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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening, and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. If you've been paying attention recently, and you probably have, you've likely sensed that something profound is happening to this country right now, something that could transform what America is. You can feel it happening.

Our leaders deny it. Officials on both sides reassured us, they're not planning wholesale changes to the country. They're just trying to fix specific problems.

A man was brutalized by police officers in Minneapolis. Another man was shot to death in the parking lot of Wendy's. Those things were bad, they are telling us, and abuses like that are what they are fighting against.

They say we need new laws, more good faith, more attention to injustice, and that sounds right to most Americans. Americans are decent people. They want to do the right thing.

Certainly, Republicans in Congress who appear to believe all of this or maybe they're just so scared, they pretend they believe it.

Either way, just yesterday, the G.O.P. leadership enthusiastically backed a Law Enforcement Reform Bill. They're proud of that. They seem to think that reining in the police will fix the underlying problems. And pretty soon, we can all get back to living in 2014 again. Republicans appear to believe this is a policy debate.

But Democrats know better than that. They don't lie to themselves. They understand there is a revolution in progress. The death of George Floyd may have sparked widespread outrage, sincere outrage, and they may share that outrage. But they also know that what is happening now has very little to do with George Floyd or people like him.

Like all revolutions, the point is to destroy the current system and replace it with something new. Or replace it with what? That's the question the rest of us should be asking right now. We should know what's coming.

We know what we have now. Our current system has been in place for hundreds of years. It's based on a very simple idea: all people are created by God with equal moral value. Period. Every one of them.

For that reason, and that reason alone, all Americans are treated equally under the laws of the United States. In this country, we judge you for what you do, not how you were born. That idea has been the defining principle of America since the 18th Century. It's the main reason we are the fairest society in the world. It's the reason people move here.

To the extent America has failed to live up to that principle of equality, we are ashamed of it, we should be. Equality is the most important thing we have. We should defend it. We should practice it.

Now for the first time in our history, we're witnessing a broad and powerful attack on the principle of equality. Daily, we are told that all people are not in fact created equal. Some were born with moral stain, others were not. Some Americans are guilty, some are innocent. Nothing can change this, because it was all determined at birth. All we can do is respond accordingly.

People in favorite groups must be held to one standard. Those in disfavored groups, the morally tainted ones, must be held to another standard. The country retains one set of laws mostly for the sake of formality. But we must apply those laws in very different ways according to the DNA and the background of the accused.

If that sounds familiar, it's because this kind of system we just described, this system based on heredity and blood guilt has been very common in history. It was the rule in feudal Europe, for example, and the totalitarian regimes on that continent more recently. It's still in practice in parts of the world.

In North Korea, children are sent to prison camps for the sins of their ancestors. And unfortunately, we have seen it here, too. You may have wondered how politicians could have justified practices as perverse as slavery and Jim Crow in a country with a constitution like ours and the answer is simple, by arguing that not all people are created equal.

Some had lesser moral value from birth. That's what they said. Those people carried the stain of sin with them. You are allowed to treat them differently based on who they were.

At the time, many understood that this was a lie. Slavery persisted for hundreds of years, but they were always some in authority who considered it evil. Not evil simply because it was abusive, which of course it was, but because the existence of it violated the central principle of this country, and they were right.

Where are those people now? Look around. Is anyone in power defending absolute equality under the law? If there was ever a time to remind America that we all have equal value under God, that time is right now.

But no, no one in charge is saying that. Our leaders are cowards when we need them to be brave. They are muddled when we need them to think clearly. It's possible they no longer even believe in equality.

Forty years ago, this was a middle class country and as a result, America had strongly egalitarian values. Pretty much everyone used commercial airports and ate at McDonald's. Do you remember that? People talked without irony about their rights as citizens and taxpayers.

You couldn't pay extra to jump to the head of the line at Disney World. The idea that someone like Jeffrey Epstein could beat a sex charge because he was rich would have shocked us then. We would have demanded an investigation into just how Jeffrey Epstein died. Why? Because Americans hated corruption. They saw corruption as an offense against equality.

That was 40 years ago. Things were moving in the opposite direction ever since. We now accept uncritically the claim that some people deserve better treatment based on how they were born and some deserve worse.

