Florida college student suing school after being suspended for posing with gun in Facebook photo

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PETE HEGSETH, HOST: Good evening, I'm Pete Hegseth in for Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle” live from New York City tonight.

There's breaking news tonight from the White House. President Trump just announced moments ago that the U.S. has reached an agreement with Mexico to stop the invasion -- it is an invasion -- of illegal immigrants and avoid new tariffs. A live report from D.C. is straight ahead.

Plus, you saw it here first last night, President Trump firing back at Nancy Pelosi saying she wants him in prison. Now, even the liberal media thinks she is out of line and they are right.

And exclusive new details on the investigation into the investigators who spied on the Trump campaign. Congressman Sean Duffy is here to respond.

And Joe Biden flip-flops again on controversial legislation while another Democrat fanatic says the Hyde Amendment is an assault on African-American women. Horace Cooper and Leo Terrell are here to debate that.

Then exclusively, a college student suspended indefinitely for posing with a gun. She will tell “The Ingraham Angle” her story tonight.

But first, the war of words between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi heating up as she calls for him to be imprisoned. The House Speaker reportedly telling her caucus and I quote, "I don't want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison."

Laura Ingraham spoke exclusively to President Trump in Normandy yesterday. He is how he responded to those ridiculous claims.


LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: We passed Nancy Pelosi as we were walking up to the stage earlier. She said some pretty harsh things over the last 24 hours, leaked out from her caucus. She said, "I don't want impeachment, I want him in prison." Meaning you, how do you work with someone like that?

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: I think she's a disgrace. I actually don't think she is a talented person. I've tried to be nice to her because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done. She is in incapable of doing deals. She is a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.

The Mueller report came out. It was a disaster for them. They thought their good friend, Bobby Mueller was going to give them a great report and he came out with a report with 13 horrible angry Democrats who were totally biased against me, a couple of them worked for Hillary Clinton. They then added five more also Democrats.

With all of that, two and a half years. Think of it. From before I even got elected, they've been going after me and they have nothing.


HEGSETH: It was a great interview, but even the liberal left agrees, Nancy Pelosi went a bit too far with those prison comments. Listen.


ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: Doesn't the counter-argument become is this the Democrats' version of "lock her up."

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: And here we have the leader of the opposition saying the other guy ought to be in prison. This is the stuff we used to see in Pakistan in the old days. Defeat the guy then hang him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's not productive conversation when you're trying to put something together and legislate for the American people.


HEGSETH: Oh boy. Joining me now, Congressman Sean Duffy and Shane Harris, a Democratic strategist and President of People's Alliance for Justice. Good evening to you both. Thanks for being here.

Sean, I'll start with you. It's pretty shocking to see the liberal media admit that Nancy might be a bit off her rocker on this one.

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WIS.: A little bit of truth coming from the liberal media. That's right, Pete. But I mean, listen, Nancy Pelosi is not crazy.

Nancy Pelosi has thrown out some harsh words about sending Donald Trump to prison and what she is trying to do is derail the effort by the liberals, radicals, the socialists and the Democratic Party to actually impeach him.

So Nancy Pelosi understands. In 2010, she passed Obamacare. America hated it. It rose our healthcare prices. Didn't do what they promised it would do and she lost the majority.

She sees now that she is back in the majority, if they go forward with impeachment, they're going to lose the majority again. She would be the first Speaker to lose the majority twice and so she is trying to say, "Hey, we'll talk about prison, but let's not do impeachment." She is crafty and smart trying to derail the impeachment caucus.

HEGSETH: No, she is certainly caught between two sides of her party. Shane, I want to play a little bit of sound of one of Sean's colleagues, Doug Collins from Georgia. He says there's some folks here who are blinded by rage. Take a listen.


REP. DOUG COLLINS, R-GA: They're just so blinded by rage at what's going on with this administration that they're willing to make false accusation and that's where the American people, the breakdown in the honesty with Congress has got to get better.

Democrats have gotten way over their skis and promising their base, their rabid bases who doesn't like the President that we're going to do these things.

At the same time, they would much rather focus on this because they have no legislative agenda.


HEGSETH: That's the question. What is the legislative agenda? Is it possible if you're blinded by hatred for this President?

SHANE HARRIS, PRESIDENT, PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE: Well, here's the deal and I glad we're having this conversation.

You know, when I wake up in the morning, I eat a banana. You know this -- what is going on in this country is bananas. The reality that we're seeing the bickering back and forth is a real issue, but here's what I want to take a look at while we're talking about Nancy Pelosi and this whole push of this version of "lock him up."

Here's the deal. The President has proven time and time again that he is unfit to be President. I mean, he broke the law when -- with what he did with Stormy Daniels. That should mean jail time.

