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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome back to "Hannity." We are down in New Orleans, Louisiana. We're at the Republican Leadership Conference tonight. And my next guest, the patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family, Phil Robertson. He did stir up some controversy after daring to speak his mind about his religion, his faith. He addressed the conference earlier this evening and brought the house down. And he joins us now. Phil, everybody want to welcome Phil to the program?


HANNITY: How are you? I see you brought your best dining ware.

PHIL ROBERTSON, "DUCK DYNASTY" STAR: I have in this thermos bottle, my bodyguard carries my, among other things, carries my coffee around, and I said, [INAUDIBLE] give us a shot. [INAUDIBLE] He pours the coffee. Life is good, see.

HANNITY: So that's not Uncle Si's tea?


HANNITY: OK. I can smell the coffee from here.

ROBERTSON: There are thousands of women, Sean, that want to marry Si.


HANNITY: Any of you women want to marry Si?


HANNITY: There you go. That answers that question.

ROBERTSON: It's a dangerous world out there.


HANNITY: All right. So here -- this rarely happens in politics and that's this -- you became a controversial figure and then you were invited to speak at the Republican leadership conference. What was your first thought at the invitation?

ROBERTSON: My first thought was that maybe I'm sensing a little bit of desperation on the part of the GOP.


HANNITY: All right, I get it.

ROBERTSON: To call me in, I'm thinking I don't own a suit, a ring, a watch, a cellphone. I'm dragging up out of the woods here. You boys must be hard up these days.


ROBERTSON: But if you want me to come, I'll come down and say a few words.

HANNITY: You, I have gotten to know you a little bit. I've watched every episode. You all watch "Duck Dynasty"?


HANNITY: And my read on you, and this was part of what you talked about tonight, I deal with politics. Just throw that down. Don't worry about it.


ROBERTSON: Sometimes girls pick it up.


HANNITY: There is our headline for the liberal media.

ROBERTSON: I'm kidding.


HANNITY: I'm dealing with political wars. You think America, I think you're a preacher at heart and you believe that America has a spiritual battle it needs to fight.

ROBERTSON: You delve into and a part of the political wars, the -- as I would call it, the arguing ad infinitum. It never ends, and very few people I've noticed ever change their mind.


ROBERTSON: They have their side, you have your side, you give your best shot, they come back. With me, it's all spiritual warfare. I'm wanting them to give their life to god almighty Jesus' son and be saved from their sins, and be saved from the grave one day. Look, the gospel of Jesus, Jesus died for the sins of the world. We're counting time by him. He must have been here or we wouldn't be saying it's 2,014 years, Sean, since he got here.

HANNITY: Let me say this, Jesus did throw out the money changers and Jesus did render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto god that which is god's.


HANNITY: And what Sean Hannity is saying the government takes too much of our hard earned money.

ROBERTSON: No doubt about it.

HANNITY: Governor is too intrusive into our lives.

ROBERTSON: No doubt about it.

HANNITY: That ObamaCare is killing jobs.

ROBERTSON: For sure.

HANNITY: We ought to be energy independent.

ROBERTSON: For sure.

HANNITY: So we got to win those political battles, too. I think they're just as important.

ROBERTSON: Yes. I just feel a little more comfortable dealing in the spiritual realm, even with the persecution of whatever comes with it, I'm just -- I have a task to do and I go forth across America. I've been doing this, most people don't realize, I've been doing this for 35 years.


ROBERTSON: I've been all over the United States backwards and forwards, and my message is always the same, god loves you, sent Jesus to die for you.

HANNITY: When the controversy arose were you surprised?

ROBERTSON: Surprised, not at all. Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you, when they insult you and reject your name as evil, Jesus said, because of the son of man. Leap for joy because great is your reward in heaven. It goes with the territory, spiritual warfare. There is a Satan out there, an evil one, and if anyone that looks at our culture doesn't believe it, I would simply say, what, are you blind? It's pretty rough out there.

HANNITY: I wrote a whole book "Deliver Us from Evil."


HANNITY: How do you explain Pol Pot and the killing fields, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, fascism, communism, imperial.



HANNITY: And then how do you explain murder, and pedophilia, and rape - - evil.

ROBERTSON: Yes, yes.

HANNITY: See, when you use these spiritual terms some people get, you can't say that.

ROBERTSON: We took the 10 commandments now and removing them from the courthouse and we're getting them out of our psyche. We took god out of our schools. Well, if you started with young people and you taught them, you rebuke them, you corrected them, you trained them, you instructed them to obey their father and mother, honor their father and mother, don't murder, don't lie, don't steal from a young age, is anyone trying to tell me that we wouldn't have a better society? I mean, it's nuts.

HANNITY: All right, when we come back, you got to explain the beard and how the beard came about. Is that OK?


HANNITY: All right. And you're going to teach me how to duck call when we get back.

ROBERTSON: Yes, it will be a chore.

HANNITY: Coming up, much more with "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson right after the break. And also later tonight the congressman who is running neck and neck with Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate race.


HANNITY: As we continue from New Orleans, that and much more straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." We continue here at the Republican Leadership Conference. We're in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family Phil Robertson. You obviously, I know you talked a lot about our founders and framers, Washington, Adams, Madison.  You have -- you know a lot about our founders. What --

ROBERTSON: Well, actually --

HANNITY: They influenced you.

ROBERTSON: Actually, most people don't think I have too much sense because I would rather be fairly intelligent and act dumb instead of not having any sense at all and try to act smart. You see what I'm saying?


