Exclusive: Filmmaker documents conditions at US border

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MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Tonight a "Kelly File" exclusive -- with President Obama making a new push for immigration reform this week, investigative filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch headed to the border to see what security is like these days. He just got back with exclusive footage and some incredible eyewitness accounts. Watch this.


JOHN LADD, RANCHER: In the last 22 months, we have had 43 full-sized trucks full of marijuana come across the border cutting the wall, cut at ground level, lay it on the ground and drive trucks in. Same place every time. They know where they're coming and they still get away.


KELLY: There is more which we'll show you in a minute. Joining me now, Dennis Michael Lynch, documentary filmmaker and producer of the film "They Come to America, the Cost of Amnesty." And some of that you saw some of it when you went down there just now.

DENNIS MICHAEL LYNCH, DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER: Megyn, I have produced two films about this topic in the last 18 months. I have seen everything, everything from terror down to drugs. You name it. Last week when I filmed that was the scariest I have ever felt. You have $40 million worth of assets on that ranch. It goes 13 miles. Drones, sensors, radar, and 200 border patrol trucks sitting in the parking lot. Yet we have drugs, day laborers and the criminal element including terrorism coming through the border at will.

KELLY: How? Why?

LYNCH: Why? Honestly, because the leaders in this country, the majority of them are cowards. They are not defending and protecting the American workers or the American lives.

KELLY: But if the assets are there how are they all making it across?

LYNCH: Because there is no will, Megyn. There is no will. Let me say this about Obama. Everybody thinks Obama wants ObamaCare to be his legacy. No. That can be fixed. You give amnesty to 20, 30, 40 million people, that changes the country forever. That is a legacy.

KELLY: I know you heard from a local sheriff about the president's push for immigration reform and -- his detractors call it amnesty. Here is a little bit of that. Watch.


MARK DANNELLS, SHERIFF: Barely a week goes in that I'm not dealing with crime to the border. Every time the government talks about amnesty it goes up 70 percent to the point they can't even control it. Somebody could walk across now and it's wide open. Why isn't border control on the border?

LYNCH: If any sort of amnesty goes through, how do we think that we are going to do background checks on 20 million people?

DANNELLS: I don't know.

LYNCH: Are you concerned they could miss really dangerous people?



KELLY: What percentage of these are Mexican citizens who are trying to make it into the United States and what percentage are people from other countries trying to use Mexico as a way in?

LYNCH: Well, based on the numbers that I get from these guys, unfortunately, they say it is about a 50/50 mix of what's called OTM -- other than Mexican. The real problem there is that we have people coming in from countries that the Justice Department deems as a national threat. Megyn, our society is one of those societies that need to see in order to believe.

In my films, I give you the visuals. I worked alongside those border patrol agents. Before we came on, you and I talked about our kids. I'm looking you in the eye and I am telling you I am so concerned about what it is that is going down at that border. Do you think the main stream media would ever do a report like this? No. They are painting it beautifully. They are selling his Kool-Aid.

Can I give something to the people?

KELLY: Quickly, I have to go.

LYNCH: If they come to America.com, I'm basically at this point almost giving these away for free.

KELLY: Alright Dennis. I have to leave it at that. Thank you for being here.

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