He clearly broke the law when he began to deal with obstructing justice in the investigation -- the Mueller investigation. That should be jail time.

HEGSETH: What law?

HARRIS: So I mean, here's the real deal, we're dealing in a country where we want on one side not to be a conversation while on the other side, it's all right. The President of the United States --

HEGSETH: Well, hold on, Shane, if he had been violating these laws --

HARRIS: Was taking on Hillary Clinton saying "lock her up." He led the Lock Her Up Movement, and now he is mad because they are calling for him to be locked up? Come on, we've got to talk real here.

HEGSETH: Answer the Congressman's question though, if he broke all these laws then why is Nancy Pelosi so hesitant to actually proceed with impeachment so she ramps up the rhetoric.

HARRIS: Well, here's the thing, Nancy Pelosi is actually very smart. She knows how to play strategic. She is not going to go straight in for this or for that. She is going to be very strategic about her approach and she has always been that way.

So to ask and I get what the Congressman is saying, but to ask the question about why is she just now trying to get on this is because she is strategic.

She didn't just jump to impeachment when others would. She didn't just do this or do that because others would. She is very strategic. She stands on her own two shoe. She is a strong woman and she knows exactly where to pull the strings at. Clearly, this President is bothered.

HEGSETH: Sean, go ahead.

DUFFY: Hey, Shane, what I think is bananas is the fact that the Democrats craft a fake dossier and start a fake investigation on Donald Trump and then they claim he obstructed their fake investigation and by the way, he didn't obstruct the investigation.

Robert Mueller said that he got complete compliance from Donald Trump. Don McGahn, the chief legal counsel ...

HARRIS: No, no, no, no.

DUFFY: Actually testified for more than 30 hours. So your real claim is, he attempted to obstruct a fake investigation, but he didn't obstruct the investigation.

And Pete, you mentioned this, we have to go back, you know, how did this crazy investigation start? And we're going to find that out and I think you're going to see Democrats running for the hills and wish they would have gone down this road because -- for two years of craziness.

HEGSETH: Hold on, Shane, if you're all about true justice -- if you're all about getting to the truth and justice, are you equally concerned as to Sean's point of the origins of this? That may be our own institutions took a lot of latitude in investigating a presidential candidate?

HARRIS: No, I don't because --

HEGSETH: Why not?

HARRIS: Because the reality is that this President showed real concerns coming into his campaign. Forget when he became President.

In this campaign, there was lots of things that have happened. Also, let us be reminded that under the Obama administration, not one indictment in that administration. Under this administration, multiple indictments while the Mueller investigations went on.

So clearly there's something wrong. Clearly, there's something wrong with what is going on. And clearly there was a real call to action around this investigation.

DUFFY: You want to talk about Russian, and this has been litigated so much on Fox and other networks, but the only Russia collusion we saw was with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party with Russian operatives from Russia to craft the dossier and start the fake investigation.

We should look at that. It's mindboggling that Mueller didn't actually do that part of the investigation with Russia. How about Hillary Clinton and Democrats?

HEGSETH: Well, he ignored that.

DUFFY: They didn't look at it, and so when you hate it, when you hate Donald Trump so much, you do get blinded by the rage and Pete, from where I come from, I'm from Wisconsin, I know you are from Minnesota, this economy has never been better.

People love Donald Trump because he wakes up every day and says "I'm going to fight for you, make your economy stronger, your opportunity greater, your wages rise," and they go I might not love every tweet, I might not love every fight that he might get in, but I love what he is doing from me and my family.

My kids graduate from school and they get a job. They move out of my basement. They pay their student loans back. It couldn't be better for me and my family all across America and that's if you're out of the bubble.

HEGSETH: Even the talk, Shane, without impeachment is not necessarily advancing the ball for Democrats, but gentlemen, standby. On another note, don't forget there are three separate investigations right now on how the Russia investigation began in the first place including the one by U.S. Attorney John Durham who is investigating corrupt former Intel leaders.

Chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge has exclusive new details on that from Washington tonight -- Catherine.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: Pete, the investigation into the investigators is accelerating. Sources within the Justice Department confirming to Fox News that U.S. Attorney John Durham has been meeting with Attorney General William Barr on multiple occasions in recent weeks.

Separately, sources tell Fox News, Durham is quote, "very dialed in and asking all the right questions" about alleged surveillance abuse in 2016 and how a surveillance warrant was obtained for Trump campaign aide, Carter Page.

That surveillance application relied heavily on the DNC Clinton campaign funded dossier which was unverified, though it's author, former British spy Christopher Steele was well known to the FBI from other investigations.

The heavily redacted public record suggests the surveillance application did not rely on a so-called mosaic of Intelligence involving multiple streams of information from independent sources as former FBI officials have claimed.

In a recent CBS interview, the Attorney General said there is a significant disconnect.


