Ferguson store owner reacts to Baltimore riots

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: As we're watching all of this, I want to bring in former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is just literally shaking his head. A NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now to a business owner who has seen all of this before.

This is Jeniece Andrews' antique store burning to the ground during the Ferguson riots last fall. The building is being demolished today. Things nowhere near getting back to normal for her.

She joins us on the phone right now.

Jeniece, how are you holding up?

JENIECE ANDREWS, OWNER, HIDDEN TREASURES: Well, it's kind of mixed emotions. I'm trying to move forward. I am moving forward.

But there is still things that need -- the healing that needs to be -- take place in our community. We're working on moving forward and working on healing.

CAVUTO: You know, Jeniece, you always seemed so calm when I talked to you throughout the whole Ferguson riots. You know, you just said God will take care of this, we will get back. And you're not back yet. Now you see what's going on in Baltimore. Any advice to those store owners and business owners, many of whom are going through what you went through?

ANDREWS: I would like to say, my advice to the business owners is, please, have as much insurances if you can. And please protect your inventory if you can.

And, also, I would like to say to the people that are doing this rioting, it seems like a lot of these young people think they know what -- they think that's part of protesting. But that is not part of protesting. And basically what you are doing is you're taking away the heartbeat of your community. You're hurting these small businesses that are there to nurture you and to help you and to make your life better.

And you taking things that are put in -- your community put there to help you is not going to bring justice to the situation. I think they should step back and let justice take its course. Let things be rebuilt and not do illegal things to shine a negative light on the black community.

And I think they should move forward in healing and peaceful protests, if that's what they choose to do, but not destroy other businesses and hurt people who are hurting their own self. I'm a black business owner. And also now I'm a black business owner. I'm a homemaker who stayed home with my three sons. And I have to worry about -- if my sons go out in the community, I pray for them that God put a cover of protection over them and they make it home all right and that they know how to -- that they don't run into a situation, that they make it home all right.

And I just want to say, I heard that the mothers were coming to get their children out of the street. And I would like to say to all the mothers, please get your children out of the street and know where your child is tonight. Please do that. And that's what I did, even though I had to watch my business burn and I lost everything I had.

And I worked for it. We were not rich. We put our life savings into this building. And we lost everything. And I still have to deal with that, yes, the loss of my father dying suddenly and my business, and then my relatives watching what happened in my community. I have to grieve over that too because I'm a mother of three young black men, who you always have to be concerned and you pray to God put a protection of cover on them that they make it home at night.

So, my sympathy is out to that family and their mothers and young man that died there in Baltimore today, but I'm saying violence and riots. And it is not the answer. It's not the answer for your community. It's not the answer for the world. And we do not need hate now, and negativity has never brought about positive results.

CAVUTO: Jeniece, you not only sound like a great businesswoman. You sound, even better, like a great mom.

ANDREWS: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Some very wise words. Hang in there, OK?

ANDREWS: Thank you so much.

CAVUTO: Hope to talk to you soon again, Jeniece Andrews.

Her business burnt down in the Ferguson riots.

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