'Factor' Culture Quiz: The Movies

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: "Back of the Book" segment tonight, "The Great American Culture Quiz," cinema. We're going to show you scenes from five movies and ask you questions based on the clips that you're going to see.

As always, it's a multiple choice quiz. And here to help us out Martha MacCallum, who won big last week. She's seen on "Live Desk" each day at 1 p.m. And "FOX & Friends" guy Steve Doocy, who lost big.

STEVE DOOCY, CO-HOST, "FOX & FRIENDS": Bring it on, O'Reilly.

O'REILLY: Here we go.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: The first week Steve won.

O'REILLY: You guys ready.

MACCALLUM: I'm ready.

O'REILLY: Lock in on the clip, and then I'll give you the choices.


O'REILLY: Roll it.


JANE FONDA, ACTRESS: Alfie, when do we get to the Towseti (ph) gravitational field?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One hundred and fifty-four hours, seven minutes elapsed in earth time.

FONDA: Right. Wake me up in 154 hours. Good night, Alfie.


O'REILLY: Excellent. That Jane Fonda classic was called "Barbarella". It was directed by her then husband, A, Yves Montand; B, Roger Vadim; C, Jacques Chirac; D, Carlo Ponti. Which is it, MacCallum?


O'REILLY: B? Is that correct? And Doocy's got B. Both of them are right. I'm surprised you guys knew that.

DOOCY: Thank you.

O'REILLY: I thought it was Jacques Chirac. OK. The second clip features John Wayne and Ricky Nelson.



JOHN WAYNE, ACTOR: If you or any of the rest are short eating money, I'll go good for it. I'll tell them at the hotel.

RICKY NELSON, ACTOR: I wish you'd do that soon before anything happens to you. No offense again, Sheriff.

WAYNE: It's nice to see a smart kid for a change.


O'REILLY: Hair is perfect. The name of that movie was: A, "Stagecoach"; B, "Hondo"; C, "Rio Bravo"; D, "El Dorado".

Doocy? C, he has. And MacCallum B. And it is C!


O'REILLY: "Rio Bravo".

MACCALLUM: ... John Wayne.

O'REILLY: That was — that was a John Wayne movie but Ricky Nelson was not born yet when it was made. OK. So Doocy's one up. All right? Ready, MacCallum? You got to pay attention.

MACCALLUM: I'm paying attention.

O'REILLY: You're not paying attention. Our third presentation features Jack Nicholson. Roll it.


JACK NICHOLSON, ACTOR: I'd like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast. No mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce. And a cup of coffee.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A No. 2, chicken salad sand, hold the butter, the lettuce, the mayonnaise, and a cup of coffee. Anything else?

NICHOLSON: Yes. Now all you have to do is hold the chicken. Bring me the toast. Give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You want me to hold the chicken?

NICHOLSON: I want to you hold it between your knees.


O'REILLY: All right. The name of that film is A, "Five Easy Pieces"; B, "Easy Rider"; C, "The Last Detail"; D, "The Mummy Returns".

MacCallum says B, "Easy Rider". And Doocy says...

DOOCY: He was in "Easy Rider".

O'REILLY: A, "Five Easy Pieces". Correct. MacCallum "Easy Rider", they're on motorcycles.

MACCALLUM: I knew there was Dennis Hopper. I know.

O'REILLY: Yes. Did you see Dennis in that clip?


O'REILLY: No. OK. All right. Doocy's up by two. I'm rooting for you, MacCallum.


O'REILLY: I'm rooting for you. You can still make a comeback.

MACCALLUM: All right.

O'REILLY: Fourth clip we have Gene Hackman in a bad movie.


GENE HACKMAN, ACTOR: Have you ever been to Poughkeepsie? You've been to Poughkeepsie, haven't you? I want to hear it. Come on!

You've been there, right?


HACKMAN: You sat on the edge of the bed, didn't you? You took off your shoes, put your finger between your toes and picked your feet, didn't you?


HACKMAN: All right. You put a sheet over my partner. You know what that means? (EXPLETIVE DELETED) all winter long I got to listen to him gripe about his bowling scores. Now I'm going bust your ass for those three bags and the — for picking your feet in Poughkeepsie.


O'REILLY: That movie, "The French Connection", was based on a real case. What was Hackman's last name in the flick? A, Doyle; B, Reynolds; C, O'Malley; D, Ailes.

What is the name? Doocy? A, Doocy says Doyle. And you say Doyle. Popeye Doyle is correct. Now you can't beat him. He got them all right so far. I got to make these harder.

DOOCY: These are hard.

O'REILLY: All right, the final — finally, who could forget Raquel Welsh in her early days?




O'REILLY: And you think being a star is easy? That movie is, A, "The Lost World"; B, "One Million Years B.C."; C, "Journey to the Center of the Earth"; D, "Beach Blanket Bingo".

MacCallum? Ooh! Indecision. You can see it. Come on, MacCallum.


O'REILLY: A. She says "The Lost World". And Doocy says?

DOOCY: I still remember it.

O'REILLY: Got them all.


O'REILLY: MacCallum, dismal.

MACCALLUM: I cannot give you a hard time tomorrow.

DOOCY: There's not one word of dialogue in that thing.

O'REILLY: MacCallum got three wrong. You got them all right. Doocy got them all right. You're still smarter than he is. He just watches all the crazy movies.

MACCALLUM: Thank you, Bill.

O'REILLY: All right. There it is, the "Great American Culture Quiz". How did you do? And if you want to take it again, it's on BillOReilly.com. You might get them right the second time around.

MACCALLUM: Maybe I will, too (ph).

O'REILLY: Martha, Doocy, thanks very much.

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