WILLIAM BARR, ATTORNEY GENERAL: In fact, I have probably more questions and that some of the facts that I've learned don't hang together with the official explanations of what happened.


HERRIDGE: Before the midterms, Republicans who controlled key House committees tried to tee up potential targets for future investigations.

Lawmakers point to discrepancies over the handling of the dossier between Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the opposition research and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr or his wife Nellie who also worked for Simpson.

Last month, Republican congressman Mark Meadows made a criminal referral for Nellie Ohr over other discrepancies. Durham would handle any prosecution of criminal acts if he uncovers them -- Pete.

HEGSETH: Catherine, thank you very much. Well, back now to respond Congressman Sean Duffy and Shane Harris. Shane, you heard that report from Catherine. She is a fantastic reporter getting to the bottom of this.

We're hearing that Durham is dialed in, met with Barr multiple times. Now, do you dismiss all of these investigations that are following through on where this came from? You seem to before. If they find things, are you going to dismiss all of that as well?

HARRIS: You know, I do because I think again, I think that we have to be real here about how all of this began and --

HEGSETH: This is being real.

HARRIS: There's clear -- we have to be real because there's real clarity in how all this began. There's been real issues from 2016, clearly showing that this President has been interested in hiding the truth from the American people rather than bringing it forth and I think that you know, again it's very important that this continues.

HEGSETH: Sean, they worked with Bob Mueller, the White House Counsel against most people's counsel spent almost 30 hours with that investigation, yet Mueller didn't look into the FISA process which Durham and Barr and others now are. Do you think this means they'll actually finally get to the beginning?

DUFFY: I think it does, Pete and you know, the bottom line is, this reeks too high heaven. I was a former prosecutor and to think that an investigation where we're using tools that we reserve for people like terrorists were used against the Donald Trump campaign, this reeks to high heaven.

And so I'm going to sit back and wait for that report to come out or those three reports to come out and I'm going to take those reports on face value, just like Democrats should have taken the Mueller report on face value, but I think there's going to be a lot of meat on that bone and there's going to be a lot of people that are going to be held to account inside the Obama administration for breaking rules and potentially breaking laws.

HEGSETH: Shane, I mean, I don't know you but --

HARRIS: Barr and McGahn clearly lie. They clearly lied and are refusing and have refused to allow Congress to have any oversight in this. I mean Congressman --

HEGSETH: Refusing to allow Congress --

HARRIS: I mean, don't you think that that is concerning to us?

HEGSETH: What oversight are they refusing?

DUFFY: We have separation of powers, so the President doesn't have to send his people over to the Congress to testify. There was a two-year investigation, Shane, and you think that a few panels for three-hour hearings inside the Congress are going to do better than Bob Mueller?

Because I heard you and liberals for two years say just wait for the Mueller report to come out. Bob Mueller is a sacred cow. He is a great investigator. He did his investigation. He found nothing, so what? Jerry Nadler is going to do better than Mueller?

HARRIS: Wait a minute, wait a minute, don't say -- don't say he found nothing. He did fine something.

DUFFY: He is not going to find anything.

HEGSETH: He was charged with nothing.

HARRIS: But he said, I am not going to go this way or I am not going to go that way and he said --

HEGSETH: Nothing illegal.

HARRIS: And then he said, this is what the real facts are. He said I will not determine on this.

HEGSETH: Hold on, guys. And then he basically handed it to Congress and Nancy Pelosi who thinks there's such an ironclad case that she is talking about locking him up instead of moving with impeachment hearings. If they had a close and shut case, Shane, it seems they might move with it.

Congressman Duffy, Shane, thank you very much for the spirited debate this evening. We appreciate it.

HARRIS: Thank you.

DUFFY: Thanks, Pete.

HEGSETH: All right, well next, breaking new details from Washington tonight where moments ago, a deal was struck with Mexico to stop the illegal invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border to avoid new tariffs on Monday. Listen.


TRUMP: They send in drugs, illegal drugs, $500 billion, a hundred thousand people are killed, dead every year from what comes through our southern border. They shouldn't be allowing people to come through their country.




TRUMP: When you're the piggy bank that everybody steals and robs from and they deceive you and they've -- like they've been doing for 25 years, tariffs are a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful word if you know how to use them properly.

They're letting millions of people walk up through their country and they shouldn't let anybody walk up through their country.

They send in $500 billion worth of drugs. They kill a hundred thousand people. They ruin a million families every year. If you look at that that's really an invasion without the guns.


HEGSETH: That was from last night and breaking tonight, it appears Trump's tough talk worked. Within the last hour, the White House announced the U.S. has reached an agreement with Mexico to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants crippling our southern border and suspend the impending new tariffs.

