Former Indianapolis Coach Tony Dungy Shows Why He's 'Uncommon'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: And we have a legend in the house, a legendary football player, head coach, and author. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy is here to go "On the Record." Coach Dungy, who has two Super Bowl rings, one as a player and the other as the head coach for the Colts, just retired from football, but he is busy with his new blockbuster book.

He is the author of the new book "Uncommon: Finding your Path to Significance." Coach Dungy joins us live. Nice to see you, coach.

TONY DUNGY, FORMER NFL HEAD COACH: Hey, Greta, how're you doing? It's great to be on with you.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, coach, I read your book over the weekend, and I conclude that this is a recipe for a good and happy life, because it talks about everything. It talks about responsibility, taking care of your children, character, decency, even how to treat a woman.

How do you describe your book?

DUNGY: It's really something that I would want to say to my son. If I had a six-hour ride with him and he was trapped with me, what are the things that I would pass on about life and being successful and significant?

VAN SUSTEREN: As I read through it, I saw that you separated the different chapters, and you have keys in terms of what you should do at the end, sort of a how to guidebook. But there was one point where you make a reference that why do we even have to have rules? Don't people know you are supposed to be decent, responsible, take care of your children, be faithful? What about that?

DUNGY: I think at one point, that is what we learned from our parents. And I know I did that with my mom and dad and my aunts and uncles.

But I think the family has broken down where we're not getting that, it's not coming directly. And we do have to teach it. And, society, I think we have to step in and be mentors for our young people now, and maybe sort of formulate those rules for them.

VAN SUSTEREN: In reading the book and looking at your history--you went to that lousy college that competed with mine-


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VAN SUSTEREN: But your career went up from there, thought. You pick yourself up.

You have had an unbelievable career, and it is so exciting to look at you as a head coach, and you think, how can you walk away from it? But when I read your book, I suddenly get the idea that this is really where your heart is.

DUNGY: It is. We had a tough year in Indianapolis, what with our graduation rates, our crime rate, especially with the youth. And I just have to think there is a little bit more that I can do to help, and not just win football games.

So I had a great time coaching. I enjoyed our players tremendously. We have a great organization. But I think there are different things I can do to feel good about myself.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about the super bowl? Are you going to go?

DUNGY: I am going to go. As a matter of fact, I am going to do some commentary on the game. It is right in Tampa. I am living in Tampa now. So I will get to go and see some of my friends on the Steelers, which was my ex-team, and I will also see one of my ex-players.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you think Brett Favre will come back for another year?

DUNGY: I don't know. Brett is very competitive, and I do not think he liked the idea of going out and missing the playoffs, and I don't think he'll want to retire this way. So I would expect to see him back.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you going to miss football?

DUNGY: I miss it already. I miss being with our players. I miss those day-to-day relationships. I know I will miss it in the fall.

But I'll enjoy being around my family a little bit more. I went to the inauguration last week, which was wonderful. That's something that I never would have done had I been working.

So I think there is life after football.

VAN SUSTEREN: Indeed, there is. And "The Uncommon Man," the book you have written is truly a fun book. Women should read it, too, and take guidance from it as well.

Coach, it's nice to see you, and you are always welcome back, sir.

DUNGY: Thank you very much, Greta. Even through I'm a gofer, it's nice being with you.

VAN SUSTEREN: That's your only drawback, your only defect. You get one defect. You should have been a badger. Thanks, coach.

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