'Factor' Victory: New Charges Brought Against Oklahoma Child Rapist

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LAURA INGRAHAM, GUEST HOST: In the "Factor Follow-up" segment tonight: a victory for the good guys. "The Factor" has reported extensively on the case of a 65-year-old convicted child rapist, David Earls, who was scheduled to be released from jail in two weeks after being sentenced to one year in jail with seven months knocked off for time served for raping a 4-year-old girl. Unbelievable. Well now, after our series of investigations, the state attorney general has stepped in to bring new molestation charges against Earls. He's being held on $400,000 bond until a new trial. Joining us now from Tulsa, radio talk show host Pat Campbell, who has been covering this story.


INGRAHAM: Pat, I think people across this country are breathing a bit of a sigh of relief here, thinking we can't have yet another freak rapist released who shouldn't be released into the population at large. Tell us the latest.

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CAMPBELL: Well, it's an outrageous case, and you know, we've got to give kudos and plaudits to Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera, because if it hadn't been for them and the national attention they brought to this case, this guy would have been released. He would have been walking the streets September 24. He would have had the chance to destroy yet one more child's life. But because Bill O'Reilly was so adamant about going after this case and putting David Earls' picture on FOX News, we started to have people coming out who had been abused by him in the past, including his daughter, Denise Earls. People who lived in other states for that matter.

I had a lady by the name of Lori Foster (ph). Her mother was married to David Earls back in the mid '80s, and he molested her and her two sisters when they lived around Oklahoma City at the time. And we were able to establish a pattern this was not an isolated incident. This guy is a serial pedophile with a history going back 30, 35 years. And he's the last person we need back on the streets.

Now the district attorney, Jim Bob Miller in McAllister, and the judge involved, Bartheld, really dropped the ball on this case. They — they were — the case — there was little or no physical evidence. And they were concerned that the children — there was a brother involved, too — would make unreliable witnesses in the courtroom. So rather than risk acquittal, they decided to go for a plea bargain, and they figured that something was better than nothing. But the something that they settled for was a 20-year sentence: one year in jail, in county jail, not even state penitentiary. And then a 19-year suspended sentence, which was an absolute joke. Now Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo got all over this. Geraldo came here, tried to speak with the judge, the district attorney, and these clowns actually hid from Geraldo, which only — was like pouring gasoline on the fire.

INGRAHAM: I loved that.

CAMPBELL: And Bill wanted to get the judge removed from the bench, wanted to get him impeached. And we wanted to get the district attorney removed. So that's where I got involved and got some local legislators, including Dr. Michael Ritz, who's a state representative and state Senator Randy Brogdon involved. And they got the legislative ball moving, because the legislature in the United States has the power to actually impeach a sitting judge.

Now, what's interesting here, Bill activated the, you know, the O'Reilly viewers, some 5 million, and people started calling our governor, Brad Henry, and the attorney general, Drew Edmondson. But they weren't doing anything.

Now, what's really interesting, the last time I was on with Bill, Drew Edmondson the very next day announces that he wants to be the governor of the great state of Oklahoma. So I got news for Mr. Edmondson: There's no way you're going to be elected if you're perceived to be soft on pedophiles.

INGRAHAM: All right. Let's fast forward. We're almost out of time. Let's fast forward, Pat, to the new charges that are being brought now against Mr. Earls. Another charge that involves this — the brother of this 5-year-old, now 5-year-old girl. Tell us.

CAMPBELL: Edmondson convened a grand jury. Again, he is the attorney general. And they have come up with additional charges against the same two children, the girl and the boy. These charges happened on a different date. So it's not a double jeopardy thing. These are charges that weren't made in the past.


CAMPBELL: And now we're going with these other witnesses who are coming forward. It's going to be easy for them to establish a pattern. Look, this is an ongoing problem. The attorney general himself...

INGRAHAM: Well, you know what we know now? You know what we know now? We know, after the Phillip Garrido, heinous, heinous situation, what he did to Jaycee Dugard. We know that lives are ruined by rape. These people never get over it. I don't know what's going to happen to this poor little girl. My heart breaks for her. But this simply cannot happen. And I'm glad the district attorney and this particular judge are not involved in this new case. This can't happen in the United States.

CAMPBELL: No. They're not going to be involved.

INGRAHAM: Well, Pat, we appreciate the update here. And this is — I mean, this is just one of those things that it's hard to take in.

CAMPBELL: It's a victory for "The O'Reilly Factor," and I can't thank Bill and Geraldo enough. Thank you, Laura. I appreciate it.

INGRAHAM: They did great work on this.

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