Exclusive: Scott Romney on 'Hannity'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: I am joined in a "Hannity" exclusive by the Governor's brother Scott Romney. Scott, welcome to the program.

SCOTT ROMNEY, MITT ROMNEY'S BROTHER: Thank you, it's a thrill to be here, Sean.

HANNITY: Well, it's a big night, obviously, for and you your family. And I am sure you are very proud. Any stories about Mitt growing up that you want to share with us? You could break some news tonight. Because I am sure there is one or two that I haven't gotten out there.

ROMNEY: Well, he's a remarkable leader. He's always been a leader and everything he's ever done, he's been a great brother to me, as well. When I was sick, he's the one that did all the research to figure out what I needed to do. So, he has been there in every troubled situation in my life.

HANNITY: Leading up to tonight and 100,000-plus balloons that are going to be dropped right behind me at this convention tonight, behind this has been a pretty difficult campaign in terms of hope and change, becoming a little bit of smear and slander. And you have heard all the attacks against your brother. Your reaction?

ROMNEY: Well, I think that Mitt will inspire us all tonight. Mitt has inspired so many people during his life, have provided leadership and opportunity in everything he's done. He has learned how to fix everything. When he was a kid, he could fix all the things at our house. My dad couldn't fix them and my dad ran an auto company. Mitt was the guy that always was able to fix everything. And he's the guy that can fix our country. So, I think that this will inspire Americans tonight.

HANNITY: What about the characterizations of your brother as, you know, even though he created and saved jobs and he's spend his life in public service later as the governor of Massachusetts, working on the Olympics, when you hear these attacks, when you hear these characterizations as false narrative about your brother, does it get you angry? Does it get you mad or maybe motivate you?

ROMNEY: Well, sometimes, I find them astonishing. But I always believe in the American people. They will see the greatness of this man, that he is a trustworthy, honest, wonderful person. He's been a great father, done a great thing and done wonderfully everywhere he's been. So, I expect that they will see the goodness of him will come through.

HANNITY: All right, Scott. I'm sure it's a proud night for and you your family. Thank you for joining us.

ROMNEY: Thank you so much.

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