus toward Donald Trump the candidate and then the president that these two people should have been nowhere near the investigation.

And, you know, some people have said and I have watched them on other programs and said, well, when Mueller found out, he fired Strzok. Well, he was on the Hillary Clinton case, the leader investigator, then he jumped to the Trump-Russia case. Then he jumped to the Mueller case. So, for two years how much damage did he do before he was caught?

HANNITY: Let me ask you about this. And House Intel has requested the judge to provide the FISA transcript hearings, Gregg. I want to talk about the legality of all of this, because, we do know that Lindsey Graham and Senator Grassley, they got a chance to look at all four FISA applications. That was sort of like a footnote. Nobody paid attention to last night with the unredacted memo that they had.

As it relates to the intel, I would think that we, if we ever got ahold of the FISA court, considering they are saying the bulk of information to allow this to go forward was based on this phony Hillary Clinton paid for Russian government dossier, I can only -- and they withheld all this information from the court, can I got to believe that court judge has got to be livid and furious tonight.

JARRETT: Yes. This is the letter that Devin Nunes has sent today to the presiding judge of the FISA court, requesting not one but four different hearings and any transcripts to determine the false misrepresentations of fact that were made allegedly by the Department of Justice and the FBI during those hearings. I mean, if you just look at the Grassley-Graham letter, it lays out a meticulous case of how the court was mislead, deceived, evidence was concealed but it may be even worse in those transcripts.

Leon Panetta was wrong when he said, well, the Intel Committee didn't even interview the judges. I got news for them. They had no authority to do that. But they do have authority as witnessed by this letter today to get their hands on the transcripts of the hearings before those FISA judges.

HANNITY: Let me go to Tom Fitton.

Tom, in this whole issue of Barack Obama wants to be kept abreast of all of this or Strzok and Page are preparing what appears to be talking points for President Obama, "Wall Street Journal" says it was not about the email investigation but from earlier comments that I saw that you made, you have your doubts about that?

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT: Well, you pick. It's either about the email investigation or Russia investigation. Either way you see President Obama being intensely involved in wanting to know everything about either the Clinton email investigation or Russia investigation. Pick your poison., in terms of presidential involvement in the sensitive criminal investigations.

Now, I've always wondered why president Obama has skated really free from any serious inquiries about his involvement in the Russia investigation, his knowledge about the dossier its origins. Remember, he's a politician too who's running the DNC in part. Did he know about the payments of the DNC and Hillary Clinton and the dossier's use in the Russia investigations and the FISA application? Did he know about the dossier's use? I would think to justify unmasking.

These are questions that have to be asked of president Obama.

HANNITY: Oh, absolutely.

FITTON: This president is being criminally investigated about his communication with the FBI director about a criminal investigation. Why isn't there similar inquiries into what President Obama was doing?

HANNITY: What about Joe DiGenova, there seems to be some complicity here? Now, if things weren't bad enough that Hillary is paying for Russian read from the Grassley-Graham memo, Russian government information to be used in an election to lie to the American people, then used as the bulk of information for a FISA warrant, none of it verified, if that's not bad enough, now we have the information that looks like Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal and people at the Department of State are complicit in providing Steele some of this phony information that he then coordinates with the Clinton campaign to disseminate to the lazy overpaid so-called journalists and media in this country.

DIGENOVA: Well, here's the most important thing about all of this. This shows that the FBI was boot strapping all of the information that it was getting and it was basically a circular firing squad so that all the information was based on the same information that therefore nothing being presented to the FISA court was actually verifiable.

And let me say something about Leon Panetta. I saw his comments this weekend where he condemned Chairman Nunes for politicizing intelligence. What a disgraceful comment by a former CIA director.

Leon Panetta should be ashamed of himself. He is obviously not reading the papers. What's more, he obviously has not read the April 26th, 2017 opinion of the FISA court in which they accuse the FBI of purposefully and illegally and unconstitutionally leaking FISA 702 information to private contractors, which is a felony.

You've never heard Mr. Panetta say anything about that. You've never heard Mr. Panetta say anything about any of the conduct of John Brennan, the single most political CIA director in history. And Brennan's comments this weekend about all of the stuff that Nunes is doing rank among the most disgusting political comments by any CIA -- former CIA director in history.

HANNITY: Wow. I want to know what Brennan and Clapper, I want to know about the surveillance, unmasking, leaking intelligence and their potential understanding and knowledge of that. We'll find out in weeks and months ahead.

