Forget Playing Ball, Just Play Fair

Down on Arizona, dump on the Diamondbacks?

Take a look at this: Wrigley Field, Chicago — the Arizona Diamondbacks in town to play the Cubs, but first treated to a little protest. Some 40 protesters we're told, chanting things like "boycott Arizona" and "reform, not racism."

I'm told the game went on, but that doesn't mask the much bigger game going on. The "make Arizona an example" game. The "call Arizona a racist state" game. The "let's stop doing business with those racists" game.

The San Francisco mayor who wants to cut ties with Arizona; the California state senator who wants to stop all business with Arizona; the Hispanic Congressional Caucus chairman who says he's ashamed of Arizona — simply because seven out of 10 Arizona voters were getting worried in Arizona that the illegal immigration problem was getting out of control in Arizona.

Hospitals overwhelmed, schools overrun, voters over-wrought. Voters who looked to their federal government to do something but wouldn't and looked at all the violence south of their border that they were told wouldn't come to their state, but they knew would if they didn't act on illegals.

So they did act on illegals and now reports are that since this law was first debated, in Arizona there are 100,000 fewer illegals. Were they racially slighted or just no longer economically coddled? There is a difference.

Now, we can quibble over whether this law just triggers lawsuits — I'm not here to debate that. Just that the folks in Arizona deserve better than this.

Few of us in states where this isn't as much of a problem can see their problem. We don't border all that violence. We don't see all that violence. We don't experience the cost or the waste. We see only the rallies and the stars. We see Shakira getting angry and Al Sharpton getting ready and figure something bad is going on there.

Something bad is.

It's as if it's become illegal to treat illegals like they're illegal; even though they are and everyone knows it and not a single "racist"-hurling protester has the simple dignity to admit it.

Forget about not letting a team play ball, for once you'd think the media would step back and just play fair.

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