Fox's Kristin Fisher is live in Washington tonight with the late-breaking details. Kristin, what do you have?

KRISTIN FISHER, CORRESPONDENT: Well, Pete tonight President Trump was successfully able to use the threat of tariffs to get Mexico to the negotiating table and commit to take several concrete steps to help reduce migrants from illegally entering the United States.

He made the announcement as he often does on Twitter by saying quote, "I am pleased to inform you that the United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico. The tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday against Mexico are hereby indefinitely suspended. Mexico in turn has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of migration through Mexico and to our southern border."

So here's what Mexico has agreed to do. It will deploy National Guard troops to Mexico's southern border on Monday. That's the entry point for many of these Central American migrants. It will allow migrants awaiting conclusion of their U.S. asylum process to be sent to Mexico while they wait and it will provide job opportunities to those migrants.

Mexico will also try to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking organizations and if that doesn't work, Mexico will consider taking even more actions.

In return, President Trump will not impose that five percent tariff on all Mexican goods which was set to go into effect on Monday. The deal came after three days of intense negotiations here in Washington and despite all of those concessions from the Mexican government, tonight, Mexico's Foreign Minister called the deal fair.


MARCELO EBRARD, MEXICAN FOREIGN MINISTER: I think it's a fair balance because they have more drastic measures and proposals at the start and we reached some middle point.

For instance, they accept to support the program that Mexico proposed in Central America. On the other hand, we accepted to have a more extended version of 235, and to accelerate the deployment of the National Guard.


FISHER: Now, remember President Trump has taken a lot of heat from Democrats and Republicans for threatening Mexico with these tariffs. The President has said that he likes to use these tariffs to negotiate with. So far, it has not worked with China, but Pete, tonight that strategy worked with Mexico.

HEGSETH: Well said, Kristin, thank you very much for the latest information. Well, joining me now to react is Harmeet Dhillon, attorney and Trump 2020 Advisory Council member and Francisco Hernandez, immigration attorney. Thank you both.

You and I are hearing these results in real-time. I've got the U.S.-Mexico joint declaration in front of me and you heard it, Mexican National Guard to their southern border. Migrants who are seeking adjudication for asylum sent back to Mexico. Mexico agrees with that.

And the whole thing reviewed 90 days from now to see whether or not Mexico is actually fulfilling it. So Harmeet, when you look at this and you consider what America gave up, which is a tariff that never was imposed but was threatened, your reaction.

HARMEET DHILLON, TRUMP 2020 ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBER: Well, tariffs are not the favored tool of most conservatives, Pete, however desperate times call for desperate measures and as we can see here, it worked and I think it is a great result for America and actually a pretty good result for Mexico as well.

Because Mexico has actually been getting the benefit of allowing the current situation there, are a lot of remittances, some $40 billion going back to Mexico every year and it's not working.

And so neighbors need to work out their disputes and now in addition to the terms that you mentioned, it's also going to include the National Guard actually fanning out throughout Mexico, interdicting gangs and smuggling rings and helping with that and also providing some support and even potentially jobs to the asylum seekers who are waiting for their applications to be processed in America.

So I think it's going to be actually great for those people who are seeking to come to this country as well. They can be in a safe environment and be supported there in Mexico while America makes a rapid determination about whether they're eligible or not.

HEGSETH: Yes, Francisco, you're an immigration attorney, you understand how dysfunctional this process is. Would you acknowledge this is a big win for the White House and the American people?

FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ, IMMIGRATION LAWYER: It is smoke and mirrors, people, we're not even talking immigration reform. Guys, not only are we now admitting that we can't get the wall built, we're now admitting that Mexico is not going to --

HEGSETH: But that hasn't been admitted yet.

HERNANDEZ: Mexico is not going to pay for the wall and worse, we're going to pay for these development of jobs in Mexico, so not only are we admitting that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, we're going to give them money to employ these Central Americans so they don't come here and we're not even talking about their --

HEGSETH: That's not what we're doing --

DHILLON: We're not giving them money. That's nonsense, Francisco. We are not giving them any money.

HERNANDEZ: Read between the lines because they are saying employment programs.

DHILLON: I am reading the lines.

HEGSETH: I am reading the lines right here, Francisco. The lines right here that Mexico will offer jobs to folks who have been in these migrant caravans there. We're not paying for the deployment of their National -- we're not paying for the deployment of their National Guards.

HERNANDEZ: Yes, we are.

HEGSETH: We're not paying for asylum seekers who are sent back to Mexico. Ultimately, this -- how can you not acknowledge that if Congress -- hold on, guys. Hold on, guys.

DHILLON: Fake news. Mexico is paying for it.

HERNANDEZ: Mexico is not even -- the reason people are coming here from Mexico is because Mexico can't provide jobs for its own citizens and we're supposed to believe that Mexico is going to provide jobs for Central Americans.