When we come back, a breaking news story on Uranium One. Sara Carter, the informant testified today. That's next.


HANNITY: Investigative reporter Sara Carter out with a huge bombshell report on the Uranium One scandal tonight. Sara's reporting, quote: the informant who spent years gathering information on the Russia energy and uranium market industry for the FBI met staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Oversight and the House Intelligence Committees.

Well, that all happened earlier today where he gave explosive testimony on his years as an undercover informant providing information to the FBI on Russian criminal networks that are operating right inside the United States. He also contends in his testimony and his written briefs that the FBI -- that Russia attempted to hide their ongoing aide to help sustain Iran's nuclear industry at the time the Obama administration, in fact, approved the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium mining rights to Russia.

Now, we did reach out to Hillary Clinton for a statement. Her spokesman called the informant, quote, a charade and a distraction.

Here with more, Fox News contributor broke this story, Sara Carter, lawyer for the FBI informant Victoria Toensing.

We've got to put this in context here. He worked for the FBI many, many years. And then he worked in particular if I'm not mistaken, Sara, six years on this particular case.

I'm sorry, Victoria, you are shaking your head.

VICTORIA TOENSING, LAWYER FOR THE FBI INFORMANT: Yes. He was introduced to the FBI and they immediately sent him over to work with the CIA which he did for about 15, 20 years.


TOENSING: And then when he got involved in the uranium and Russian places, the CIA turned him back over to FBI counterintelligence, correct.

HANNITY: So, he finally testifies today. Sara, I want to go to your full report. But I want to remind everybody of important facts here.

We don't have enough uranium in this country. Before the CFIUS signoff, the nine different agencies signing off on the Uranium One deal, they knew that Vladimir Putin had operatives in this country that wanted to get a foot hold in our uranium industry. And that they were involved in bribery and racketeering and kickbacks and money laundering and all sorts of behavior. They knew all of, this even 18 months prior. And they still allowed this to go forward.

Tell us what can you now break open tonight?

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think that's important. But what's even more important, Sean, is that they knew that the Russians were still double dealing with Iran. This was the biggest concern for the Republicans at that time. This is the reason why they didn't the uranium one deal to go through. And they were screaming mad about it.

But everybody tried to assure everyone that Russia was no longer and the Russians themselves, they were lying about it. That they were no longer dealing with Iran on the nuclear reactors but at that time, William Campbell, the informant, was actually providing information and this was months before that Russia was still dealing with Iran. And this is a major issue.

And so, despite all the information that he provided to the FBI and to their counterintelligence unit, the Obama administration chose to ignore that and move forward with the sale of Uranium One, which was a Canadian mining company.

HANNITY: And the more important point is that he tried to tell people and warn people, specifically, about everything that was going on. And he was told and has proof and evidence that in fact the response was, well, it's not going to be a problem as long as Hillary is in the administration, then as secretary of state?

CARTER: Yes. I mean, this is exactly what he was testifying. And I know Victoria will be able to speak more to his testimony today.

But this is what he was testifying to those committee staffers who were questioning him that the Russians were consistently bragging about their relationship with the Clintons and that they would be able to move this through the Obama administration without any trouble. And I know that that is something that he really wanted to bring forward. Look, he has been suffering from cancer. He had his second bought with the cancer diagnosis. And he believed that he wasn't going to make it and he wanted to ensure that his information became public and this was the only way he could do it.

HANNITY: Victoria, you were there the entire time today. This is your client. We have been waiting for this testimony for a long time. I know have you had to sift through years of information. What was the reaction if you can tell us of these committees number one and number two, if you could explain the why? It never made sense to allow when we knew Vladimir Putin he had a band of supporters in the country that wanted to get our uranium and then they are still doing this with Iran as Sara is mentioning. How could we let this happen?

VICTORIA TOENSING, ATTORNEY REPRESENTING FBI INFORMANT: Let me take balk to 2005, because that is when this really started the Russian plan to take over U.S. Uranium piles. That was when, guess what, Bill Clinton, former President and his multi-gazillionaire friend (inaudible) traveled to Pakistan and bestowed all kinds of praises on the dictator there and ended up with my surprise, with uranium mining rights. It was then that my client was told that the Russians began to plan strategically how they could take over uranium, particular in the United States. And one of the key elements of that plan was to get this CFIUS approval to buy uranium one. It all started in 2005.

HANNITY: And it happened?


HANNITY: Why didn't they listen to your client? It sounds like he was dumbfounded. He had all of this information. He is in the heart of it. Sees all the corruption around it. He knows, I assume we don't have enough uranium resources on our own, why didn't anybody listen to him?

