Eminem and the Grammy Awards

Thank for staying with us.  I'm Bill O'Reilly.

Eminem is nominated for five Grammy Awards.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Sometimes I even scare myself.  Just hours after I filed my new column, available on billoreilly.com, saying that the entertainment industry would be leading the charge against President Bush next year, the Grammy nominees (search) are announced, and they are laced with anti-establishment personalities, with one exception.

Our pal, Hillary Clinton (search), has been nominated for a Grammy based on the reading of her new book.  Now, with all due respect to Mrs. Clinton, who's definitely a smart woman, she's not a great public speaker.  So you get the idea of what agenda is in play here.

Now the entertainment industry is going to push this far-left agenda like never before next year.  Eminem (search), for example, is still the darling of the Grammy people, even though we learned today that one of his unreleased recordings calls for the death of the president.

Listen up.


EMINEM, RAPPER:  [EXPLETIVE DELETED] money / I don't rap for dead presidents / I'd rather see the president dead / It's never been said / But I set precedents and the standards and they can't stand it...


O'REILLY:  All right.  Eminem isn't threatening Mr. Bush.  His message is much more subtle, but, again, this kind of disrespect for the government and American traditions is all over the entertainment industry.

Yesterday, we told you about the kids' move Cat in the Hat being a gross-out fest, and it's clear to me that the cultural civil war going on right now in the USA will play out next year in the media.

My new column, as I told you, lays out which television programs take ideological positions, and you can expect to see on those shows during next year's presidential race a lot of people pushing the left-wing position.

You can also expect to see left-wing actors Sean Penn (search), Tim Robbins (search), and Alec Baldwin (search) all be nominated for Academy Awards (search) next March, and these guys deserve the nominations.  They're great actors.  But, again, the entertainment industry is going to unite to put forth a powerful anti-Bush message in all of these awards programs.

The Republicans are big boys and girls.  They can fight their own battles, and I don't feel sorry for the GOP.  But I do want you to know what's going on.  And it's undeniable that the world's most powerful media people are going to get their message out.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

It is Playboy magazine's 50th anniversary, and they had a big party here in New York City last night, and I -- unfortunately, I missed it.

Now what you're looking at [on the screen] doesn't really exist anymore.  There are no more Playboy bunnies.  They're extinct because all the Playboy Clubs went out of business, but they were resurrected last night for the party.

My question: Is that a good thing, does anybody care, and why are we showing you this?  All those questions will remain unanswered because to answer them might be ridiculous.

I like the Playboy people.  They're nice people.

Before we get to the mail, a rare public appearance alert.  Next Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., I'll be signing copies of Who's Looking Out for You? at the Border's bookstore in the Wall Street area.  That's 100 Broadway downtown, Border's Books, next Tuesday, 1:00 p.m.  So all you capitalists down there, let's turn out because I'm looking out for you.