DHILLON: They don't want to, not can't.

HERNANDEZ: No, they cannot.

HEGSETH: Would you not acknowledge that their own government and the cartels are facilitating this and so if we can get a crackdown on the way people are smuggled and treated as they come into this country, that's a win for both countries and for the humanitarian crisis we have at our border.

I mean, how - - why can't you acknowledge, Francisco, why can't you acknowledge --

HERNANDEZ: We are sticking our head in the sand, guys.

HEGSETH: These are good steps in the right direction.

HERNANDEZ: What happened? There is no step. We're going to end up paying for it and so at least as long as you guys agree that we're not going to build a wall, is that what you guys ready to agree with?

HEGSETH: No, I don't think we're agreeing on that.

DHILLON: We're not talking about that. That's a separate issue. We are were talking about what's happening right now in the next few days with this tariff ...

HEGSETH: Well, you could take that up with the courts who have been disrupting this President's plan to attempt to build portions of that wall, no doubt about it.

But that's a non-sequitur to tonight and I guess trying to distract away from a clear victory when these tariffs criticized by many, will they hurt our economy? Is it the right tool?

HERNANDEZ: It was a stupid idea.

DHILLON: It isn't just a political victory, it is a human rights victory because children are being smuggled and abused, girls are being raped. This is an untenable situation from a human rights perspective. We've got to do something about it.

We can't wait for Democrats and even fake Republicans who aren't willing to protect our country, we have to do it today.

HEGSETH: When you talk about -- how are you not pointing at Congress? How are you not pointing at Congress?

HERNANDEZ: Well, I am pointing at Congress. Absolutely, they failed to do their job, absolutely, which causes to come up with these crazy ideas that tariffs were going to stop people from coming over while Mexico is going to provide jobs for Central Americans.

HEGSETH: Tariffs have brought an opportunity where we've gotten new concessions from Mexico and we're going to review them in 90 days, how is that not a win?

HERNANDEZ: Mexico wasn't going to pay those tariffs. You and I were. Our avocados and enchiladas were going to go up.

DHILLON: There are no tariffs. The tariffs were a negotiating tool. Mexico was going to pay -- Mexico is paying for the internal security of its National Guard. Mexico is paying the house and provide jobs for those refugees. Read the report. Read the agreement. It's very clear.

HERNANDEZ: Well, you haven't even read the report because it just happened in last hour. Well, but if you read between the lines --

DHILLON: I read it. I can read. I read it.

HEGSETH: I know that it says we're not paying for jobs for Mexicans or for migrants in Mexico. That's what it doesn't say.

HERNANDEZ: Well, where are those jobs going to come from?

DHILLON: Mexico is paying for it. Mexico is paying for it. They agreed to pay for them.

HEGSETH: And in the meantime, we get to protect our sovereignty which is the point of this entire exercise.

HERNANDEZ: Let's come back tomorrow and you show me where it says the Mexicans are going to pay for those jobs.

DHILLON: Well, in 90 days we will be back. We are evaluating it in 90 days.

HEGSETH: Maybe you can come join us on "Fox and Friends" in the morning and we'll talk about it.

HERNANDEZ: Guys, we haven't seen anything in writing.

HEGSETH: Well, we've got to leave it right there. It's a debate ongoing, but it's tough when you're trying to debate something and ultimately there is a win and we can't even acknowledge --

HERNANDEZ: Smoke-and-mirrors.

HEGSETH: Smoke and mirrors.

DHILLON: It's a big win.

HEGSETH: Harmeet and Francisco, thank you very much for your time and differing perspectives.

Well another Uncle Joe-oh-no. The former VP's latest flip-flop on abortion funding. It's a big one and while another 2020 Democrat fanatic says that same amendment, the Hyde Amendment is an assault on African-American women. Horace Cooper and Leo Terrell are standing by with reaction. That's coming up next.



JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: For many years as U.S. senator, I have supported the Hyde Amendment like many, many others have. But circumstances have changed, and I've been struggling with the problems that Hyde now presents. I can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need.


HEGSETH: It begins. That was Joe Biden already caving to pressure from the left and flipping on his support of the Hyde Amendment, a stance he has held since 1977, before I was even born. The amendment bans federal funding for abortions which Cory Booker claims is an assault on African- American women.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The Hyde Amendment is a direct assault to the black and brown communities like the ones I've been representing for most of my political career. We are in a nation right now that when it comes to reproductive rights, we are moving back into a Byzantine era that is tragic and unfortunate.


HEGSETH: Joining me now to react is Horace Cooper, Project 21 co-chair, and Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney. Gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. Horace, I'll start with you. Are you surprised by this flip-flop? And what does it say about the modern Democratic Party?