This is the most poisonous and the most destructive of all ideas. Other nations understand that. Rwanda has made it a crime to make ethnic appeals during elections to practice identity politics, because they know very well where that leads.

Yet, identity politics is accelerating here. It shouldn't surprise you that most of the people pushing this poison are benefiting from it. They're using the recent chaos to codify dangerous trends already in progress, a permanently unequal society where some citizens are elevated and others are crushed. Winners and losers preordained by law. That's the country they're working toward.

At the same time, and this is always the tell. They lecture you with maximum self-righteousness about how they're doing precisely the opposite of that. What they're really doing, they claim, is upholding equality under the law.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): No one is above the law.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nobody is above the law.

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-NY): No one is above the law.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): No one is above the law.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No one is above the law.

REP. SHEILA JACKSON-LEE (D-TX): No one is above the law.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That no person is above the law.

SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ): Nobody should be above the law.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): Nobody should be above the law.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): No one is above the law.


CARLSON: No one is above the law, they scold, meaning you aren't, you are not above their laws. You must obey those laws to the letter or you will face certain punishment. Others meanwhile, get a pass for an entirely separate set of laws. Revolutionaries don't acknowledge universal standards.

Increasingly, they admit this out loud, they're not pretending anymore. In California, Democrats are moving to repeal Proposition 209.

Proposition 209 explicitly bans racial discrimination in hiring and education. In other words, Democrats in California are now fighting for discrimination.

This is not considered strange in 2020. No one even mentions it.

A couple of weeks ago, Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky announced plans to bring universal health insurance to his state, but not for all citizens, just for people with the right skin color. Everyone else would pay, but only certain ethnic groups would benefit.

Andy Beshear is still in office tonight. No one has tried to impeach him for suggesting this because ideas like this are everywhere now. They're totally unchallenged.

This is the most divisive possible way to run a country. If you wanted to make certain that your children would hate each other, you would hold them to different standards, and they certainly would.

There is a reason that racial tension is rising in this country, it's by design. But race is not the only dividing line.

The coronavirus lockdowns have nothing to do with race, with white or black. Thank God. They're probably the only thing in America right now that doesn't. Quarantines are instead scientific. They're purely a matter of public health. That's what they told us and we believed them. We sat passively as they destroyed our country's economy as they indicted Americans for trying to make a living.

And then the Black Lives Matter riots started and we learned that it was all fake. The very same officials who threatened us with arrest for going outside, urged their own voters to flood the streets, and they did and no one was punished.

How could this happen? It was such a flagrant, double standard, not even hidden, right in your face. They didn't try to explain it. They didn't bother to justify it. Why?

Anyone familiar with totalitarianism regimes can tell you exactly why and what's going on. This is ritual humiliation. Forcing people to accept mistreatment is a time tested way to subdue them. Of course, we're not treating you fairly, they're telling us. You don't deserve fairness. You deserve what you get. That's the message.

And after a while the population accepts this. Some believe it. They blame themselves. That's the goal.

But we should never accept it. The promise of absolute equality under the law is all we have. Laws are designed to protect the weak, not the strong.

At the moment, the people leading this revolution against our system are strong. That's why they're trying to subvert our laws. If they succeed, there will be nothing to protect the rest of us in this country. We cannot let them do that.

In the United States of America, all of us are equal under the law. Period. Say that as loud as you can.

JD Vance is the author of "Hillbilly Elegy." He joins us tonight. JD, I can't imagine that one in a thousand Americans seeks to divide the population by race. It's the cruelest and longest lasting sin you could commit, I think in a country and yet clearly there are people who are intentionally trying to do that. Why?

JD VANCE, AUTHOR: Well, I think that you have to ask yourself who benefits from a lot of this tension and a lot of this division. If you think about a business, black owned or white owned that was destroyed in a riot over the last few weeks, who gets richer from that?

We know that Amazon has a little bit more market share. And so Jeff Bezos makes a little bit more money. If you think about what prevents new businesses from coming online and competing with those mega corporations that rule our financial world, well, every time a small business gets denied for a loan, every time a small business goes out of business, that's obviously good for the folks who run our corporate culture.

And at the end of the day, what are we not talking about right now that we should be talking about? We're not talking about the opioid epidemic, which kills 70,000 people still in this country. We're not talking about concentrated financial power, which is the biggest problem that white and black middle class Americans face today.

