Former Miss USA contestant: How Trump saved me

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I don't need to tell you politics is a nasty game, but sometimes, we get a heartwarming moment on the campaign trail. In February, Governor Kasich hugged a grieving student in South Carolina.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I found hope, and I found in the Lord, and in my friends, and now I have found it in my presidential candidate that I support. And I really appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about.



VAN SUSTEREN: And then last night, Donald Trump had an emotional moment with a tearful supporter. Former Ms. Wisconsin USA, Melissa Young, who is suffering from incurable disease, thanked Donald Trump for his kindness over the years.


MELISSA YOUNG, FORMER MISS WISCONSIN, USA: In the hospital, I received from you, a handwritten letter that said to the bravest woman I know, and.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I remember that. Yeah, I remember that.


TRUMP: Such a wonderful, beautiful woman. I mean, just an amazing woman. And are you doing -- are you coming along OK?

YOUNG: No, sir. But that's OK because I'm here right now to thank you in person. And that was my biggest dream.


VAN SUSTEREN: Melissa Young joins me from her hospital. Nice to talk to you, Melissa.

YOUNG: So nice to talk to you, Greta. It is such a pleasure being with a fellow Wisconsinite.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm very flattered indeed. I'm very proud of being from Wisconsin. Melissa, what -- what did Donald Trump do for you? What led up to this?

YOUNG: I met Donald Trump back in 2005, when I was representing the State of Wisconsin in Ms. USA Pageant, live in Baltimore, Maryland. That night, I won Miss Congeniality, which was such an honor to be voted that award by my fellow pageant sisters, who I loved so dearly. But, in that moment, when the lights went out and it wasn't live on television anymore, Donald Trump made his way to the stage with his beautiful wife, Melania, and they walked past the new winner, my dear friend Chelsea Cooley. And they walked up to me, and Mr. Trump, he extended his hand and said, nice to meet you, Ms. Personality. In that moment, I realized that it wasn't just for him about the beauty, that it meant something to him, to come to me and shake my hand for the way -- I guess my spirits were during the competition and that -- that in my heart, something just.


VAN SUSTEREN: And did you then write him a note? Is that it?

YOUNG: You know, I -- later I did. Actually, he reached out to me first. Later -- later on, years later, I was -- because of a doctor's medical negligence, I was stricken with an illness that is -- there is no cure for me. And Mr. Trump heard about this years later. I gave birth to my son in 2008, and I received this in 2014. I was in the hospital really, really struggling and fighting --fighting hard. And at 8:00 a.m., hand delivered was a message from Mr. Trump, from New York, and I opened it. It was this beautiful, handwritten letter that said from the Office of Donald J. Trump. And it said to the bravest woman I know. And he had wrote, a special note in there for me to keep fighting. And, you know, he is obviously a very busy man. And for him to think of me that many years later in my struggle, it touched me in such a way. Actually it gave me fuel to keep fighting, to say that, this is -- that somebody out there cared. Somebody that is so important that I looked up to as a little girl growing up, you know, homeless, in an extreme poverty, he was -- he is the American dream. I mean, I looked up to him since I was a little girl. So to receive that was such an honor.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I certainly appreciate you joining us tonight, Melissa. And, you know, I hope that modern medicines can do incredible things. And I wish you the best of luck and best of American medicine, Melissa. Thank you for joining us.

YOUNG: Thank you so much, Greta. Good night.