HORACE COOPER, CO-CHAIR, PROJECT 21: Here is what it says. It's very hard for a vice president to get the nomination and get successfully elected. We're watching the extremist provisions or activists in this party influence what this potential nominee's positions might be. It didn't work with Al Gore, and it also is a problem when you are looking long term. You can go all the way back to 1988 or 1984 with Walter Mondale when he was the vice president, and the extremists then got him to contort his lifetime policies so that he embraced positions that took him out of the mainstream.

This abortion position is an extreme one that he is embracing. It's not authentic, and it just is a sign of many of the changes to come that we are going to see as he struggles to try to get the nomination.

HEGSETH: Yes, this could be the first of many. Leo, Joe Biden has long been pro-choice. Within that pro-choice stance he has said it's personal choice, but I don't believe our tax dollars should be used to pray for abortions. In the pro-choice spectrum, fairly reasonable. The reversal now, is it not moving toward an extreme position? And why do folks like Cory Booker have to make it about race?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHT ATTORNEY: Well, I'll tell you very simply. First of all, this is not 1984. This is 2019. And what you have, you have states like Alabama, Pete, states like Georgia that have made it impossible for people of color, minorities, poor people, to exercise their right to have an abortion. You can't get an abortion. And when you talk about federal funding, let's be honest --

HEGSETH: It would be white women as well. There is no racial litmus test on this.

COOPER: There's absolutely no racial litmus test.

TERRELL: If you look at the numbers of people in Georgia and Alabama who have utilized the abortion rights, it is a disproportionate higher number of minorities. Those are facts. And I'm sorry, Horace, but those are facts. You can check it out and apologize tomorrow.

COOPER: Absolutely. Leo, you ought to be with me on this.

TERRELL: It is legal. No, I'm not. I'm not with you on this.

COOPER: You ought to be joining me in saying let's not decimate the minority community. Whether you are poor, whether you are rich, we absolutely shouldn't --

TERRELL: Don't do that. Pete, Pete, tell Horace don't say that.


HEGSETH: Let him finish.

COOPER: With Planned Parenthood's mission from the beginning, which was to purify the races in the United States. The idea --

TERRELL: Oh, my God.

HEGSETH: That's a fact also.

COOPER: That's a fact.

HEGSETH: Go ahead, Leo.

COOPER: Excuse me, with all due respect, what gives you the right as an African-American man, as a man, as an American, to tell a woman that she can't exercise her rights under the law, and we are a nation of law, Roe v. Wade. We don't do that on national television. You don't have that right. And we are a nation of law. Am I right, Pete?

COOPER: Setting aside, setting aside.

HEGSETH: Hold on, Leo.

COOPER: It has been the clear error of Roe v. Wade. We have reached a consensus that people who do not support --

TERRELL: Who are we? Who are we, Pete?


COOPER: We as Americans, we as Americans have reached a consensus that our dollars, our own personal dollars, will not go to a cause that violates our conscience and violates our beliefs.

TERRELL: You hear that, Pete? Violates our conscience? Whose conscience, Pete?

COOPER: That is something --

HEGSETH: Within the context of Roe v. Wade, Leo, within the context of Roe v. Wade, which is highly contested, the Hyde Amendment has not been overturned. It is recognized a person's choice, and a lot of us who are pro-life believe it's a false choice because that's a life, does not have to be supported by tax dollars of people who don't believe in it. I don't understand why that distinction can't be made.

COOPER: It was just recently reaffirmed. It was reaffirmed by President Obama --

TERRELL: Excuse, Horace, don't filibuster.


HEGSETH: Horace, let Leo go.

TERRELL: Thank you, thank you. Thank you, Pete.

Here is the issue. This is -- look at what is happening in the southern states. Loos at what is happening to Alabama, Georgia, Missouri. These states have blocked --

HEGSETH: There are elected officials passing laws. People, they voted for.

COOPER: All he is saying is residents in this jurisdictions have sent to the state capital, have sent to the state capital pro-lifers, people who --

TERRELL: Oh, my God, come on. Come on.

HEGSETH: Leo, let him talk. Leo, let him talk. I let you talk. Let him talk. Horace, go ahead.

COOPER: All you recognized, Leo, is that people in these jurisdictions have sent as their representatives to their state capitals people who value life. That is how our government is supposed to work.

TERRELL: That's not how our government works. How can you make issue or - -

COOPER: And for President Obama to issue an executive order --

HEGSETH: Someday abortion could be illegal. Things in our country can change, precedent can be overturned. Sentiments due to technology and a realization of when life starts and what we know, things change in this country, Leo.

TERRELL: Right, and I'm not disputing that. But let's be real. To make it a crime to have an abortion given Roe v. Wade, and you are sitting her telling me that the Hyde Amendment is a good amendment --

HEGSETH: Joe Biden was saying it two days ago.