And at the end of the day, what we're doing is creating an entire narrative that's dividing the country instead of actually causing middle and working class people to unify and to try to convince through political means others to share power with them.

CARLSON: Do you think that explanation might explain why the turmoil we're watching has been largely funded by corporate America?

VANCE: I think that's a huge part of it, Tucker, and one of the weirdest things, you know, people on the left right now act like they're on the side of the oppressed. They like to think that they're standing up for the little guy, they're standing up for working people, but on every single one of these major issues, if you look at the big Supreme Court cases that have come down the line in the past few days. You look at what's happening with the protests.

You look at the actual goals of the protests as they've been stated, abolish the police. If you look at public policy polling, 70 percent of black Americans actually like their local police department. How is it that on all of these big debates, the left finds itself on the side of Corporate America? It finds itself on the side of international businesses.

You know, if I was a member of a political movement that stood up for working people and found myself every single time on the side of Amazon, on the side of Apple, on the side of Google, I might ask myself, if I've actually chosen the right allies, and what it says about me, but unfortunately, too many folks on the left just aren't doing that.

CARLSON: Why are Republicans playing along with this? I mean, they seem to think -- I've been thinking of this all day that this is some kind of policy debate that can be won by passing some stupid Bill in the Congress. The people -- they're arguing against see this as a revolution that will replace our current system with a new one. Why is that a hard concept for elected Republicans to grasp?

VANCE: Well, if you step back a little bit from our current debates, one of the things that's pretty obvious is that the Republican Party has been for far too long in the pocket of major corporate interests. That's true in the think tank world in D.C., it's true for a lot of major Republican politicians.

And I think the Republicans have just so forgotten that there are real economic, real social challenges in this country that needs to be solved, that they're comfortable with just doing whatever the mainstream media says that they should be doing, instead of actually fighting back in a real and substantive way.

Really, the story of the past 30 or 40 years of American politics, unfortunately, is that in their own different ways, the left and the right have both found themselves effectively preaching that they're standing up for the middle class, when in reality, they're just standing up for corporate interests.

And so unfortunately, I think the answer to your question is Republicans have just gotten used to not solving real problems, to not legislating, to not doing the things that they're supposed to be doing as political leaders. And this is almost the most important point here, Tucker, if you look at the average American, black, white, brown, whatever, they're very sensible.

They want common sense solutions. They recognize that something is pretty broken about our current system. It's fundamentally a problem of leadership that we're not talking about the biggest issues that confront us as a country.

And so, you know, unfortunately, that falls on Republicans just as much as it does with Democrats.

CARLSON: They're not defending their voters or any American. It's can't last, I would say. JD Vance, thank you for your insightful analysis of that.

VANCE: Thanks.

CARLSON: Well, today in the House, Matt Gaetz wound up in a -- Congressman Matt Gaetz went up in an argument with a Democratic member of Congress who told him he was not allowed to participate because he was a white man, and he doesn't understand what it's like to raise a child who doesn't look like him.

That prompted the Congressman to respond in a very personal way. He joins us after the break with his response.


CARLSON: The Cultural Revolution now in progress is making a dangerous term. It's actually been here for quite some time. You're watching elected leaders say you are not allowed to participate in our system if you're the wrong color.

During a recent argument on the House floor, Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, argued that some people just shouldn't be in the debate because they're the wrong skin color or their children aren't. Richmond's claims started off with a fight with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.


REP. CEDRIC RICHMOND (D-LA): You all are a white male. You've never lived in my shoes and you do not know what it's like to be an African American male.

REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL): Are you suggesting that you're certain that none of us have non-white children? Because you reflected on your black son and you said none of us could understand that.

RICHMOND: Matt, Matt. Stop. I'm not about to get sidetracked about the color of our children. We're talking about black. I reclaim my time. It is not about the color of your kids. It is about black males, black people in the streets that are getting killed and if one of them happens to be your kid, I'm concerned about him, too.

And clearly, I'm more concerned about him than you are. So, let's be clear about that.

GAETZ: So you're claiming so -- you're claiming you have more concern for my family than I do? Who in the hell do you think you are?

REP. JERROLD NADLER (D-NY): Gentlemen, gentlemen --

RICHMOND: If the shoe fits.