ROBERTSON: So the bottom line is I have a couple degrees. It's not like I'm some Dumbo. But I researched our founding fathers Sean, and anyway you want to slice it, they were godly men, the vast majority of them. I just read about them and I'm thinking, well, I'm no different than they are. They loved god. They carried their bibles. They followed the lord Jesus. So I'm thinking, I'm like them.

HANNITY: Do you think the country, and this goes back to the controversy, without dragging up old news, do you think that when it comes to issues of faith and religion that maybe in a more secular society people don't understand people of faith. For example, Christians are often bashed in society today.


HANNITY: Do you think people don't understand where you're coming from?

ROBERTSON: Possibly. You know, if you had no biblical training, had no idea about the spiritual realm and just raised up in an environment where there was no god, no Jesus, you know, what do you expect? Our job is to go out there, show them we love them, tell them the good news, and we get on down the road. I would never judge or condemn anyone. The almighty, that's his job. I just give him the good news. Some of them kind of kick and scream about it, but we just give it to them and say --

HANNITY: You personally had a pretty wild life at one point.

ROBERTSON: I lived with the wicked for 28 years. I've been with the godly for 40. Trust me, this last 40 --

HANNITY: A little better?

ROBERTSON: The contrast has been astounding between the two. I needed to repent, Sean.

HANNITY: I think all have fallen short.


HANNITY: I'm trying to impress you with my biblical knowledge here. It's not working, obviously, but I'm trying.


HANNITY: Tell me -- explain the beards.

ROBERTSON: Well, I figure the almighty, I'm a male, and you're a male.


ROBERTSON: Now right now, you've gone basically the route, god gave you your whiskers to be scraped off every day.


ROBERTSON: I'm thinking he gave them to us.

HANNITY: To grow it out --

ROBERTSON: Because they are supposed to be there.

HANNITY: They work for you on TV. You have more viewers than I do, so...


ROBERTSON: You looked at your whiskers when you got about 14 or 15 and said, mom, my hair is coming out of my face, what do I do? She said cut it off. That's why you have it there. You're supposed to shave it off. But Sean, that's not even logical.


HANNITY: I mean, hair is coming out of your face? I'm looking at women --

HANNITY: Wait a minute. But god also created doctors and gave them talent, and so something grows on my face they cut that off too, right?

ROBERTSON: Well, like the women, they don't even want any peach fuzz. They are like down to the last hair.

HANNITY: Have you looked at the women in your own family? They are gorgeous.


ROBERTSON: I had rather the ladies not have whiskers. I would prefer them without whiskers.


ROBERTSON: You go up a river at 4:30 in the morning, it's sleeting and raining, cold, this is really helpful. And plus, Ms. Kay likes it because it tickles her neck.

HANNITY: Really? So this is a...

ROBERTSON: Well, I'm just saying you might ought to grow a little peach fuzz. You know, a Yasser Arafat look or something.

HANNITY: Maybe I'll get a fake beard and try it with Mrs. Hannity and see it if tickles her fancy.


ROBERTSON: Look at our beards and look at our women.

HANNITY: All right, now, so you're here. Do you consider yourself, like, for example, I live in New York. I'm a registered conservative. Are you a Republican? Are you a conservative? Are you a --

ROBERTSON: I read the platforms when I repented back 40 years ago. I said, Ms. Kay, I never voted before because I've been too busy getting drunk and acting like a heathen. I said if I'm going to be a productive member of society I need to vote. I said, so give me the platforms.

HANNITY: And you read them.

ROBERTSON: And I took the Democratic platform and read it. I said one thing is for sure. I ain't no Democrat. I said who is next? I read the Republican platform. I said, well, they don't rip human babies from the mother's womb. I said they are not endorsing perversion, so I said, you know what, I think I'm a Republican.

HANNITY: Are you surprised that you -- if you endorse somebody, it has a big impact. Does that surprise you?

ROBERTSON: I've never thought about it like that. You got to remember, Sean --

HANNITY: People are seeking your endorsement. You're speaking at the Republican Leadership -- Bobby Jindal loves you.

ROBERTSON: Someone asked me --

HANNITY: Sarah Palin loves you.

ROBERTSON: Someone asked me one time. They said, do you feel rich and famous yet? I said not yet. I said well when does it come, Ms. Kay? I asked my loving wife of 50 years. I said Ms. Kay, when do you start feeling like you're rich and famous? She said Phil, you're the type. You were so content with being poor --

HANNITY: It doesn't matter.

ROBERTSON: No. She said, Phil, I've been poor with you and I've been rich with you.

HANNITY: She prefers --

ROBERTSON: Rich is way better.

HANNITY: Yeah, I believe that.

ROBERTSON: That sounds like a woman.

HANNITY: Now you're making fun of me because I don't do -- there is not a lot of duck hunting in New York, you know that.


ROBERTSON: Upstate New York, though.

HANNITY: OK, that is like a six hour drive.

ROBERTSON: Too far to go.

HANNITY: Too far to go.

ROBERTSON: Yeah, it's a concrete jungle.

HANNITY: Yeah, so did you bring me a duck caller?

ROBERTSON: Here is a little training.

HANNITY: Alright, give me the training, first.

ROBERTSON: This is all in tongue control.

HANNITY: Tongue control.

ROBERTSON: Tongue control.


ROBERTSON: So, look.

HANNITY: Alright.


HANNITY: I'm in trouble.



ROBERTSON: Then about five notes. Watch.




ROBERTSON: Here is the teal. This is a widgeon.

HANNITY: I'll go back to mine, look.


HANNITY: Phil Robertson, good to see you, my friend.

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