TERRELL: Come on.

HEGSETH: Joe Biden was saying that two days ago.

COOPER: He certainly was.

TERRELL: Biden has evolved.

HEGSETH: He has evolved?

TERRELL: OK, or, Leo, has he become politically expedient because NARAL and Planned Parenthood went after him and said they would never endorse a candidate who supports the Hyde Amendment. Is this much more political expediency than some sort of a magical evolution?

COOPER: That's exactly what happened.

TERRELL: Let me think about that. No. No.


TERRELL: No, it is evolution.

HEGSETH: That's the best defense you can muster, and I appreciate that. Leo and Horace, thank you, gentlemen, both for your time tonight. Spirited as always.

Coming up, the worst media offenders of the week not ever really a tough list to put together. But THE INGRAHAM ANGLE has its eye on you, media. The tape you do not want to miss coming up next.


HEGSETH: Welcome back. You've got to admit it. It can be easy to become numb about media bias these days. So “The Ingraham Angle” is keeping track of the worst offenders of the week in a great segment.

Joining me now is Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the podcast "Relatable," and Dinesh D'Souza, conservative commentator. You guys know how this works. It is time for a bit of a lightning round. Panel, let's begin with CNN's - - where else would you start -- CNN's Don Lemon. He's reportedly claiming his show and his network are not liberal. Let me give you a quick reminder of some of the things he said recently.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Donald Trump has just been conning us all along, people. Own it.

I do believe that this president is a racist, and I don't say that lightly.

He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country.


HEGSETH: Allie, just playing it straight.

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY, HOST OF PODCAST "RELATABLE": They're not liberal at all. They just take every leftist position on every issue that's out there. This is the problem with a lot of people at CNN is that they're not honest with themselves. They still fancy themselves this middle of the road network that has no agenda whatsoever. And we night after night that that's just not true.

HEGSETH: Dinesh, what does he tell himself to justify that?

DINESH D'SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE FILMMAKER: Well, I would like to think it's just a simple lack of self-consciousness that he places himself squarely at the center of the political spectrum and he only measures politics as it moves to the left and the right of where he is sitting. But that kind of innocence I think is hard to justify when we live in a divided country. It is very obvious there is a wide political spectrum. It's very obvious that Don Lemon is considerably to the left of that spectrum. So to refuse to admit that I put down not to ignorance but to simple deceit.

HEGSETH: Yes, he knows what he's doing, great point.

Topic two, next example. Joe Biden slammed for plagiarizing parts of his new climate plan. This is what CNN's Alisyn Camerota said about it?


ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: Don't you go to the experts, so the experts' website, and list some of their terminology?


HEGSETH: You just lift it. It is pretty clear she is on board with Biden taking things that don't belong to him. But here is what she said back in 2016 when Melania Trump faced similar charges.


ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: The point is, without acknowledging it, what does that say about the campaign and their tactics?


HEGSETH: Dinesh, back then we just lift it.

D'SOUZA: Someone once said that behind every double standard there is a single standard waiting to be uncovered. And I think what's going on here is not that there is a kind of contradiction or double standard here. They have a single standard, and that is cover up for their side and attack the other side. And they do that with actually relentless predictability.

So ultimately when we recognize that we're dealing not with a straight Republican-Democratic fight, but a Democratic Party that has Hollywood and academia and the media in its corner, then I think we know what we're up against.

HEGSETH: Allie, Vice President Biden is the frontrunner on the Democratic side, yet it is dismissed away.

STUCKEY: Yes, but he's just quirky uncle Joe. This is just one of the things he likes to do, plagiarizing, massaging women in public. It's just part of the public persona and we're supposed to be OK with it.

HEGSETH: It was a great answer, but you forgot sniffing. But I digress.

STUCKEY: That, too. That, too.

HEGSETH: That, too.

Third example. This was a solemn week, as we all know, marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day. But this is how "The View's" Whoopie Goldberg commemorated it, but somehow making the topic about illegal immigration.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": This is why it's important that people remember what folks fought for. We fought for the right to help people from other countries. We've done it as long as I can remember.


HEGSETH: Allie, how do you make D-Day about illegal immigration?

STUCKEY: This is what happens when you are so woke that your brain just falls out of your head that you can't even remember basic history. That is not why we fought. Yes, we fought to help other countries, but that was not the right for which we actually fought. Part of the values that we fought for against totalitarianism, sovereignty of our country, is a part of that. I'm not sure how you can be reaching that far to make this somehow about illegal immigration. I just am not sure how you got there.

HEGSETH: Again, Dinesh, is this willful conflation, what you do to liberate a continent versus an illegal act?