GAETZ: Look -- you don't know how much we care for our own families.

RICHMOND: A kicked doll hollers.

GAETZ: This is outrageous. You should take those words down.

NADLER: The gentlemen --

GAETZ: If you are concerned about your family and love your family, so do we, damn it.

NADLER: The gentleman will suspend. The gentleman suspend. The time belongs to the gentleman from Louisiana. Cedric would you yield?

RICHMOND: Was that a nerve?

GAETZ: Yes, you're damn right, it was a nerve.

RICHMAN: I yield to the gentleman from Louisiana.


CARLSON: When you attack people on the basis of their race and their children, you get exchanges like that. It's disgusting. Of course, Cedric Richmond will never be disciplined for it.

Afterwards, Matt Gaetz issued this statement on Twitter. "For all those wondering, this is my son, Nestor. We share no blood, but he is my life. He came from Cuba legally of course, six years ago and lives with me in Florida.

Congressman Matt Gaetz joins us tonight. Congressman, thanks so much for coming on.

So, Cedric Richmond, who the way, went to Tulane Law School and brags about his Harvard degree, mister oppressed character here, was telling you that you're not allowed to participate in the conversation because of your skin color?

GAETZ: I believe everyone should be able to participate if they're black, white or otherwise, and it's certainly offensive to have someone tell you that, you know, you don't know what a certain experience is like when they know nothing about you.

Nestor is the light of my life. I couldn't imagine him loving him anymore, if he was my own flesh and blood. I've raised him for the last six years and he is just the most remarkable young man. I am proud of him. And I am - - I'm honestly embarrassed for the United States Congress that we've resorted to criticizing each other based on our race and the race of our children and I wish that we would be more productive going forward.

CARLSON: So did any Republicans at your side of the aisle stand up and make that point? I mean, it seems like a pretty basic threshold that we're not going to attack people for things they can't control, like their skin color. Did anyone else join in your defense?

GAETZ: Well, there were some Republicans who, you know, pointed out that we shouldn't be treating anybody differently as a consequence of their race. I've just got to say though, he is a remarkable young man. I am proud of him.

And I've run Nestor to believe that in our family, we treat everyone equally. It doesn't matter what their background is, what their race is, we treat every American with respect.

CARLSON: Does he learn that at school as well, do you think? I mean, do you think the culture in which he is growing up reinforces that obvious and most American of all messages?

GAETZ: Well, why don't you ask him, Tucker? He is, I think piped in from the studio in Florida.

CARLSON: Nestor, thanks for joining us. What do you make of Cedric Richmond's attack? Did you see all of this?

NESTOR GALBAN, SON OF REP. MATT GAETZ: I did not see it because I was sleeping from my work out from the night before. But yes, once I woke up, I woke up to seeing all these sweets and I was like, what's going on? And Matt gave me a call telling me about it, and then I saw it.

And I think it's kind of unfair to not -- to tell someone that they don't understand because they don't have, like, because of their racial color, while like, he is fighting for equality, but if you tell someone to not get involved that he doesn't understand because of his color, you're kind of being a hypocrite there.

CARLSON: Yes, I think that's very nicely put. Matt, I mean, Congressman Gaetz. Saying something like this out loud seems like the kind of thing that, you know, in normal times you'd be censured for.

GAETZ: I cannot believe that it's acceptable in the United States Congress for someone to tell someone else that they're fighting for their children more than they are.

Tucker, you have a son? How would you feel if someone said to you that they, you know, we're fighting for your own family more than you are. So that's why I got very upset. But you know, for the for the sake of Nestor and my story, we're a proud, happy family. We love each other very much.

And Nestor is on his way off to college in the fall, and I just couldn't be happier and prouder of the young man he has become and the fact that he is embracing these American values that everyone should be treated fairly and equally.

CARLSON: That's exactly right. I tell my kids, you're not responsible for who your relatives are in their case, thank heaven. You're responsible for what you do and the choices that you make. That's the promise of America. If we abandon that, we're done.

Congressman, thanks so much for coming on. Nestor, nice to meet you.

GAETZ: Thank you.

GALBAN: Nice to meet you, too, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, a police officer is facing execution tonight for killing a suspect armed with one of his weapons, a Taser. It's not because the police officer broke the law. That's pretty clear. It's because the mob is demanding his head. We'll tell you what we mean after the break.


