Fight of Barney Frank's Political Life

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Longtime Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank is facing the toughest reelection race of his political career. And for that he's blaming not one, but two Seans.

Now first is his GOP challenger Sean Bielat. During a recent radio debate things got heated between the two candidates as Frank demanded multiple times that Bielat stop interrupting him even as he continued to interrupt Bielat himself.


CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE SEAN BIELAT, R-MASS.: Walking away from it does not solve the problem. Pretending it exists does not solve the problem.

REP. BARNEY FRANK, D-MASS.: Can I just disagree that we have to have two (INAUDIBLE) human intelligence -- again and I mentioned him --

BIELAT: How would you propose (INAUDIBLE) without having some protection for --

FRANK: I'm sorry please stop, can I just ask what the rules are? About interrupting?

Bielat is distorting what I say. I didn't say if you disagree me you are an extremist. I didn't bring up the Tea Party. I was asked what I thought about them. They've been explicit that they don't believe in compromise.

BIELAT: I've never been explicit, I've never heard --


FRANK: Mr. Bielat thinks complaining about interruption is a debating tactic it is not.


HANNITY: All right, now, clearly the congressman takes issue with anyone who asks him a less than favorable question. He also apparently takes issue with someone else -- little old me in an off-camera interview. Frank attempted to blame me for the tight race in which he now finds himself.


FRANK: It's a tougher race, because once I became chairman of the banking committee in 2007, the right-wing media, talk show hosts decided to target me.

I've had Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck basically say things about me that weren't true and if people say things that aren't true over time and you don't respond, then it has an impact, so I'm responding.


HANNITY: Nice try congressman, but I think the reason you are in the toughest race of your career has nothing to do with me or any other talk show host and everything to do with our next guest Republican Massachusetts congressional candidate Sean Bielat is with us.

Sean, welcome back, thanks for being here.

BIELAT: Thanks a lot.

HANNITY: You know, I did notice a lot of times even way back in the past interviewing Barney Frank. That his tact. He's interrupting, what are the rules here? Were you prepared for that going in? Did you figure that was going to happen?

BIELAT: Yes, absolutely. I've heard the same thing over and over. The trick here is trying to keep him on his record, which is the last thing he wants to talk about, so you just keep bringing it up. You point out facts. You point out what he's done in the past and it gets him flustered.

HANNITY: Now, he recently loaned himself $200,000 for the campaign so obviously he's a little nervous. He's below 50 percent in terms of his own approval ratings.

By the way,histocially he's always gotten 66, 67 percent of the vote so what do you think is happening? By the way, this is a district that Scott Brown won when he ran for the Senate. So is it that close? What are your polls showing?

BIELAT: They are showing it a lot closer than what we've seen publicly. All the trends are in our direction. If you remember, Scott Brown, a week before the election the Boston Globe ran a poll showing him 15 points down and he won by six. So I figure by that rational, we should be up eight to 10 points on election night.

HANNITY: And by all accounts according to congressional reports, financial disclosures, he's not an extraordinary wealthy man. For him, I would think $200,000 is a lot of money. He's obviously mad that you were getting support from a lot of people around the country. How much have you been able to raise now?

BIELAT: We're well over a million dollars. I don't know the exact figure. He still has a fundraising lead that's why we are running a money bomb that's closing tomorrow, if anybody wants to support us we can use the help.

But we're getting the money we need. We are getting our message out. We are going toe-to-toe with him and we feel good with where he we are right now.

HANNITY: All right, do you think that Barney Frank who admitted that Fannie and Freddie that he made a mistake, but then he went on to blame the Republicans. Do you think that was a critical issue in the campaign? That was a surprising moment in my mind when he actually finally admitted that he was wrong.

BIELAT: Well, he admitted he was wrong in 2003. But he didn't admit in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, so his admission is pretty limited in scope. The record shows well after that point he continued to push for homeownership even among people who couldn't afford it.

HANNITY: Where is Scott Brown in this race? I haven't seen that he came out and supported you much.

BIELAT: He has endorsed all the candidates here in Massachusetts. We've gotten a number of endorsements, Mitt Romney, John McCain, endorsements for all over the place.

HANNITY: Is he out campaigning for you?

BIELAT: No, he hasn't been in the state as much as far as I know.

HANNITY: That's interesting to me considering so many people supported him. I wonder why? That's somewhat interesting to me.

BIELAT: We've got what we need right here. We are running very much a grass roots operation. We've got hundreds and hundreds of volunteers going out. We have a lot more depth of support than Barney Frank could hope for. Everything is on track, in place and we're gearing up for Tuesday.

HANNITY: All right. Sean, thanks for being with us. Best of luck. We'll watch the campaign closely.

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