TOENSING: Will, he is telling the FBI agents. That is who he is supposed to working with. And he is telling them about this strategic plan of Putin to take over the uranium industry and he is writing up these reports and telling them about it is he also telling them about the corruption in these companies, all of them -- you know, they are all one company even though they were different names. They were so confident, Sean, the Russian that they told Mr. Campbell that with the Clinton's help it was a shoe-in to get CFIUS approval. They were so confident in that that they even had him open up a new office because they were planning on the kind of business that they are going to do as soon they get the CFIUS approves it.


CARTER: Sean, Victoria brought up a really good point. And your question he did approached the FBI handlers. He asked them why, aren't you doing anything about this. Why aren't we arresting people now that we know this is going on? Why is this, you know, uranium one deal still going through? And what he was told was this is all politics. This is about politics. That is what his FBI handlers told him so take it from there.

HANNITY: And the FBI Director at the time Robert Mueller, did he know about this.

TOENSING: We don't know. Mr. Campbell was told by the FBI that he was being told and they were taking it upstairs and he was also told that the President Obama had it in his daily briefing twice.


TOENSING: When Mr. Campbell was asked today so why can you do all of this for so long and you were losing money and as you were sick, you said. Because I'm a patriot. That is what I believe.

HANNITY: Wow. Then we have to take everything back to the money. And then the kickbacks and the connection to the Clinton foundation. We are just out of time. I want to thank you both. We will stay on this story as well. It's unbelievable. Thank you both for being with us. When we comeback Judge Jeanine Pirro will weigh in on both of this top breaking stories tonight. As Hannity continues. We're glad you are with us.


HANNITY: Joining us now with reaction to all of tonight's breaking news. She is the host of Justice Judge Jeanine Pirro. If you look at our top stories tonight, there is a part of me that can't believe all of this is happening. So we have the Grassley-Graham memorandum un-redacted that comes out last night. Literally minutes before we start the show. In this they are saying this dossier is full of Russian government lies, they don't say lies, but Russian government sources, Russians, and then we learn that there are Clinton sycophants also feeding Michael Steele. Now it's bad enough that they are using the dossier to feed to a liberal media that doesn't do any work or fact checking on their own. But then it gets even deeper is that Comey and others use this as the bulk of information unverified, Hillary Clinton bought and paid for, Russian propaganda. Full of salacious lies to get a FISA warrant against an opposition Party candidate to prevent him from winning and then when he does win, to try and unseat a duly elected President. I don't even know where to begin with the law here.

JEANINE PIRRO, "JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE" SHOW HOST: If you were to write a script for Hollywood even they might think that this was a little over the top. You see, Sean, the frustration that I have and so many Americans have is that as we keep hearing these pieces of evidence come out. We say to ourselves, why is anything being done or is something about to be done. Because as someone who has tried criminal cases for decades, what you do is you put together the pieces of the puzzle. And now we know that President Obama, shock, lied to us when he said I'm not involved in anything involving the FBI and the DOJ. No investigation am I involved in. Of course you have got these two FBI love birds saying --

HANNITY: Do we know what that text messages specifically said?

PIRRO: Sean, in September of 16, Comey had already closed the Clinton emails in July of 16. So it's either about the set-up that they were doing to set up Donald Trump or someone was saying it is about a meeting with Putin, but here is the bottom-line. The President elect was directly involved with the FBI in identifying their investigation. Now when she says wants to know what they are doing. He doesn't want to know about their sex life or that they are having an affair. It's about what they are doing at work as it relates to the FBI. And every trial is a puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. And Strzok has to be indicted. McCabe has to be indicted. You've got a lot of people right now who are right on the brink. And, you know, you want to know.

HANNITY: On the brink of -- on the brink of, finish that thought.

PIRRO: We are on the brink of indictments coming down. Look, I'm glad congress is looking into this. I'm very happy. They can make themselves happy. Make no mistake, if it weren't for them we wouldn't know half of this. I want a prosecutor looking into this. I want a grand jury impaneled. I want subpoenas. I know the inspector general is coming out with his report and as I understand it.

HANNITY: Who would likely to be the targets of this investigation? This is an important question.

PIRRO: What is the question?

HANNITY: Who would likely be the main targets of this investigation?

PIRRO: FBI, Strzok, McCabe, I don't know.

HANNITY: Page? What about Comey.