CARLSON: Police Officer Garrett Rolfe of Atlanta has been charged with murder. He is facing the death penalty for shooting a man called Rayshard Brooks. Rayshard Brooke stole a police Taser and tried to use it against Officer Rolfe, now Atlanta Police are in turmoil with plunging morale, widespread absenteeism and reports that people are resigning in large groups.

Chief breaking news correspondent, Trace Gallagher has the very latest on this. Hey, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHIEF BREAKING NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Tucker. Officers Devin Brosnan and Garrett Rolfe both surrendered to authorities just before noon today. Brosnan bonded out less than an hour later, but Garrett Rolfe is being held without bail for felony murder in the shooting death of 27-year-old, Rayshard Brooks who was found last Friday night sleeping in the drive-thru of an Atlanta Wendy's.

When Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard laid out the charges, he said his office interviewed 10 witnesses and watched eight videos from body cams, cell phones and surveillance cameras. The DA and his team concluded that Rayshard Brooks never displayed aggression and never presented himself as a threat quoting here, "Even though Mr. Brooke was slightly impaired, his demeanor during this incident was almost jovial."

Garrett Rolfe's attorney has called the DA's statements unethical saying the DA is prohibited from making comments to heighten the public condemnation of the accused. As for the DA's contention that Brooks was jovial and posed no threat, Rolfe's attorney says during the incident, Rayshard Brooks committed three felonies: resisting arrest, attacking officers, punching Officer Rolfe in the face and taking Officer Brosnan's Taser and pointing it at him.

Officer Brosnan's attorney also knocked down the DA's comment about cooperation. Watch.


DON SAMUEL, DEVIN BROSNAN ATTORNEY: I regret that the District Attorney apparently was given misinformation yesterday and Officer Brosnan is not going to be a quote, "state's witness."


GALLAGHER: The DA was also criticized for not allowing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to complete its investigation into the shooting, and meantime, we should note, the Atlanta Police Department says they're experiencing a high number of officers calling out sick for their shifts, but maintain they do have enough resources to be able to respond to calls - - Tucker.

CARLSON: We'll see if that holds true tomorrow. Trace Gallagher, thanks so much.


CARLSON: Stacy Abrams, who pretends to be the Governor of Georgia despite losing that office and many other Democratic officeholders tell us that Officer Rolfe deserves to face execution because Rayshard Brooks only had a Taser.


STACY ABRAMS, FORMER GEORGIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: There's a legitimacy to this anger. There's a legitimacy to this outrage. A man was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-thru. Because what happened yesterday to Rayshard Brooks was a function of excessive force and the decision that the fact that they were either embarrassed or you know, panicked led them to murder a man who they knew only had a Taser in his hand.


CARLSON: They didn't know he only had a Taser in his hand. Stacy Abrams is making that up, as she often does make things up. But she's arguing that Tasers are basically harmless toys.

So the question is, how long has this standard existed? You can take a guess. It was invented this week by demagogues like Stacy Abrams when it became useful for furthering racial division, which is their signature.

In 2012, a "New York Times" tweet warned that quote, "Tasers shot the chest can kill, a study warns." Literally just two weeks ago, Fulton County's District Attorney was explaining that under Georgia law, Tasers are deadly weapons.


PAUL HOWARD, FULTON COUNTY, GEORGIA DISTRICT ATTORNEY: And charged with aggravated assault of Mrs. Pilgrim. And this is for pointing a Taser at Mrs. Pilgrim and as many of you all know, under Georgia law, a Taser is considered as a deadly weapon under Georgia law.


CARLSON: And in fact, there are many cases of police in this country being cleared for shooting suspects who grabbed their Tasers.

In 2018, for example, officers in Miami Dade County ordered felony suspect Jamal Parker to sit on the ground. Instead of sitting, Parker charged them, grabbed a Taser and pointed it at the officers. He was shot. He survived. But the officers were not charged for shooting him. It was considered justified.

In 2013, in Dallas, Texas, Salvador Munoz seized a Taser from an officer, refused to drop it when asked and was set to use it against the officer. He was shot dead.

