Evil Among Us

It's horrible enough what happened in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Yet sadly, innocents getting blown up there is an almost familiar, tragic sight on almost any day.

I want to focus on the other tragedy today.

I hope the rest of the world took a look at what happened in Baghdad on Tuesday, because some of their own died today. Good people, trying to do good things in a bad place.

The United Nations, which fought against this war, is now targeted in this war. An organization dedicated to peace is just the latest victim in this hellish testament to inhumanity.

I wonder now what the world makes of terror that knows no boundaries, preferences, governments, or politics. Terror that is indiscriminate, callous and evil. Terror that targets those who fight it and those who try to ignore it. Today we are all awakened by it.

We're talking about evil here. We are talking about people who don't discriminate between paratroopers and peacekeepers, between those who were finished talking and those who wanted to keep talking, between those who fought a war and those who did everything in their power to avoid a war.

Terrorists don't care, my friends, because terrorists aren't our friends. They're monsters, plain and simple. They'd sooner blow off your head before they allow you to get inside theirs.

They don't care if you're American, British, Israeli, French, Spanish, or Indonesian. They don't care what you are alive. They just want you dead.

You can't reason with monsters any more than you can have a dinner discussion with Hannibal Lector. Unless, you want to end up on the plate.

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