D'SOUZA: First of all, let's remember the United States got into World War II kind of late. We didn't do it to help really anybody. We did it when we were directly attacked. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. That's when the United States got into the war. So they started it, we finished it. This had nothing to do with helping people, or preventing them from washing up on our shores. Immigration was simply not the issue at all. So there is kind of, almost a kind of silliness that's going on here. But I think that's what happens when you have like-minded people on a panel. There is no one to check anything that is said. And so a kind of foolishness sort of becomes the norm.

HEGSETH: Absolutely. It's scary, and it happens every week, and “The Ingraham Angle” brings it to you. Allie and Dinesh, thank you very much. We appreciate it.

STUCKEY: Thank you.

HEGSETH: Coming up, a Florida college student claims she was suspended after posting a photo of herself at a shooting range. Now she is fighting back, and she joins me exclusively tonight. That's coming up next.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can't get a job. And I have a baby I have to support. I've been out of work long enough, and I wanted to do this to be able to provide for my family, and now I can't.


HEGSETH: Welcome back. Florida college student Dia'mon Dallas says she was suspended for posting this photo online showing her and her fiance posing with guns at a shooting range. So now she is suing, claiming the suspension violated her Constitutional right. We reached out to the school but they have not yet responded.

Dia'mon and her attorney, State Representative Cord Byrd, join me now. Thank you both for joining us. Dia'mon, thank you for joining us for your first interview. We appreciate it. So you were at the range with your fiance. Your cousin is a military veteran. He is taking you to the range to teach you how to shoot. Ultimately you post a photo on Facebook, and your school responds how?

DIA'MON DALLAS, SUING COLLEGE OVER SUSPENSION: They came and got me in the middle of finishing a test. And my assistant principal, she basically confronted me, and she said -- I really didn't know what she was coming to get me for. We walked down the sidewalk to the other principal, and she said you know things you do in the dark come to the light. And I'm like what are you talking about? She said you don't know what I'm talking about? I said, no, ma'am.

We got to the other principal, and they basically told me that they were suspending me from school because of a picture that was posted on Facebook, not by me, but by my fiance, of us posing with guns.

HEGSETH: And that's that. So Cord, of course Dia'mon has a Second Amendment right just like everybody else. Maybe pointing at the camera, which is not necessarily good protocol, is something that people reacted to. I'm not sure. But either way, where is her due process? What recourse does she have?

CORD BYRD, ATTORNEY FOR STUDENT SUING SCHOOL: You hit the nail on the head, Pete. This was an instance where the school administration acted as judge, jury, and executioner, and didn't give her any due process. They didn't allow her to put the photograph in context. It was a playful picture. When you listen to the story it was her and her fiance, my Bonnie to my Clyde. So there was no threat made. There was no threat made against anyone. And the school overreacted. But that overreaction violated her Constitutional rights.

HEGSETH: So Dia'mon, you are going to school to become a nurse, correct?

DALLAS: No, dental assistant.

HEGSETH: Dental assistant, I'm sorry. My mistake. But there is nothing in your background at the school as you are going to become a dental assistant that would raise red flags -- harassment, reasons why you have been a threat to anybody?

DALLAS: No, sir. I have all A's. My GPA was a 4.0 when they kicked me out, when they suspended me.

HEGSETH: A 4.0. Was there ever a doubt in your mind, you live in the United States of America with the Second Amendment, every person has a right to maintain arms, was there ever a doubt this would get you in trouble?

DALLAS: No. I didn't think that this could cost me everything, my career, my schooling. I didn't know.

HEGSETH: It's amazing. It's amazing. Why would you? Cord, what is happening next in this?

BYRD: So we filed a lawsuit in federal court here in Jacksonville. The school and the administrators have been served with the complaint, and we're waiting for their answer.

HEGSETH: Keep us posted on the process. We would love to bring it to our viewers here. Dia'mon and Cord, thank you for your time this morning. We appreciate it.

BYRD: Thank you, Pete.

DALLAS: You're welcome.

HEGSETH: We'll be right back with breaking and really exciting news about an American hero I know well.


HEGSETH: Welcome back. I want to take a moment, a point of personal privilege, to congratulate my dear friend, Staff Sergeant David Bellavia. I'm proud to announce that later his month he is receiving the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions while fighting insurgents in Iraq. He will be the first living Iraq War veteran to receive this honor. Congratulations, David. I'm honored to call you a friend. You will be a fantastic representative of the Iraq War generation.

That's all the time we have tonight. I'm Pete Hegseth in for Laura Ingraham. You catch me again tomorrow in this studio live at 6:00 a.m. Eastern on "Fox & Friends" weekend. But make sure you check out my brand new documentary, "Secrets Of D-Day," exclusively on Fox Nation.

Shannon Bream picks up the coverage from here. Good night from New York.

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