We could list others. Here's one more. It's also from Georgia. A year ago, David Schmidt was running into traffic, blocking cars and according to some accounts trying to get into the cars, Officer Eduardo Guerrero arrived to apprehend him. When he did, Schmidt attacked the officer. Guerrero tried to use his Taser. He wanted to use less than deadly force, but Schmidt instead seized the Taser and tried to use it on the officer. When he did that, Guerrero shot him.

The results of all of this, Guerrero has been cleared. The DA in that case told us and we're quoting, "I found the shooting legally justified and declined to pursue any charges against the officer," end quote. "The New York Times" did not do a series of articles on that event.

Schmidt meanwhile has been charged with aggravated assault. But that of course all happened last year. This year is Year Zero, and that means brand new rules for everyone because the revolution is in progress.

Vincent Champion in Southeast Regional Director of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, the police union in Atlanta and we're happy to have him tonight. Mr. Champion, thanks so much for coming out. So, it looks to me like this officer is being charged under a standard that didn't exist before this week.

VINCENT CHAMPION, SOUTHEAST REGIONAL DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF POLICE OFFICERS: We couldn't agree with you more. We believe that the officer has not been given his due process. We believe that this is nothing more but a political move by the District Attorney.

CARLSON: Have you ever seen this happen to an officer before? Charged with murder for shooting a man who was pointing his own Taser at him?

CHAMPION: No, I've never seen that, and I've never seen anyone charged with murder without a full investigation.

CARLSON: Right. Thank you for pointing that out. That there is -- or was at least an investigation in progress of this incident, but the District Attorney who is in a runoff for reelection and facing corruption charges decided that he wasn't going to wait for it. So, how are police officers in Atlanta responding to this?

CHAMPION: Well, the police officers are definitely scared, and I get scared as it is, but they're afraid to do their job at this point because -- not because they're afraid of how to do it, they've been trained to do that. They know what they're doing. The problem is they've been betrayed and backstabbed by their own Mayor, the DA, and now everybody is thinking that if we go out and do our job the way we were trained and lawfully, we still could be terminated because the Mayor in the city doesn't like the way it looked on video.

The problem with that is, 95 percent of all videos that you watch of police officers, you know, doing their job, don't look good. So, if that's a standard we're going to go by, that's a terrible standard.

And then you've got a DA who doesn't even do an investigation or allow the proper authorities to do the investigation, as he has done for you know, years now. That he makes that decision and goes as far as charges them to also almost put a person to death for doing his job.

CARLSON: Yes. Charged on the death penalty offense. Do you think this will draw attention away from the accusation that the DA stole money -- government money from a nonprofit?

CHAMPION: Well, I hope not, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen, and we appreciate you doing everything that you can to keep that from happening. But I do believe that is what he is trying to do.

CARLSON: Has it occurred to you, Mr. Champion, that politicians in Atlanta, you said police officers won't be able to do their jobs? And that's clearly true. Has it occurred to you that maybe that's the point of this? Maybe there are politicians in Atlanta who don't want police officers to enforce the law.

CHAMPION: It has definitely crossed our mind, especially, you know, since we had distinguished between the protesters and rioters, but since the rioters are here, and we hear them calling out to, you know, they don't need police departments and we don't do anything but you know kill innocent people. So, I think they're listening to that, and they've decided maybe we don't need a police department and that is the worst decision they could ever make.

CARLSON: You've been a cop, obviously. You represent them as union official, what do you think would happen to Atlanta if the police disappeared?

CHAMPION: Well, it would look a lot worse than when they were when they had the riots and then the question would be, would it become just like what we're seeing now? And I wish people would look at that and what's going on in the north with the taking of the area?

Somebody will eventually take up arms and say they are the law there, which is what's happened already, and once they take those up and do it, how -- you know, what are their -- at least now you have laws and rules and training that we have, that we have to abide by and go through?

What is -- what are these people going to do? They're just going to decide what they want to do when they want to do and they're going to kill or hurt whoever they decide that they feel it's necessary.

CARLSON: That's exactly -- that is such a wise point and I'm glad that you said that out loud. If you got rid of all police, it wouldn't mean the end of authority, it would mean the rise of armed militia and it would mean and it would mean that, you know, we've basically become a third world country and maybe that's what they're looking for.