PIRRO: Lisa Page. And there is an interesting character. Prestab, he is a guy in this hierarchy that no one is talking about.

HANNITY: What about Comey.

PIRRO: What I want to know Sean is, why is there no one talking about him? Is he so clean or is he cooperating? What's going on?

HANNITY: Judge, what about Comey and Rosenstein?

PIRRO: It's too soon for them yet. Comey needs to be the target of an active criminal investigation. I have said that a million times. Comey lied to the American people. Comey should had been fired the day after he decided he was the Attorney General.

HANNITY: What about Hillary Clinton?

PIRRO: Well, if the statute of limitations hasn't passed, go for it. Or how about you start looking into the Clinton foundation.

HANNITY: Wait a minute. They fixed it. When they were writing their exoneration before investigation, it was rigged. And everybody knew that they were rigging it.

PIRRO: That doesn't mean you cannot reopen it, Sean. There is only double jeopardy if you have been acquitted.

HANNITY: I understand. But they rigged the system so she could stay as the candidate, because they thought she would win and become President and even Strzok and Page were afraid oh my gosh, if she wins, she might get mad at us at one point. But then the more important thing is who knew how do they possibly take unverified information withhold from the FISA court Judge that it's Hillary Clinton bought and paid for, how do you withhold that kind of information when seeking something as sensitive as a FISA warrant?

PIRRO: You withhold it very simply. Let me explain something to you, Sean. A lot of these FISA Judges, people think FISA Judges are picked, that they're special for the secret court. No, they are district court Judges. There is something called forum shopping where someone decides I want to get this Judge or that Judge. And maybe, if you look at the number of FISA warrants that are approved, it's like 97 percent. Come on. Does that sound like a rubber stamp to you? As if these people are worried they will be found out? No Sean.

HANNITY: I know one Judge that I don't think I want to before and that is you, be before. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

PIRRO: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: When we come back, The Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci is back and Sharyl Attkisson as we continue, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. It's one of the mainstream destroy Trump favorite tactics to prevent you from getting the whole story. It's called bias of omission. Today it was on full display. Despite the bombshell revelations in the Grassley-Graham memo and some pretty damning text messages from FBI official's lovers, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. The mainstream media is utterly silent. Here with reaction, founder, managing partner, sky bridge capital I'm sorry, Anthony, I'm not Bill Maher. You are not on a liberal show tonight.

ANTONY SCARAMUCCI, TRUMP'S TRANSITION TEAM MEMBER: The Republican attacking me, Sean. It wasn't liberals. That is the crazy part about it.

HANNITY: That is actually true. You take heat from all covers. And the author of the smear, how shady political operatives and fake news controls what you see, what you think, and how you vote. The anchor of full measure Sharyl Attkisson is back with us. All right, Anthony, to me, I think Joe Digenova is right and I have been saying it. This is the biggest corruption scandal in the history, perhaps, modern day politics. It is -- it makes Watergate look like stealing a snicker's bar.

SCARAMUCCI: The problem you are calling it that now. We still have another 10 layers to drill into and rip off more skin. And so once you get really, really deep, Sean, it's absolutely uncontrollable. So what's going to happen now they are going to make a (inaudible) movement. You should read the manifesto the bestselling book by Sharyl Attkisson.

HANNITY: I have.

SCARAMUCCI: She will describe to you what they are going to do to everybody. They are going to flatten up everybody, dehumanize them. Try to criminalize the process of finding out the criminals and it's a nightmare for the American people. But I'm glad you are exposing it, Sean, you are doing a big service. A patriotic service and you are protecting the President who honestly won the election despite all of this nonsense that was happening in the politicization of these agencies.

HANNITY: In many ways, Sheryl, you have been a victim of all of this. This was almost a year ago on this program we broke the story right here with Sara Carter and John Solomon who had done incredible work, yeah they got a FISA warrant against Donald Trump. Donald Trump tweets out oh, they wiretapped me and the media went crazy. Turns out everything and much more we have been literally unpeeling layers of an onion here with real facts and information the media has gone with the story about Russia Trump collusion with zero evidence for a year and bio mission don't cover these stories. Why?

SHARYL ATTKISSON, FULL MEASURE HOST: Just to amend one thing. I don't know that they had a FISA warrant directly on Donald Trump I haven't seen evidence that they did.

HANNITY: Well, Carter Page.

ATTKISSON: They may have used warrantless techniques. There is all kinds of ways I was told even before Donald Trump announced for office that intel officials and I was told this by insiders have sometimes been using bad information to bring to the FISA court to wrap up other people that are the true targets that they can't get a warrant against. To wrap them up incidental targeting in different ways without a direct warrant.

