Fearless Folks Refuse to Act Their Age

They're a couple in their eighties, they've been married 60 years next month and they're renovating their house.

It's the same house they inherited from her folks when they first got hitched and it's a big job. It could cost a hundred grand and take maybe a year or more. And, like I said, they're in their eighties! He is pushing 90!

You don't think of people that age doing things like that. What is it Charlie Rangel once said? "At my age, I don't buy green bananas, because you never know."

I guess this married couple doesn't know either. But I know this much: Neither of them doesn't much care.

They're focused on things they want to do now and lives they want to live to the fullest now.

They are among those hearty folks who simply refuse to act their age. And I think it makes them ageless and fearless and fun.

"We have our health," he tells me in an e-mail — which is why he's writing to me in the first place. Because she has a question about a mutual fund: Do I know of any with good, long-term prospects.

"You know," they explain, "For the next 10 years or so?"

Apparently they want to do something big for his 100th.

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