Vincent Champion, I really appreciate your coming on tonight. I can't imagine what your life is like right now. Good luck.

CHAMPION: Well, thank you very much, sir.

CARLSON: Well, a final point tonight, a kind of coda, which really tells you everything about what's happening to our country right now, how it has gone with amazing quickness from one of the most tolerant places of goodwill on the planet to something very different, very, very fast.

So, we've been telling you the story of the police officer charged, Officer Rolfe. Until today, his stepmother, her name is Melissa Rolfe was the HR Director at a place called Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta, Georgia. But today, she was let go. She is no longer in that role. Apparently, she was fired, and her only crime was being Officer Ralph's stepmother.

According to source familiar with the matter who spoke to this program, Rolfe was promised that her job was safe. But today she was told and we are quoting, "We have to terminate our relationship with you." No other explanation was offered and honestly no other explanation was needed. It was obvious what happened.

Rolfe has already been scrubbed from the company's website, wiped away as the Bolsheviks did with those who lost favor with Joseph Stalin. That will keep happening until lawmakers decide to resist the mob and protect ordinary people from its predations. This is where the country is going. It's becoming a place where you can be punished for the supposed misdeeds of your relatives.

You don't want to be that country. All of us should put on the brakes immediately.

Well, Seattle isn't just the home of Earth's 196th country, CHOP. Other things are happening there, too. Problems that have been around a lot longer than CHOP, a business owner says he is about to give up on Seattle. He has been there for four decades, but he is leaving. He'll tell us why, next.


CARLSON: We just told you a moment ago that the stepmother of Officer Rolfe, the Atlantic cop who is facing the death penalty for the shooting of Rayshard Brooks was just fired from her job today at a place called Equity Prime Mortgage in the Atlanta area.

We told you she was fired with no explanation, obviously, because it disapproved of who her stepson was, and in America we don't do things like that because it's immoral.

We just got a statement sent to us from Equity Prime Mortgage. They're blaming Rolfe's stepmother, alluding to social media comments. They don't specify what those are. Then they added a long boilerplate comment about how they support diversity.

The bottom line is, it seems pretty clear they fired this woman because of who her stepson was, and just to restate the obvious, that shouldn't happen in this country, because it's wrong. And people should say it's wrong or it will continue to keep happening.

Well, we've been highly amused this week, the one bright spot in the week really was the nation of CHOP. It's a deeply progressive place with a very secure border and its own armed guards.

But CHOP has just the latest problem for a city that has become unlivable for a lot of people who are from there, Joey Rodolfo knows that well. He owns a store called Buki, it's a clothing store based in downtown Seattle. He was forcibly shut down due to coronavirus. Then this month, his store was looted during riots.

But he says the city's troubles have been building for much longer than that. Joey Rodolfo joins us tonight from Seattle. Joey, thanks so much for coming on. So your point is that the triple whammy of coronavirus, these riots and now, CHOP. That's just the latest in a series of problems. Tell us what you faced as a store owner in Seattle.

JOEY RODOLFO, SEATTLE BUSINESS OWNER: Tucker, I've lived in Seattle for 38 years. For 38 years, in the last three years, I've seen the crime rate surge. I've seen homelessness/drugs and gangs take over our downtown, not to mention the destruction of property that's happening here in Seattle, and with no consequences.

We have a judicial system here that is a revolving door. So if you're a store owner or a restaurant in Seattle, these are very, very difficult times. You know, it's -- I met with the Mayor at a dinner in February, and I walked up to her table and asked, listen, what can we do? What can you do to help us downtown to bring back downtown? It is a very simple question. What can you do?

She says, listen, Joey, it sounds like you're very passionate about doing - - why don't I start a task force, and I'd like to invite you to be on it. And so this was in February. I called and called a call to her office, Tucker, to no answer.

I will give her credit, she did decide that she has offered to buy my dinner, which I said, listen, no, thank you but how about serving up some law and order in this town?

So, yes. So you know, we have reached a point here in Seattle where I call it, we are now a utopian socialist city, honestly, on the backs of all of us taxpaying citizens. That's where Seattle is right now.

CARLSON: It doesn't look like utopia. It looks filthy and disgusting. That's your store behind you, right there?

RODOLFO: Yes, this is what Seattle looks like and this is what people don't see when they go up to CHOP and whatever they call it today. CHOP, CHAZ, whatever they call it.