HANNITY: Isn't that what happened to General Flynn base on what we know? Isn't that what happened to poor general Flynn.

SCARAMUCCI: Of course.

ATTKISSON: I think from what we know from news reporting and what we had learned since then under the (inaudible) of listening to a Russian official from ambassador from Russia to the United States they accidently captured somebody who may have been allegedly their true target hopefully lead them to mischief.

HANNITY: Sharyl, the bottom line is you have one Presidential candidate that pays for a phony Russian dossier. None of it is verified and she is also, Christopher Steele is being fed from Clinton's own associate. Then they don't tell a FISA Judge the facts of who bought and paid for this phony dossier that is unverified. And then it's used to get a FISA warrant. And you're right about incidental unmasking and leaking raw intelligence. And the media, for the most part. There has been a blackout. Isn't that true?

ATTKISSON: I think there has largely been a lack of curiosity and a lack of accurate and thorough reporting on one side of this issue. There has been plenty representing one viewpoint. Very little on the other side except to the extent that it debunks. I think part of the reason for that is there is a much bigger scandal under the surface and some people know this which is in my view not that they were going after President Trump, perhaps, during the campaign but why because unlike what they thought would happen if Jeb Bush were elected or Hillary Clinton. There are some inside the intelligence community who have been there for more than one administration who feared that Donald Trump could bring in people who could peel back the layers and see the allegedly improper and illegal surveillance techniques they have implemented for a long time.

HANNITY: Deep state, Anthony Scaramucci, deep state case.

SCARAMUCCI: I mean, my question to the American people is how much longer are we going to tolerate this? My question is to every one of us out there who see this happening, how do we deal with these people, Sean, because Sheryl myself and you know how ruthless they are and how diabolical they are they will stop at anything to stop honest people from uncovering them.

HANNITY: Anthony, Chuck Schumer says they will get you six ways and Sunday and this guy on fake news CNN saying they are going to win.

SCARAMUCCI: Yes exactly, that monster saying we are around for 100 plus years and you are around for 13 months. This is sort of nonsense. The American people have to understand that their government is there to serve them, we are not here to serve the people that work in the government. They are all servants and they need to be held accountable for the nonsense that is going on right now.

HANNITY: Last word Sharyl Attkisson.

ATTKISSON: I think there is much more to come. Look at the big picture and not all the minutia that distracts us.

HANNITY: All right. Guys thank you both. Mooch good to see you. Welcome back, my brother. We appreciate you coming on. Sharyl, good to see you too. When we comeback time for our video of the day featuring America's least favorite lovebirds, liberal Joe and liberal Mika. We will explain straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Liberal morning show host Joe Scarborough and Dr. Mika Brzezinski they recently paraded on "Saturday Night Live" while many thought was an all too realistic impersonation of this cringe worthy duo. Yesterday, the pair had an extremely bizarre very awkward exchange on air. And tonight's video of the day we compare the real life Joe and Mika and their "Saturday Night Live" counterparts, take a look.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: You know what? I think you're right.


SCARBOROUGH: You're always right though.


SCARBOROUGH: Have you ever not been right, sweetie?

BRZEZINSKI: Oh god, don't do that. That's a no. That's a no.

SCARBOROUGH: We just crossed the line.

ALEX MOFFAT AS JOE SCARBOROUGH: We just played that song live last night at Prohibition. Mika was there.


MOFFAT AS SCARBOROUGH: You come because I tell you to.

SCARBOROUGH: What? Do you think Noah gave you that ring? No! We're engaged.

EUGENE ROBINSON, WASHINGTON POST COLUMNIST: Andrea, what do you think about North Korea?

MOFFAT AS SCARBOROUGH: You're a steak Florentine gal.

MCKINNON AS BRZEZINSKI: Are you going to feed me my meat? Because you're a dirty dog?


BRZEZINSKI: We will be right back.

SCARBOROUGH: I promise we will not make you uncomfortable anymore.


HANNITY: That is so creepy, anyway, it looks like sometimes a reality is really better than fiction. All right time for the "Hannity" hotline sound off.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hannity this is Haki again from California. You're on the state you hate, we hate you too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sean, you are a disgrace to everybody who ever lives in the island.


HANNITY: Oh I am a disgrace to everybody. Anyway if you have something to say, let not your heart be troubled, just right there, 877-225-8587. All right. Unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. Let not your heart be troubled.

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