Flashback: Tales from Casey Anthony's Tattoo Artists

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On July 15th, did she mention her daughter Casey?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What did she say?

WILLIAMS: She was with the nanny.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did she say anything about bringing her daughter into the shop?

WILLIAMS: Yes. Caylee would be in the shop on the 19th when she came in for her appointment.


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: That was Bobby Williams of Cast Iron Tattoos testifying in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Williams gave Casey her now famous "Bella Vita" tattoo, meaning "beautiful life" in Italian. That was on July 2nd, 2008 while Caylee was missing. The prosecution wants to know why would Casey get that tattoo while Caylee was missing? Back in January of 2009 "On the Record" when to the tattoo parlor to investigate.


VAN SUSTEREN: Casey Anthony, who knows her?


VAN SUSTEREN: Who met her first?

KNIGHT: She game in with a small group of friends. She was pretty regular.

VAN SUSTEREN: When is the first time she came in her?

KNIGHT: I gave her, her first one when she was eighteen. A shamrock and her lower back.

VAN SUSTEREN: Up until May of last year how many times did you see her?

KNIGHT: She was probably in here three to four times a year.

VAN SUSTEREN: You saw her each time?

KNIGHT: Probably the same.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you know her well enough if you saw her on the street you would say hi?

KNIGHT: Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about the child? Ever meet the child.


VAN SUSTEREN: Nice girl?

KNIGHT: Adorable girl.

VAN SUSTEREN: Last summer mid-June, do you remember seeing her?

KNIGHT: Yes. I had a lengthy conversation with her the day before the phone call where they announced the child missing.

VAN SUSTEREN: That would be July 15th.


VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know if you saw her in June?

KNIGHT: No. When she was here that last time I asked her where Casey was. She was making an appointment to get tattooed by bobby the following Saturday and said she was bringing her in.

VAN SUSTEREN: She walks in here. You say I haven't seen new a long time?

KNIGHT: I asked her where her daughter was. She said with the nanny. We talked and said she would bring her in with her Saturday.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you get the sense she was moving along or naturally the way it flowed?

KNIGHT: Looking back now that was the scary part. It was natural, not a blink, not a hesitation, no show of emotion. Straight into I'll bring her with me Saturday.

VAN SUSTEREN: How did you find out something was not right?

KNIGHT: The next day was my day off. Lance called me and said turn on the news.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what was it?

KNIGHT: That was announcement of the child being missing and all the first day going on.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did it cross any of your minds that maybe Casey had something to do with this?


VAN SUSTEREN: She seemed like a good mother?

KNIGHT: She did.

VAN SUSTEREN: All three of you agree?



VAN SUSTEREN: What happened? How did the story tracks in your mind? When learn more and what did you think?

KNIGHT: The longer it goes on, I'm not a lawyer. I'm not anything to do with the legal system. But it all points to her having a heavy, heavy hand in it if not her doing it herself.

VAN SUSTEREN: You are sitting here. You've seen the news accounts in Orlando. I take it you hear she gets arrested. Your thought?


KNIGHT: Yes, wild. It's almost to the point where you talk about like any serial killer you can talk to the neighbors and never suspected that person they were such a nice person. That was my first reaction. It was like no way. She was a good mom. I can't see this being what the truth is. The more it got investigated and the more they showed proof, it really looked like it pointed towards her.