So, yes, Tucker, you know, downtown has been decimated. All you see is plywood, particleboard. Stores opened up and there's no chance that this town will soon come alive again. Although, if you talk to the Mayor, she'll tell you that that's her goal.

Here's what I'll tell you. This is -- you know, things couldn't get crazier, Tucker. The fact that the mayor sends more particleboard and art supplies to the people up on CHAZ. I call it Jenny's kids need, you know, stuff to do on their downtime so they get crayons, spray paint and more particleboard so they can occupy their downtime.

That's what the craziness that is happening here.

CARLSON: Your Mayor is a narcissist and a joke.

RODOLFO: You know, exactly.

CARLSON: Let me ask you, Joey. So you've paid taxes for 38 years in Seattle. In return, they've ignored you and let mobs destroy your livelihood. Are you going to stay?

RODOLFO: Right. Tucker, I am telling you that speaking for myself and for other friends that have either restaurants or other businesses, I can tell you that it's about to have -- Seattle is going to experience a mass exodus and I hear people going to Idaho.

CARLSON: Yes, a lot of people are -- a lot of people are going to Idaho. Joey, good luck and call us when you get to Boise, okay. I think it's probably better.

RODOLFO: Thank you.

CARLSON: Thanks a lot.

RODOLFO: I'll be going to Arizona, Tucker. We're going to Arizona. Yes.

CARLSON: Smart man.

RODOLFO: All right. Yes.

CARLSON: Thanks. Well, the Olympics had been postponed. Baseball may be canceled, but sure the NFL will be back, not so fast. Dr. Tony Fauci does not approve. He's still running the country for some reason. Dr. Marc Siegel reacts, next.


CARLSON: Pretty much every single NFL player is under the age of 40. All of them by definition are world class athletes. They play in the NFL. They are virtually at no risk from coronavirus. European soccer leagues know this, they have already restarted games there. So, why don't have the NFL return this fall?

Dr. Tony Fauci is not a football fan, apparently. He just told CNN it may simply be too dangerous to let football return this year. Why exactly?

Fox medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joins us to unravel this mystery. Doctor, thanks for coming on.

SIEGEL: Tucker, Dr. Fauci is a tremendous Infectious Disease expert, but he often steps outside his lane. Now, in this case, his lane is basketball. He was a star high school basketball player. When it comes to football, I talked on NFL radio last week about how we could make this happen.

Now, as you have said already, football players are young. Even if they got COVID-19, God forbid, they would get a mild case most likely. We would test our trainers all the time. We would test the football players regularly, if not daily. We would look for symptoms. We would check them for temperature. Any kind of a sniffle even.

And by the way, when it comes to football, Tucker, you know what the number one problem is? It's not going to be COVID-19 in professional football, it's going to be severe concussion, by far that's the problem, not COVID- 19.

So, I think that we can start to move the ball forward on this especially since they've already got soccer going in Europe right now, all the way across Europe, lifting spirits and they're thinking of putting fans back in the stands in Italy for soccer next month.

Speaking of fans, how are we going to do fans with professional football? Well, we're going to have to test the ticket takers, right? And we're going to have to alternate weeks or every third week, and we're going to have to social distance everybody, even social distance the beer and social distance to hotdogs. And by the way, when you're rooting for your team, you usually get very excited and you're shouting, so you could actually spread virus. So I want people to be very aware of that.

And I might move the team if it's in a hot spot where COVID-19 is, and I don't want people with high risk conditions there. I don't want people overweight. I'd be very careful about that. And elderly people, senior citizens I wouldn't let in the games right away.

Speaking of senior citizens, Tucker. There's one senior citizen I would give a pass to, a senior citizen by football standards. He is going to turn 43 this year, going down to Tampa Bay, the top passer of all time, Tucker. I want to give Tom Brady a pass and I want them to cheer us all on for the football season -- Tucker.

CARLSON: I think it's medical advice most people would support. We'll just call it a BLM rally and just let it roll.

Dr. Siegel, thanks so much.

SIEGEL: Thank you.

CARLSON: By the way, Barstools Dave Portnoy comes tomorrow to respond to this. Sean Hannity, the Great Sean Hannity right now.

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